Doomsday Arcade: Episode 22

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This A.D.A.M. guy sounds like a Pedophile :P

totally awesome!

heh. heh. i always felt in my heart that Big Daddies were always big, black men just lookin' out for "their girls."

i'm a latecomer to this series, so i never get the plotlines, but whatever. it entertains.

Less laughs from this episode than previous ones but doesn't make it any less than genius (Velocirapture, brilliant).

I'm still not sure whether it's wrong that I find cooking mama at least slightly attractive....

Nah, I find her cute...apart from the eyes when she's spattered with blood. I mean, seriously, fuck. Geez.

Velocirapture made me laugh out loud, and so did:
"What do you want?"
"I want...I need...ADAM."
"Bit of a bender, are we?"

This was worth the wait. Definitely.
I love you guys. Shows the rest of the world how awesome us Aussies can be...occasionally xD

Can someone tell me?
How was cooking mama able to hide a weapon all the way to Gary? it might be easy to hide a knife, but Gary seemed to be one of the most important people in the entire resistant, aren't there any guards making sure that no one would enter the room that Gary (the only "computer genius" in the resistant) is in while carrying a weapon? Don't they realize how important it is to keep him alive? Don't they realize how screwed they would be without him?

Another thing,
How the hell did cooking mama get to system installing the viruses in the Michaels? Didn't it have any protection? The minimum protection is a freakin password. I am sure that a program designed for cooking (like cooking mama) would have had problems hacking a computer.

Other than that, great episode although it took way to mach time to make it

Who was the guy with loppypop sticks on his face?

This show has more twists then a super size bag of curly fries good job brillant

what editing program did they use for these videos?

"I swear to Gabe, I'm gonna-"

Where was this episode shot? (It seems obvious it's a cinema in the art deco style.) How much trouble was it to shoot there?

i was actually abit dissepointed by this episode =S after the trailer and everything it didnt gove me "the chill" like the episode whit the dice lord that one was epic


Woot for Garry!

I am so hot for cooking mama! Those eyes man!

I love the "Would you kindly" references.

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