The Escapist Film Festival 2009: Nintendobo - Dr. Mario Says Eat Mommy's Pills

Nintendobo - Dr. Mario Says Eat Mommy's Pills

A lonely suburban lad, driven to distraction by puzzle gaming frustration, hears a secret message from Dr. Mario....

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The doll affect was pretty cool.
It was kinda hard to understand his voice, and follow the story for that matter.
Remember random =/= funny. You need to deliver better.

jebus...that vid made me feel like i was on shrooms

Best video i've seen yet. I'm working backward so..i've seen 7 horrible ones thus far.

However, it lacks the ability to make a good series. Seriously funny stuff though!

That sucked...

What was it supposed to be about again?


This video is weird but it makes little sense.

If only I could get back the four minutes and fifty-two seconds I wasted on this horrible video. Oh god, by posting about it, I'm wasting even more time on it. : /

Weird, random and yet somewhat funny.

It was funny and random but the dialog was difficult to understand...

damn so close... intro was good, then Puppets (which are awsome), then... nothing!! I was so excited for this to be good, but was let down. couldnt understand the voice that well and it wasn't really enjoyable after the first minute or so.

Call [adult swim]. I think you've got a shot with this. It's way better than 12 Oz. Mouse...

that was really interesting
i dont know if it was supposed to be all deep, i was entertained tho.
i dont see a full series tho
but its still a great vid

This definitely wasn't what I was expecting from the title.

I really don't know what this film was aiming for. It seemed like it wanted to make little sense while trying to hit the funny-by-being-controversial niche. The camera work was interesting, but I don't feel the writing was quite where it needed to be. Even random has to make sense to a viewer.

what... what was that?

what... what was that?

The fact you said that means he won. Good job.

'she hates pugatory because of the minimalism' Of the three videos I've watched, this is the best by far. I want more.

P.S. It's from the guy who did this puppet show:

and this bit of university cruelty....

'she hates pugatory because of the minimalism' Of the three videos I've watched, this is the best by far. I want more.

yea funny line. no not a great video. just the kind that is so intriguing you can't seem to close out of it, no matter how badly you want to. but seriously, I lol'd at the line about purgatory immediately followed by phillip glass style strings

Well...I was going to head off to bed but now I think I'll just curl up in a ball under the desk and pray the voices drift off before the last of my sanity does.

That was just frickin' bizarre. Props on the "Best Around" cover. :)

You make brain fart.
That was enjoyable in its own way!

That was mint.

What... the fuck... what?

This is so brilliant I can't even begin to explain. Someone give this man an award. I mean, an award other than the 'best original concept' thing from the film festival.

Hard to follow, but amusing.

I really really wanted to know what was going on what i got was:

people choose to die because they are failures then he will organize a death cult then cause mass suicides interesting. Very very very very hard to comprehend whats going on most the time.

Funny, weird, and total randomness. I can't ask for much more. I think if this does make into a series he would have a number if plots to follow. But he would have to choose one of them, not every episode could be big mess of random funny stuff. You can do that for awhile but it's very forgettable and quickly gets stale.

Oh yeah

Flashy Jumpsuits Flashy Jumpsuits FLASHY JUMPSUITS lol

Wow. I had to watch this twice because it was so interesting and I had to hear the funny things he was saying twice haha. Very cool indeed

Very fucking awesome. I want more. o_O

Well, um. It definitely exists.

Wtf.....? what??? What!?

I have no idea what just happened, but it whatever it was, it was awesome.



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