The Escapist Film Festival 2009: Rocket Riot: A Postmodern Comedy Pertaining to Explosives

Rocket Riot: A Postmodern Comedy Pertaining to Explosives

A live action reenactmentertainment of a game involving both rockets and riots.

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I've been checking out the videos at the back end of the popularity wheel, because I know how in some internet votes awesome stuff can quickly get buried. I just wanted to let you guys and dame know that I liked this a lot. I don't know where it could go as a series, but I hope that most objects are continued to be labeled for imagination ques! Also more Rockit Dame dance solos.

That was awesome. Message me if you guys do videos elsewhere!

Mucho thx-o for the menti's of the compli variety. Envisioned as a music video series, each new installment would be some game, current or retrotastic, given a quirky makeover, loaded with references (to make us all "in the know" feel good about our gamey existence and to amuse and bemuse the other 99.42% of the world's population) mixed with new music and lyrics and VOILA. So, if we had to do a series, the first would be this Silent Hill 2 rap: with actual, you know, video, professional beats and all necessary accoutremental shebang. And me not singing it. VERY IMPORTANT, this.

Plus it seems like a good way to get ppl to check out The Escapist since, VG nerrdh or not, everyone likes music. Virally so. On a very gleeky level.

Not bad, I liked it.


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