The Escapist Film Festival 2009: Next Gen.

Next Gen.

The 8th Generation of consoles will be put out on the market soon. To the surprise of three teenagers, a 4th console will be introduced this year. The only problem with this is the ominous game corporation that developed it. The trio soon learns of the corporations sinister intensions that relate to the 2012 mayan calander apocalypse.

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You guys need to be higher on this list.

Granted myself and my buddy are competitors but if I like something it deserves its praise.

Unlike most of the videos posted at this festival your video kept me interested all the way through. You got that "knack" figured out to keep veiwers in until the end. Your humor, abiet random was fair. I think there was too much cam time on (katlin?) when she was trying to take her shirt off and fell on the couch. It was funny for the first 10 seconds but past that seems over done.

You guys got some talent and some great developing potential. You guys have a youtube or a site? Messege me if you do.

Whilst I did find it to be a good video and everything, I would like to point out right now that you did misspell the word 'copyright' in the letter. Other than that, it was a very good video and it certainly does have the potential to go on as a series.

It was amusing and I liked the visual jokes. Good luck to ya.

Where abouts in Kentucky?


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