The Escapist Film Festival 2009: Bitsophrenia 01

Bitsophrenia 01

Dr. Don Bugg, character counselor, helps everyone's favorite videogame icons deal with the traumas, neuroses and phobias of their day-to-day gameplay. His current client is none other than Portal's bewildered protagonist, Chell. After all, characters are people, too.

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interesting idea...i wanna slice the ears off the actors though

that lisp is driving me up the wall!

Okay, I have a lisp. Ever think that maybe it's more frustrating for me than it is for you? And on top of that, if your going to judge based on voice then I think you need to straighten your priorities. At least give it a chance before you say "the main character has a lisp, so I don't like it." or "I didn't like the actors, therfore, all of it sucks."

@ Mr. Blond: I'm glad you like the idea. I thought it would be original, and there are tons of characters that would be funny. Did you upload a video? I'd like to see it, if you did.

The execution is a little rough, but I love the concept. This gets my vote!

Thanks much! I really appreciate it.

I like it. Make more based on other games.


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