The Escapist Film Festival 2009: Pocket Monsters

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Pocket Monsters

A dark, live-action encounter involving the character Ash who struggles to find his lost love Misty, with the aid of his old friend Brock, they must battle the creatures known as "Pocket Monsters" and the amoral assassins Jesse and James of Team Rocket.

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Truly impressed with this video. The other entries are funny but I feel like these guys put forth more effort.

i'm not a pokemon fan but this was mildly entertaining...i would probably lose intrest if they just stuck to the pokemon universe though

this looks awesome! a really cool take on a long time favorite game of mine. should be able to continue for a while if it is done correctly

I enjoyed it and did make me laugh. Only one to do so. You got my vote, best of luck. I enjoyed it, espically the new take on Team Rocket and Jesse and James.

Eyy, I like it.
Very Ironic with a bit of dry wit.
Good times. Hope it wins. =D

Not going to lie, that was a little bit epic.

Great production values. It's about time we saw the kind of damage pokemon would do in a real-world scenario! Looking forward to more episodes.

This is indeed impressive. Won't there be any legal issues with a Pokemon copyright infringement though?

After consideration and viewing of top 10 I decided I like this one the best, even though I'm not the biggest Pokemon fan, this looks like it has most potential, great effects, music, longevity (isn't there like a billion different Pokemon? I think we saw 2 in this vid) Plus I like the dark Humor and the take on Team Rocket. I hated Team Rocket in the cartoon but my favorite scene in this was the Team Rocket, creepy and original.

I love the attention to detail in almost every shot. The reflection in the glasses with the lightning during the first attack is fantastic!

A mix of doomsday arcade and let there be brawl in my opinion and I loved it

I liked it. However, I'm wondering if we will see some "pokemon" if you guys win.

I gotta admit, once There Will be Brawl concludes people may well be looking for another series spin-off of a Nintendo Franchise.

I can see this filling the gap.

I'm not at all saying that this is only good as a replacement for TWBB, Far from that.

This is honestly very a very interesting and seemingly fleshed out idea.
Although I can't say I'm particularly impressed with the basic premise as I'm starting to imagine it. (Ash, after becoming a recluse from some experience with the Pokémon is called in once again to fight the creatures that have for some reason become "evil" and in order to fight them he has to catch them all over again.)

Hopefully though this will present that idea in increasingly interesting ways, like that show about the guy who hunts demons with silly objects.

Very good, won my vote, would like to see how you would do an actual pokemon

I loved it, truly hope you guys win

Great first minute, really grabs your attention. The detail is impressive. There are some good entries that I've browsed through so far, but this one seems to have the most thought and attention to detail. It seems to offer the ability to sustain itself. Not just something that catches your eye once and couldn't really continue. Most definitely has my vote!

This was a pretty cool vid.. the effects were awesome. I really loved the music. The thought of a dark Pokemon makes me excited. This was a teaser for me. I must see more episodes!! Especially Team Rocket!!

Was hoping for something like this, it has good potential.. just like the pokemon episode of Doomsday Arcade. Hope to see more of it.

I want to know more! and for that reason I will vote for it( it is also pokemon:D

Wow, Truly fantastic. Really captured a dark side to pokemon and a shiver went down my spine when Jessie and James were standing there with the masks. This looks brilliant, it has so many ways it can differ from there. LT Surge been added to the action. Misty being found. Silph Co creating the Ghost Scope thingy.

I may just vote for this.

That was a really good video. Kind of reminds me of There Will Be Brawl in a dark humour yet still keeping game references kind of way. Also, this is one of the few videos I've seen for now which I can actually imagine a series working for.

I did very much think this to have a very proffessional look: the props, acting and camera angles are things I'd expect to see from a big-budget TV show.

Longetivity was also a good thing, but I certainly enjoy this take on Pokémon.

My only criticism is that the voices sound a bit odd: to my ears it sounds like you've recorded it into a mike and then lip-synced the video. Might just be the audio quality here though.

it was a good effort but not for me. i saw this posted on NG and the word escapist caught my eye. i extremely liked the beginning though

Yeah, a boom Mic was just not in the budget so some of it was voiced over. I appreciate the feedback guys!

Wow one of the movies for the film festival was actually interesting to watch. Voted for you.

This HAS to win. WTF is Dorian's Quest doing in the top spot? Are you people BLIND?

how much do boom mics run? i'll make a donation.

The only words to describe this is epic. Was quite entertaining, loved the ned take on team rocket, you have my vote XD

Hey! I actually did something along these lines a few years back, but in a really crude form using photo-shoped images.

I won't knock your version though, it's pretty well executed.

great idea and an original take on the whole games and reality stuff

The first one I sawm and it instantly gets my vote.

Very good. The acting was a bit wooden and there's the microphone problem, but that's all teething problems. I've looked at every entry and this is one of about five that stood out enough and it is the only one that had the most potential for distance to earn its bread.

Two suggestions, if you don't mind, are to work on the acting and tighten the plot, like the end. Team Rocket's introduction is very well shot and all, but the shadowed Giovanni is useless since its obvious its him. The whole point of the shadowing in the games and animated version was that it introduces mystery as who the big boss is. Most of the people watching this will have known that, so either drop the pretense, or have something up your sleeve for that.

Or not, what do I know?


you guys were/are great!
definitely got my vote!! :)

Wow, well done. VOTED!

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