The Escapist Film Festival 2009: Cat-Like Reflexes

Cat-Like Reflexes

Brendan plays Super Mario Bros. 3, accompanied by his always frustrated cat, Simon.

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Voted for cat. [/Toxoplasma gondii]

voted for unibrow...seriously...wax it and i stop watching...DON TEST ME!!

Nice cat. I like the idea.

Finally a video that doesn't look like it was filmed on a cameraphone!

Enjoyable :) Idea:performance ratio is basically 1:1! GG!

I loved this, deffinitely my favourite so far.

This just made me laugh, not sure how it'll work as a series because it just being speech it might get a little tiresome after a few episodes. May need to implement more of s story later on.

Don't get me wrong I love this I just question its staying power.

The analysis of the suits was genius

I kind of failed to see the point... why is the cat commentating the game and is the point of the series simply to have a man sitting on a couch 'failing' at games while being told what to do by his cat? There really isn't very far for you to go in terms of a series. On the other hand the scripting is good, as is the quality of the film.

So aside from the Garfield and Jon bit, it just seemed like a build on another internet gag,

cats do not equal greatness. boring, very boring, so boring I actually let the house bimbo borrow my pen knife.

This grew on me really fast. I like it! I'm not sure how it would work as a series, but still it was very funny.

Haha, funny little episode right there. Cats face was just pure win and the "WHAT SORCERY IS THIS" made me laugh so much I had to pause the video for a minute or so. It could really develop as a series, maybe getting a new cat and watch them taking the piss out of the Grown man who cant play videogames. It could do well as a series IF done right.



God, this is epic.

Only sad part is that it reminds me how easily amused I can be >_>

Yeah, I really liked this. I can see this developing well. Good job!

Wow, congrats on pulling this off and me not being bored at all. Well done.

I'm pretty sure that's what my cat thinks when it's watching me play games. :)

I liked it!

I'm not posting this as an other entrant..I'm posting this as someone who's life was just wasted by this. I'm amazed people find this funny........................

It's Lazar Cat!!!

judging voice: if you're gonna depend on the cat, at least give it more personality, including work on its voice and voice recording

me: haha the cat has the best expression ever...

Mr. Blond:
voted for unibrow...seriously...wax it and i stop watching...DON TEST ME!!

I'm glad my unseemly caveman face has come to some use.

'There ought to be a word for that' - that got me

Took me a lil while to get into it but i actually really enjoyed it in the end. I assume future episodes would involve more games and more analyses?

Like the ida. Speak louder and work on the writing a bit.

Enjoyed for the first 30 seconds, then found incredibly dull with the poor humour. Also, where can this go? I don't see ANY future scenarios that could make this show interesting enough to vote for.

I'm not posting this as an other entrant..I'm posting this as someone who's life was just wasted by this. I'm amazed people find this funny........................

I'm with you on that Danji...being a fellow non-entrant too.

This is my favourite and I hope it wins. At the moment though it seems unlikely but hey, best of luck to you.

This guy's hillarious. He's rocking the driver's cap. Booyah. I got one at Walmart for 10 bucks.

And I love it.

The idea and jokes were great but I disliked that the cat because it had the same voice as you. You could have changed it more with a .wav editor or just put on a voice.

Eh. I don't really get about this film.

Great concept, but needs to be far more snappy in timing in future to hold interest. Good jokes on the suits but the character interaction would be more enjoyable if it's more old-fogey-Muppet-critics banter rather than slow and dull delivery.

The back-and-forth with you and the cat, hilarious. Now all you need is a dog co-host. Right? Okay, maybe that wouldn't work....Just you and the cat then.

Much better than most of the entries so far. this is one i would actually LIKE to see a recurring series of every week. It clearly took far more thought to write than what the web cam users are.I'll be voting for this keep up the good work please.(plus i have too much pride to vote for the very thing that kills the internet)

Thanks for all the comments everybody. We didn't really expect this kind of attention.
I don't know if this is bad form, but some of you who liked this video might be interested to know that we've been working on a web series that launched this week called Viking Dad. You can see it at
And to those who didn't care for this video, thanks for keepin' it real.


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