Stolen Pixels #150: +2 Shoes of Floppiness

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The helms in Dragon Age really are horrible! I was disappointed when I couldn't find an option to disable them.

I've always hated the mismatched look of gear in MMORPGs as well. By the time you reach the endgame, you might have a complete set of gear that looks nice. But for the 50+ levels before that? You look like a little kid playing dressup in mommy and daddy's closet.

I find that in some games, the opposite is true. WoW for example: a lot of the low-level armor looks pretty decent and normal, but the higher level stuff is just so much oversized and impractical decorative crap.

Still, this seems to be more of the exception than the rule. I still recall in the beginning levels of KotOR having Carth in a set of bright pink/purple armor simply because it was the best available at the time.

Reading this made me think if this great movie by Nyhm

I find the armor seriously lacking in dragon age, as with most games mages have next to no options on decent looking armor, particularly male mages. Its a shame really, mages are always such a mystical and fun class to play but your usually required to look like a total douche bag and use the most hopelessly designed weapon in the world, a wooden stick(staff my *** those were enchanted pieces of firewood)

Rogue class leather was very limited in design as well, most of the armors were just the same models but different tiers, and of course all the helms sucks for almost every class.

Honestly I find warrior and arcane warriors looked the best in the game, mainly because you had the option to wear a full set of non retard armor like say the Juggernaut set, at least I found it to look better then most other armors. That and most of the plate armor looked good, sometimes better without the helmet.

in some cases i actually refused to put headgear on my mages becuase they could only wear the stupidest looking bowls.

I agree about the helmets. They really need a feature to let us toggle that stuff off or something. If anyone here has an account on BioWare's forums can you please tell them!

I just had to comment on this thread. I too HATE with a burning passion the absurd get ups characters run around with in, quote "RPG" titles these days. I'm a bit of a historical enthusiast but I certainly would NEVER suggest games have to be ultimately realistic in this sense. But COME ON. Is that plate mail cuirass covering only your tits REALLY the best armor you can get? Lemme know how well that works when arrows are flying at you from every everywhere and you got a guy coming at you with a two-handed sword that wants your head for a trophy. This is why people came up with armor in the first place. I'll take a full suit of cloth armor over a single boob-plate any day.

Something I particularly enjoyed about GuildWars in this respect is the fact that you can hide your headgear all the time, and yet still have its effectiveness. I pretty much always prefer to see my character's head, to the point that in Dragon Age I'll run around with no helmet and just accept the penalty to survivability that comes along with that. It's worth the hit to be able to look at my character and like what I see.

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