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Well, thats settled then; I'll have to go off and see it soon.

As for deviantart and the 'would you do her' discussion....yeah, I'm just going to have to go with the 'odd people on the internet' line.

there shall be only one best sci-fi film.
avatar does not have the same dramatic punch or pace district 9 has.

Nine feet tall, legs that go on for days, an ass that won't quit, but still looks like she's, tops, 150 pounds? Never wears a full outfit and has no hair anywhere but her head? a natural skin color that is, by nature, not found IN NATURE?

Of course I'd hit it. That's the most unique woman ever.

If she existed.

If only...

hamster mk 4:
I was all set to dismiss this movie as an overwrought 3D tech fest for kids. I generally don't like movies that feature prominently in happy meals. However I usually respect Movie Bob's opinions, so I may give this one a chance.


I will see this but Sherlock Holmes is coming out in a week and well Robert Downey Jr. one of my favorite actors and one of the few who's name I can remember.

And in response to the end honestly I might depending on the situation I just might bob.

well thanks bob, that has sold it to me.
anyone who does have that argument pretty much ever is retarded.

that still wasn;t enough to convince me to see it.

Wow, this is the first time I heard of the Dances with Smurfs thing. Because I am dirt poor this holiday season, I'll probably not going to see this in theatres. But in 3 months, I'll definitely pick it up.

i just got back from watching this and i absolutely loved it.

Well I guess I will spend the $7 for the movie. (yes cheap bastard I am) And see the early showing.

I agree with you Distorted Stu

Distorted Stu:
Loud Bob scares me =[

..."As for the female character "thing".. i agree, its sad and immature."

How sad the world is. -.- ;

Maybe, just maybe. I'm more of the story-wise guy, rather than the stunning visuals.

..But don't get me wrong, stunning visuals are fucking awesome. But Mr. Cameron is also a control freak of an director that demanded his 12 page descriptions on every single fucking plant and tiny detail were followed to the letter by his CGI developers. Director, nah. Movie, maybe.

Before there was even a trailer released for this film I maintained that furies and deviants were going to enforce that dreaded rule of Encyclopedia Dramatica humor with a passion.

I was thinking of it as Ferngully for adults...

Yes, yes Avatar is very nice.

BUT WHAT ABOUT PRINCESS AND THE FROG? Disney makes a glorious return to 2D animation and you don't even give it a nod? For shame Bob, for shame.

Yea, I expected for Bob to review "The Princess and the Frog" for this week, since it's the one creating the most buzz at this time in theaters, but Avatar is a good pick so I have no complaints about that.

To be quite honest, I'm actually surprised that everytime MovieBob interupted the review, that he talked about how people are making fun of it by pointing to the "Dances with Smurf's" episode from South Park, the similarity to "Dances with Wolves," and the inevitable joking of people asking if they'd "do" the female Na'vi character. I expected him to probably talk about the criticism coming from various far-right media in America, in how one of the themes of the film is centered on Neo-Conservative Imperialism, and their objection to it as it depicts the people who are fighting the Na'vi as the bad guys, that they're greedy, and that they deep down want to sort of want to dictate societies. Even though James Cameron says that the film indeed shows an objective view on neo-conservative imperialism, I'd expect MovieBob to at least say that conservative minded people should at least watch the movie themselves and come to their own conclusions, instead of being told what to think and watch by right-wing blogs or right-wing personalities. Well, I'd think he'd mention something on that subject at least once in the review.

As for the DeviantArt joke. Yea, I do see the point in saying all that. They'll be perverts on DeviantArt who'll exploit the Na'vi to make nude depictions of them or whatnot, but as a guy who does go onto that site every so often, I'll say it's a decent site for the most part and has interesting artwork if you do take the time to look around.

So, according to moviebob, we should ignore the poor story telling and archetypal characters (which are somehow able to be 'well developed') just because it has really cool graphics?
I may be wrong, and correct me if I am, don't people usual complain if a movie focuses more on visuals than story? Isn't that one of the reasons (other than his supposed 'oral praise' of the U.S. armed forces)that some many on the Escapist ,Moviebob included, despise Micheal Bay to the point of wishing the man dead?

You pretty much said exactly how I feel about this movie, Bob. It's a damn shame so that so many people are dismissing Avatar before seeing it because they sure are going to miss out on something great.

Did you go and see it in 3D or 2D?

My favorite thing about southpark's use of the "dances with smurfs" thing is that it was barely ridicule, and only served a supporting role in the overall gag of the episode.

I'm not sure many of you know this, but this movie was originally supposed to be that Halo movie (at least that's what my brother told me). So if you're wondering why some of the vehicles look so familiar (especially if you've played Halo Wars) then you now know why.

I really can't wait to see this movie. Your oppinions usually don't affect me seeing a movie or not but it's always nice when we agree bob.

I fail to see whats to discuss here. On this forum? Yes we would ALL do her.

Girls don't even think Im just refering to the guys. All of us.

It seems all very much like District 9 but if it were on the Prawn's planet.

As for the Deviant Art line, that was very wrong. They would be more likely to draw the titular character than the female Na'vi. You must not know them very well!

I thought this was gunna be about avatar, the last air bender :(

"Dances with Smurfs" became a meme?

Still, looking forward to seeing this. Although I'll wait for the budget mantinee on Tuesday, to see it with my G/F.

Moviebob goes on 4chan.

Just came from the cinema 2 hours ago. And it's freakin greatn movie. Yes ok the plot has been done before and the main characters are all seen before, but it's executed so well and the characters are developed all so well that the 2 hours 50 went like "hell it's over, noooooooo".
Go see it, because if u don't well then u are going to miss a lot. And the 3d helps but u are going to get a kick out of it even without the 3d.

By the way, where can I get one of those voice amplifiers that sounds like a proton pack when you start it up? That thing is awesome![/quote]

My god, you're so right about deviantart. As much as I love that site, there's just too many people turning all your favourite videogame characters into gay porn stars.

Nice review as always.

Our favorite movie, tv show, and anime characters too.

I'm still not sure about seeing it but I know when I do watch Avatar it will be this weekend or wait till the DVD is released and rent it for 2 bucks or rent from Netflix.

Adaephon Delat:
I REALLY want to see this film!

I really just did, in Imax 3D and I am really going to see it again.

Heh. I liked the little disclaimers at the begining and end of the clip.

The one about 2012 was pretty funny too.

Hey guys can anyone tell me if there are any spoilers in this video. I don't want to see it if there are any spoilers.

It looks fun and entertaining, but im still not sold yet. Looks like i'll just get a pirated version.

I'm sorry, but no... just... no. There is no way I'm going to see this movie, or at the very least, pay to see it. As another poster aptly put it, it's friggin' "Gears of War" in it's execution: absolutely stunning in it's execution, but strip away the pretty graphics and you get a bland piece of dry toast. Anyone who claims this is a "good" movie is nothing more than a graphics whore in my eyes. Oh, and the whole "weaker story helps prevent distraction from the visuals"... look no further than "Lord of the Rings" to see how absolutely warped that logic is.

i saw the movie yesterday
the story was not original - but very well told
other then that, it was the most visually amazing movie i have every seen
and one of the best movies i have seen in years

cant recommend it highly enough

This, heavily emphasised. I had no expectations going into this movie (i went to the theatre to see Law Abiding Citizen but was late!) and ended up absolutely blown away. Who cares if it's not original, bugger all is anymore.


Although your review gives the movie praise I still hesitate to see this movie because the overall plot seems so generic and uninteresting.

Good review though, it definitely gave me second thoughts about judging the movie by its overdone advertising campaign and horribly mediocre video game release.

Did you miss the part where he said that the plot wasn't really the point? It was pretty much everything between "stop the dances with smurfs gags" and "don't spend months debating whether you'd shag a Na'Vi".

I don't want to see this movie, there is going to be so many different scenes where I'll have to call bullshit.

I know these movies by trailer now and I hate that.

You'll have to call bullshit? What do you mean you know them by trailer?

I think Mr. Grey means to say that he can't enjoy anything unless it either fails miserably at the box office or is boring. Think the German Art Critic from SNL.

Wow, this is the first time I heard of the Dances with Smurfs thing. Because I am dirt poor this holiday season, I'll probably not going to see this in theatres. But in 3 months, I'll definitely pick it up.

It's one of those movies that will sucks at home unless you have an insane home theater and will still suck because the 3d TVs sets are still mostly in the prototype phase.

You all must remember that this movie has more rendered characters and rendered scenes then any other movie. Its also, I think, one of the most expensive movies ever made.

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