Demon's Souls

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The Deadpool:

Pointlessly killing the character then sending them back half an hour isn't difficulty, it's pointlessly trying to figure out what the game designer meant for you to do when there's no clue on that.

I think the key mistake you made was "when there's no clue on that". There are PLENTY of clues.

And therein lies the problem. You assume none of those deaths were avoidable, but every time Yatzhee died, he died on a fairly easily avoidable part of the game.

He died on tutotial boss, but that's optional so it matters not.

He died on the first boss, but only because he waited until MID BATTLE to change equipment, when he was given warning OUTSIDE of battle that fire helps. Hardly the game's fault.

He died on the SECOND "long bridge with fire breathing dragon" portion of the game, and there are also a ton of signs and blood stains on the ground that warn a cautious, attentive player.

He died by dogs because... No idea. Dogs are easy to kill. I guess he didn't block or dodge properly?

His last death is the only "hard" one, and the enemies are clearly visible BEFORE you make the run if one were to pain attention (although, admitedly, hard to avoid).

The game throws few surprises at you, even fewer unavoidable. Especially if one uses the online mode...

Thank you for posting that. I know theres a lot of people who criticize Yahtzee's review; but few actually point on why it wasnt a well researched topic. I understand you as a reviewer (Yahtzee) wants to review as many games as possible to appease everyone, but if your not particularly great at that style of game (even if Demons Souls is admittedly one of the hardest RPGs by fans worldwide); then you shouldnt pick it up.

I thought the ZP was hilarious, but the review just wasnt that great. Then again I always laugh at people who die over and over. I just hope your T.V/Console/Controller was kept intact even after all of those deaths.

It's so strange to watch and read to reviews while constantly having the exact same opinion on the matter; IWBTG was fun because you could immediately recover yourself from the beginning of the screen. That was alright, because the game would flow while you weren't frustrated. In any game, the flow is the most important thing ever and it seems so few developers understand this. When you have to fucking restart all over again in Demon's Souls the game doesn't flow, and you get frustrated. Mirror's Edge didn't have it because you didn't knew where to go the first time around. Looking around in a game where you are supposed to run? No flow. In Resonance of Fate you had to learn and grind your ass off before you could get to the next chapter. No flow. God of War II? Puzzles, stops the amazing action and flow. (for you haters, GoW III did improve drastically in quality) Far Cry 2? No waypoints in a giant world. I could go on forever.

Actually, when you die, you get sent back, but you can save at any point, quit, and come back still where you were.

I rally hate it when you give bad reviews to good games (causing countless others to agree, and rip on a game they never played in these comments; Monster Hunter Tri comes to mind), but to hell with it, I don't come here for reviews glowing with praise, I come here for Yahtzee.

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