Unskippable: Dragon Age: Origins

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hi i'm new to the escapist and i thiiiinnk that unskippible is feallly funny! i bet they could do a funny one on supersmash brothers bral legend of zelda twilight princess

"Raping and pillaging as we go!" I love the accent you threw in their XD

This is my first time watching an "Unskippable". You guys are hillarious, Im hooked.

hi i'm new to the escapist and i thiiiinnk that unskippible is feallly funny!

The Dream Walker:
This is my first time watching an "Unskippable". You guys are hillarious, Im hooked.

Thanks, new people!

Another Victory for Stark and Saunders!

Once a week, I am happy for only six minutes. That's pretty depressing actually

See you went with the human noble origin. I applaud your fine taste!

Dragon Age: Origins

Once again, the Bards are under represented.

Watch Video

If you guys chucked monster mash at the ending I would've been so much happier, was still a good episode though. =]

Haha, Monster Mash. XD

"The dwarfs were the first to fall"

"...because they were closest to the ground."


In fact most of the dwarf jokes had me smiling. Really solid episode this one.

I actually bought this game before watching this! Something noteworthy: apparently BioWare has grown obsessed with blood since KOTOR, seeing as simply melee-attacking a single enemy sends blood all over your clothes :S

they should do dead rising

Missed "Prince Charles impression" opportunity at 04.30, maybe? :D

The weather forecast had me laughing the most. Awesome.

I understand why they felt the need to attempt mocking the dragon age starting cut-scene, but it doesn't lend itself to it very well. They did absolutely choose the best origin cut scene they could have though.

Still, I'd rather have them dig around the bargain bin for old games then trying to stay modern. No laugh out loud moments in this one.

Not one your best, kind of hard to make fun of a decent intro movie like DA:O, but I still lol'd.

"It has been four centuries since that victory"

"It has been four centuries since the beginning of this cutscene"

Nice jab with that line, Graham. ^_^

The peacock is the secret boss in DA:O. It is even worse than the archdemon. Its special ability "Gender Confusion" turns your entire party into cross dressers. I only got through it by drip feeding my mage mana potions and salisbury steaks.

tim curry ftw

"They were building a Wal-Mart!" That was great. A good review and I felt the video was off a bit, because 4 centuries is like.. so long and they yet managed to survive against these guys?

Was that Tim Curry at the very end? Cos if it was any time I play Dragon Age now I will be singing the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack


Almost seems a little silly for them to be doing this, as the cutscenes in this game are skippable.

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