Zero Punctuation: Holiday 2009

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Nice one! Have a great holiday!

y'know there are times like this when you actually hate him for being a smart ass....

Woah, wasn't expecting that. way to kill my Xmas, jks. Yhatzee, you have deserved a holiday. also Summer is way better in December!


Well played, Yahtzee. *holds up beer* Well played.

It seems people will love Yahtzee no matter what he does. I'm not complaining that he gets a break, because he should, but the video wasn't that funny.

First one yet, except for the console showdown repeat. Ah well, go enjoy yourself.

Huh... well enjoy your holiday.

Yahtzee = Cunning like a fox.

^^ gee the on thing i look forward to! Merry whatever holaday you celebrate everyone!!!!!!!

good show *takes sip of tea* good show

Yahtzee = Cunning like a fox.

A fox that graduated with a first in cunning and now teaches cunning at Oxford University?

good show *takes sip of tea* good show

Yahtzee = Cunning like a fox.

A fox that graduated with a first in cunning and now teaches cunning at Oxford University?

That's a cookie and a hug for you!

Damn you, Yahtzee!!!!!!!! I will have your head for this!

O RLY!!!

Wow hahahaha, that was good I'm still laughing

BALLS. Oh well, next week.

Did anyone else expect something to pop up at the end? Even though it stopped playing...

Yea i did...but maybe he thought that we'd think that so didn't....just to confuse us....

I'll allow you to have this holiday. But next ZP must be epic, structured and about Tekken 6. He'll probaley fufill about 2/3's of that list.

northern hemisphere weather's working out for me?
i'm freezing but good joke anyway =)

have a great holiday we love u.

Damn, I feel ripped off. He certainly deserves it though, I'll keep spamming that Australian attorney general in you're absence

Great review as allways!
I hope you enjoy your vacation...(Not really, but i can lie, and post the truth at the sametime :))

And a Merry Christmas to you too, Yahtzee! :)

Hope your summer vacation goes well. Looking forward to watching your reviews in 2010.

(And it's cold as heck up here, thanks for asking.)

Have fun!

Next week he will probably review his week off :P

No worries... but I do actually enjoy my snow and cold, Yahtzee.

curse you Yahtzee, CURSE BE ON YOOOOOU

I was looking forward to Zero Punctuation... I guess YOU ARE just a selfish opinionated rat bLastard.

Oh, and happy holidays, aka... Merry Christmas

ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!! very nice
MERRY CHRISTMAS every one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was just thinking last week that he should take some time off. Ooh, first post on the boards :D

1 video and 1 article a week amoung other things (you know having a life) he really needs a break.

Actually, having just moved about a 500 miles south closer to the equator, I am enjoying the northern hemisphere weather actually.


"Wait... it's Wednesday - NEW ZERO PUNCTUATION EPISODE!!!"
*seconds later

Yes, well, I wouldn't have popped over if you hadn't sent an update to my RSS feed reader indicating you had something new to say. Seems a bit churlish to berate me for responding to your hail.

Which is why it was completely appropriate. Merry xmas.

Wow. Really? I was totally expecting a review, but now I have to wait. :(

Ah that bloody Aussie bastard!
he got me, i was rockin out to the intro when... :( no episode

what a grinch, this ruins christmas for me!

time to go play in the, what we in the "greater hemisphere" like to call, snow.

Megametalwolf :
i was made for the cold

so was I. sigh. new zealand sucks. everyone hates winter and loves summer

Well that was unexpected but still enjoy your vacation :D

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