Zero Punctuation: Holiday 2009

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the intro was almost the whole length of the video lol...

wish it was warm hate the snow

Best. Video. Yet.


In my opinion, Yahtzee's reviews are actually the most valuable to developers, because they (usually) show what the developer did wrong without glossing stuff over with all that "praise" fluff. So really, he has a really big responsibility to the video game industry.

I think game developers are smart enough to realize that one person pointing out certain parts of a game they personally don't like doesn't reflect the views of the entire gaming demographic - you can't point out flaws in a game and claim those flaws are the definitive flaws within that game - the gameplay mechanic you point out may be someone elses favourite part of the the point you're trying to make is wrong. In fact if I remember correctly Yahtzee claimed developers that contacted him about his reviews often claimed they would have done as he suggested if they had the time, or the publisher had allowed them...something like that anyway.

Then there are the over-the-top, sarcastic criticisms, such as claiming everywhere in Oblivion looks identical. Obviously it didn't look identical, but he's trying to make a point that some areas were similar. Is it useful criticism? No, how could you make a world as large as that of Oblivion without re-using assets and keeping a consistent theme throughout the world? Is it funny in the context of the video? Yes.

So to put it bluntly I disagree that, the majority of the time, Yahtzees reviews would actually help a developer to drastically improve a game - only those criticisms such as that found in Army of Two where the player may become stuck as another played cannot help their partner to a ledge they are on...and that's something they should, and probably had, already figured out but couldn't change (Although the sequel has the same issue, at least in the demo, so who knows?)

I see your point. I guess I was wrong... :(
You've got a water-tight argument there, my friend.

really? you could have the soul to do an actual review. James went out of his pretty little way to do a Winter Games review and he does'nt even get paid. merry STFU yahtzee.

favorite one evr :P

My Initial Reaction Was:


northern weather does'nt bother me, unlike you, who runs for sunny oz to escape hypathermia. lol


i waited for like two minutes for him to come back in. thank goodness nobody was in the room with me

that IMP goes to mexico?

there is summer in australia at christmas?

so many things i just did not know.

I go trolled, hope you're enjoying your winter now.

yeah norther hemasphere

Umm... So when is this going to end? Been waiting for the end credits for half an hour by now, it sure is a long episode, kinda boring tho :o

the intro literally takes up half the episode!

Good lord, are people really so angry about this? And why am I necro-ing a dead thread? Still, like all the sloppy, retarded bleeding-gummed internet posters out there I feel my opinion is clearly the most valuable.

who needs a fucking vacation from playing videogames? not all people have vacations, at least he could have made a video anticipatedly to post it today.

He doesn't. He needs a vacation from coming up with witty lines for those video games.


How the hell did this get necroed? Ah well, whatever.

A Curious Fellow:

I wouldn't call him a bastard... a jerk, maybe?

Hey! You're assuming I live in the northern hemisphere. C'mon Yahtzee, respect your Aussie viewers =P.

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