Zero Punctuation: Holiday 2009

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Excellent work Yahtzee, you built our hopes up and dashed them quite expertly.. Bravo. Enjoy the sun, the summer and the beach and fire yourself back up to come back from the break swinging. Like so many of the other people who post there, I would like to request a review if possible. I know that fighting games aren't really your thing, but perhaps could you do a review of Tekken 6. If that doesn't suit you, perhaps one of borderlands then. The game has been out a while now, but I found it quite fun and was hoping that you could share your own opinions on it.

Edit: Since I managed to completely misspell your name in the original Copy of that post, feel free to mock me completely, or even savage me and destroy my petty ego.

that's funny i was about to create a thread about when they where going to give yahtzee a vacation, now i don't have to =3

well have nice one.

lol. Have a good one!!!

Holy shit I laughed harder than I do at his actual reviews. Didn't see this coming, and yet I should have.

(and i'll enjoy my northen hemisphere when you're freezing your sorry but off!

Can we perma ban some of these first post assholes?

That... Was the greatest "What a twist~!?" I've ever seen.. Well played, Sir Yahtzee. Well. Played.

You win this round! Enjoy your break!

MARRY CHRISTMAS. or Hanukkah. or whatever the hell you celebrate. you earned it this time.

*Sigh* fine....

But seriously, is there really a game worth reviewing left this year?

Borderlands? Although the Australian government has probably refused to let that one into the country...

Happy Holidays Yahtzee!

Enjoy your holiday you big troll.

Well I didn't see that coming...

..I always expected him to do a 24 second video like this.

Great -.-

Yep the snow is very picturesque thanks :P

I wish I had some snow. It's just cold here. Blegh.

Well this is bothersome. First TWBB does not deliver on it's claims of the last episode "tomorrow", now ZP drops out... christmas sucks when you have no family or friends.

Yeah, if I had a week off I would be somewhere sunny as well. Enjoy that! But watch out for sting rays....(too soon?)


I suppose I don't have much room to levy a true complaint as I have no reason to treat our dear performed as an obliged entertainer, however, I will admit that I had been refreshing the page most of the morning in hopes of catching this submission.


I suppose even spiteful rancor requires rest.

Yeah, if I had a week off I would be somewhere sunny as well. Enjoy that! But watch out for sting rays....(too soon?)

Yes, I think so.

Though, I am not sure that his death will be something canonized enough for there to be a pervasive knowledge 25 years from now.

target: player
enter console command: kill
console command accepted

OT: I died a little inside.

Well, then Merry Christmas Yahtzee and the rest of The Escapist! I'm out.

NOOOOOO! Yahtzee come back to me! I made you a muffin! what am i supposed to watch for the next 4 min....

LoL Nice but we're having good weather here :D It's 65 out already and only morning. Tomorrow will be near Freezing... Actually, IDK. You can't tell with Texas weather...

Happy Holiday!

P.S. I still wanted a ZP :|

Made me lol

Why are hawaiian shirts associated with going on vacation holiday?

Well that certainly put a damper on my Wednesday :(
I was looking forward to ZP

oooh! we just got burned, metaphorically speaking.

Yahtzee knocked me down a peg or 2 easily.

That Northern Hemisphere weather IS working out for me, thank you. I think I'll go ice skating. Because I can do that now.

I admit, I kind of knew this was coming, but I told myself I'd come visit even if just to curse the australian weather and always-escaping dream of living inside a Boris Vallejo painting, i mean mirrors i mean summer

Oh, it's not that cold. And I love the snow. Yes, there are a few imperial walkers outside, but so what?
Anyway, I think it is a very funny episode, short as it may be, so I got my dose of laughter today. Happy Holidays, Yahtzee, and thanks fo the laughs!

why is everyone laughing? am i the only one thats pissed off?

That was hysterical! Happy Holidays.


Merry Christmas, and hope you enjoy your break!

Best one yet.

i wish it wasn't like this, but i suppose everyone deserves a holiday sometime

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