Zero Punctuation: Holiday 2009

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squashing my hopes like always ah well happy holiday everyone

*goes to bed crying

I live in the southern hemisphere, so fuck yall :P

Wow. Well played Yahtzee, well played.
Happy Holidays everyone!

Best one so far :P

Merry Christmas Sir. (salutes)

Thanks for reminding us how shit your homeland is.

Some people might think being paid to play games all week, then spout off about them for four whole minutes, would do for a pretty perfect holiday.

Get back to work you lazy fuck.

Wow... that was sort of unexpected... well as the guy from Jurassic Park who was also in the fly said to that guy from event horizon about that lawyer dude who looked sort of like Peter Molynuex as he was going to the toilet while being attacked by a T-Rex... "When you gotta go... you gotta go".

Awwww.... Crap...

A truly spectacular prank. The only way it could've been more effective is if the video had still been 7 minutes with just like 6 minutes of blank screen. Looking at the time at the start I sorta realized that it would be some sort of prank.

Anyway, nice prank and enjoy you're summer holiday (I wish it was summer up here)

HaHaHa Happy Holidays

:( I was really looking forward to this, oh well

i dunno, it made me laugh

wat is this i dont even

Smarmy prick. Two words you need to learn the scourge of first-hand Yahtzee, and they're LAKE EFFECT. Try living in West Michigan one winter and you'll be too shaken to EVER be smarmy towards us northern hemisphere residents again.

NOOOOOO! Yahtzee come back to me! I made you a muffin! what am i supposed to watch for the next 4 min....

*shrug* There's always porn.

As for the video, how da fuck does Yahtzee know I resent my family?!?!

Enjoy your holiday, you smarmy ass.

This. :D

As an Australian in the Northern Hemisphere weather I have to say...

Snow is bizzare... it is unnatural and behaves irrationally. It should be outlawed!

At least my mind doesn't need a reboot after hearing -40c any more.

Upside: The resented family is on the other side of the world, yay!

Boo, i spent 2 hours refreshing the page to get the new video...Looks like its back to work...damnit.

*single tear*

You are rude to us, sir.
But, uh, happy holidays, I guess.

Haha, happy holidays, you bastard.

That would have been funny... No wait, just not funny. Happy Christmas.




Just kidding, enjoy the holidays.

haha, brilliant. enjoy the holidays!

Best 24 seconds ever.

*Wants to see Yahtzee fanbase faces*

That. Was funny.

Haha, Nice one Yahtzee now I'm gonna go spew hate upon the oncoming family members.

That was definitely in the top 10 of funniest ZP moments. I wasn't expecting that at all, but in a good way. Very funny. Enjoy your holiday Yahtzee.

Fuck-a you, yahtzee. By the way, i'm loving the weather in the northern hemisphere. In fact, I love it so much that i roll around naked in the snow everyday when i wake up.




hahaha! good for you I hope you have a good 'un

Argh, cheated out of ZP and jabbed about my (quite) cold northern hemisphere location... Good one!

Happy Holidays to you.

Ha wasn't expecting that
I kept waiting for something to happen but nothing did at the end

hmmm. Cant say you havent earned it man. I hope you dont get paid for this though.

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