Zero Punctuation: Holiday 2009

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some how a fail yet still an epic win

Have fun! How much you guys what to bet the next video will be him saying that he was too hung-over to make anything.

haz a good holiday ;D

Did that just happen?

Hilarious, though I saw it coming. Lousy Northern Hemisphere weather...

hahahaha I was surprised to see a ZP put up today, and it makes sense now

Enjoy your holiday you smug arse. <3

well have fun i guess...

BALLS. Oh well, next week.

That would be one sucky, short holiday, but oh well, a fan can hope :D

J/k, enjoy the holiday Yahtzee

haha that took me by suprise!

Well everyone deserves their Holiday but... damn


I like the weather... Matches your mood. And how's the "every bloody insect and snake that can kill you to death just with one look" treating you?

See you next week! Have a great summer holiday Yahtzee!

That was a good one. Best yet lol. LOVE IT!



his accent and the drivel he's talking hurts my ears, some punctuation FTL

Dissent. I thought it was a creditable effort.

I can't say that this was much of a suprise, funny as hell though.

Have fun on vacation you Aussi

Well that was like taking ah cold shower :(

Thought it was funny. Seeing as I saw the video comment section early I expected something like this, or a review of christmas of something.

*looks at the timer* 24 seconds? Thats weird..


Thanks for the most dissapointing ZP episode ever, you prick, you've let down your entire fanbase.
/fanboy rage

I laughed, good show sir.


Have a nice holiday, Yahtze, you old cookie.
Btw.. the snow looks great, thanks for asking!

man talk about a bad day but still enjoy you're trip

I had exspected this, better than that clip show last year :/

Yes, the northern hemisphere weather is quite nice. The snow is brilliant, very fun, very cold. Enjoy your ungodly heat, you Anglo-Australian tosser.[/being quite sarcastic, have a great Christmas Yahtzee.]

Well fuck you too buddy

oh bollocks
here i thought the title meant he was gonna say which games were the best for '09
then i saw the video was around 24 seconds xD

Yes this Northern Hemisphere weather is quite lovely, why not come up and check it out sometime?


No zero punctuation today??!!!

*starts to cry in a corner*

"why Yatzheee why????"

/sniffles. Agreed. Hold me.

/amusement, OR just go boot up the PS1 and preform the "Lionheart" limit break =p that always brings ME joy

Final Fantasy VIII rocks

Best thing I've seen all year.

the opening was really funn
have a good holiday!

anything to stave off suicide is fine by me

Lol, even tough it's short I still loved it xDD.
Enyoy your holidays you helpless lazy retard!

Hope living in the most backwards, God-forsaken "developed" country is working out for you!

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