Doomsday Arcade: Episode 23 Preview

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My reaction basically looked like this:

Can't wait.

Finally, Escape from city 17 part 2!



episode 2(and)3. that is fucking BULLS-i! (just noticed I don't get why writing comment is different font than the posted coments)


Finally! A Half-Life Episode!

I could only be happier if a Turian were to walk into this room right now...

Nope. No Turians here.

gravity gun ftw!!!

gravity is for the weak

The first time I didn't really mind, but the second time, come on. Is this just how they are going to do things when they feel like they want a break?

The Gorden Freakin' Freeman + Doomsday Arcade = Awesome

HL2:E3 inc


Yes! Lund & Shanks are back! Can't wait to see what more the team-up with Big Daddy brings. And, of course, the plethora of Half-Life bits...still claiming you're not a Valve fanboy? ;)

...and, I'd still like a compiled DVD of this series, one day.

dear god if they did release a DVD of the series as one entire movie I would buy one for everyone I know.

Seconded. I'm liking the previews, keep em coming.

goosebumps all over!
looks like it will be orgasmic

One of my favourite web shows is making an episode centered around my favourite game of all time? Wow!

Wake up Lund and Shanks. Wake up and smell the ashes.

On a lighter note,


Dynamite boomarang FTW! and

hey, whats with all the previews? why cant u jus release the vids on time like u used to. and u'll say next week btu just like last time, it'll be another 2 weeks till anything. seems u guys hav got lazy. i am not a happy fan *GLARE*

I dont know with the Quality being so high of the new episodes and bein 15min instead of 4-7 im ok with it like come on big daddy was SWEET!

OMG how do i change what my content stuff is i did not like rebecca muse that much now i got 2 of her little signs ARRRGG

I heard that Half Life 2: Episode 3 (I want to say Arsenal 1, but I won't) was going to be based on Doomsday Arcade.

Worth waiting a month per episode? Definately.

The gravity gun has arrived! I am stoked to see this episode now!!!

FUCK YES. All I want for Christmas is this! It's gonna be sweeeet!

can't wait. <3

But... but... what about Rapture?


So, you got Half-Life, Sonic, and a Big Daddy, all in one jumble?

No way this can end well...

*viewer discretion advised*

Ah, the Williamstown Railway Museum, I see.

An exciting preview, but...

Finish the damn series already.

It looks awesome!!! Cant wait!!1!

I'm kind of a Valve fanboy and, when this comes out, me and all my peers win.

Thank you.

Oh man, this looks pretty awesome. I really hope you guys bring out some kind of compilation when the series is done (preferably with director commentary :0). Would be WELL worth the investment.

OMG how do i change what my content stuff is i did not like rebecca muse that much now i got 2 of her little signs ARRRGG

If you're referring to your badges, go to your profile, click on the badges button and drag and drop till you have your preferred 4 badges at the top of the list.


I say old chap:
An exciting preview, but...

Finish the damn series already.

If they finish the series then how will I get my monthly intake of pure awesome web series?

This looks badass :D

Twas inevitable there would be a Half-Life episode

Not that Shanks is a ValvE fanboy or anything.........................

It's gonna be good.

Was I the only one who thought "see you guys in 700 years" when I saw the end?(hur hur)

I'm also entirely fine with monthly releases now too... *drool*

So Shanks finally gets to meet Gordon. I wonder what will happen.

...Holy crap...

...Theres not much I can say to that...except...

I can't wait until next week!!!

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