The Escapist Staff's Five Faves of 2009: Russ

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Batman wasn't all that great, is all :D

Must... Not... Scream...

OT: I'm not sure I can even do a list of 5 for '09 - I don't think I bought that many games from this year!

AC2, Arkham Asylum, The Saboteur and Mirror's Edge (PC) were about it.

Bring on 2010 is all I can say.


1) I would probably love MW2 but Activision but the price up so to protest i refused to buy it.

2) I would hate to play Godfather 2, Wolfenstien

3) I might like Batman but I'm never going to buy it

4) I am undecided about DRagon Age: Origins. It's either really good or sucks balls. I think like Oblivion it might grow more and more rubbish as time goes by.

5) And I do agree with Russ when he says that it was a terrible year for gaming. It really was.

1) Same.

2) Same.

3) Doesn't really make sense - I can highly recommend it however.

4) The game wasn't even released that long ago. Oblivion doesn't get worse, you just eventually reach a point where you've seen all there is to see.

5) Aye, t'was.

Hey, the reason know-it-all jackasses like me complain about games like Halo and Madden isn't because they're popular, it's because they're inexplicably popular. If you release the same game every year it shouldn't be a massive hit every year.

I haven't played MW2 yet, (nor Halo, but I can competently pretend to have) but I doubt I'll have to act smug about it. The worst thing I've heard about it is that it still has the accursed endlessly spawning enemy waves from its predecessors, and those are more confusing than bad.

Well Preety awsome List I would probably choose all five of those as well...

Yes, simply put just yes.
I was a bit bamboozled at first by the Godfather2 mention, but it was explained well, and I agree. While my only first-hand gameplay experience with Gangsta/Mafia games has been Saints Row 2 I've noticed with some help from The Escapist (Fall of the House of Bellic by Brendan Main if I'm not mistaken.) that the story lines stop half way through story.
And as has been metioned above I like the how The Escapist does "faves" instead of "best" it's an opinion nothing more, nothing less.
(My first New Years with The Escapist, Sweet.)

The thing if I could afford to buy a game, any new game, that is released and does not cost 1/5 of the console then I would say some of the games are crap but I have to admit that all games are good in one way or another and worth playing.

Coincidentally, I recently watched The Godfather and The Godfather part 2, they were actually excellent. Still, I can't believe

Onyx Oblivion:
I have now been convinced to get Wolfenstein when its below 20 USD.

lol key words when it gets below 20. though i don't agree with the whole list you bring up a great point about MW2

woa, just realised how mainstream I am, after agreeing totally with russ about these games.. no nintendo or PS games here, for sure.-
I think this is the best and in my opinion most correct top 5's of them all^^

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