Escape to the Movies: Heavy Metal

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I liked that movie..the zombie pilot one scaredthe hell out of me. the finale was a little meh in my opinion but over all I still liked it thanks for the nostalga trip Bob

While the boobs were certainly relevant, I thought that much of the nostalgia for Heavy Metal was due to the fact that a large percentage of the audience watched it drunk and/or stoned.

So true. Ranked up there with Pink Floyd's The Wall as the sitting around with your friends drunk/stoned movie to watch. Plus the boobs thing too.

i'm only 16 and i liked that movie. probably b/c i'm a metal head, though i was disappointed with the soundtrack though. it needed more black sabbath, devo sucks. horrible movie, i loved it.

i was pretty excited when i saw this, thanks bob. for your next "all micheal bay movies, time for filler" episode, do american pop or fire and ice, both also by ralph bakshi, except fire and ice had the artistic talent of frank frezetta behind it. trust me, google image search his name, and you will see what inspired ironheade in brutal legend (they even mention that in their behind the scene type videos)

I know how you feel man // 'Boobs where hard to find' no truer words have ever been spoken

Damn you kids these days with there interwebs and the downloading, you dont know how good you've got it


You know what else helps you make it through this movie? Drugs.

No, that pretty much helped them make the movie.
Great movie, though. The WWII bomber "story" is, IMHO, one of the greatest scenes in a movie.

Just goes to show you - people like boobs.

I was like 4 when i first saw this movie.

Bull. Heavy Metal 2 wasn't all that good, but I rewatch Heavy Metal every year. It has that "WTF" quality I'm always looking for in books, games, & movies. & being an 8 year old girl who didn't know anything about brests or sexuality, I can guarentee you I wasn't watching it for the knockers. I was watching it because I wasn't supposed to. Nor was I supposed to watch The Maxx, Aeon Flux, Duckman, Liquid Television, the Critic....

I watched this as a rental... I liked it, it was full of drugs.

If you were "made in 1981" like you said, then you are NOT 30-something! Stop trying to age me, you evil bastard.

-Made in 1979 *whimper*

Well i guess just barely didnt make it on the side of had to work to see boobs.. Because i was born in 91... by the time i was 10 we had a computer with dial up but i didnt care... Because it was slow boring and looked like a tool for learning.. Fast forward to when we got XP and decent speed internet.. And when they start using it at school i was like whooo what is this i dont even! Then i found out about the wonders of the interwebz! So i guess i just barely made it.. But yeah i absolutely loved the goonys reference haha! I LOVE THAT MOVIE! "HEY YOU GUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYS!!!" haha!

"When thirty-something movie geeks like me talk about...." @ ~4m 55s

If Movie Bob was born on February 20, 1981 (see profile at, and declaration in the clip about coming out in 1981) then he isn't a thirty-something movie geek he's a twenty eight year old movie geek who has lied (or at the very least, implied a lie) about his age. Perhaps to gain some credibility with the generation he's lamenting?

As a newly qualified thirty-something, I'd like to remind the viewers that we had the internet back then, and it could even be accessed by a pov like me. In my early teens there were BBS services, Usenet, IRC and even CompuServe, all of which could gather a whole horde of private viewing material; even if it was rendered in 256 colour crapness and had to be painstakingly hunted for or traded over a really slow and expensive dial-up connection (I thank God for broadband every day, sometimes twice).

"Back in the day were the search for porn was a noble and grand quest"

And none have phrased it finer. I enjoyed the quest, I spent long enough pursuing it, but I don't miss it :)

Of course, the most encouraging literature was to be found in the cubbyhole 'neath the stairs at the local rugby club. Mmmmmm..... ...Knave magazine.

ummm ok look here
yes... 2011... new heavy metal... ummm... wow

Angelina turned people bi, hm?

...yeah that sounded stupid, even if it was meant to be satirical bro.

The rest of the review was good though; I suppose I can relate to the whole "wanting to see stuff that's hard to see" idea, though I wasn't necessarily looking for tits.

Heavy Metal is just a cool movie... The music is good, the animation is cool.. the nudity just adds another dimension to the coolness is all.

Also, heavy metal 2000 rocks.

Actually, I happen to be a Big fan of this one Anime from the 80's called "Dirty-Pair" ...I mean this is something that was made 10 years before I was Born, and I Still find it Enjoyable to watch, albeit it DOES have some childish quirks :)
It was SO good that they actually tried Rebooting it in the 90's with "Dirty Pair - Flash" and even THAT kicked-ass :D
I think it was because despite being a bit light-headed "-HEY!!! Kei, you just Blew-up that Planet; -Ooops! ;P" ...yeah, and a bit Gratuitous with the Fanservice (and by a bit I mean at Least once per Episode :D --it is Still fun to watch even after all this time when the graphics seem a bit Dated, and in my Heart, that is what makes it a time-honored Classic :)

No "old people" speech has ever made me understand how hard it was back then..... how could you handle it I guess I have to give your generation points for that.

Going to watch it again now.

I'm surprised you know what Cryptozoology is, bob.

I guess our generation really DOES have it easy, what with the entire sum of human knowladge and primal instincts at our palms.

Just for the interest of those who are curious enough to watch the movie, Sony has it currently available for free on their Crackle website.

They have an age check type thing.

I am only a year younger than Bob and probably would've remembered this.
...except my only exposure to pop culture during those dismal days was through smuggled video games and M*A*S*H reruns. My parents were real tight-asses and i had to work to get at what i want. By the time i had been separated from my parents long enough to lose my paranoia and start looking for porn, it was 2000. Hardly a challenge anymore. And by that time, i also had hentai, so my introduction to it at a time when hentai was already close to it's prime makes me a little uninterested in the precursor.

...another parallel i just drew between myself and Yahtzee because he said something similar about why he never understood Transformers despite being old enough to have seen the original series. Also his little reference to Nocturnal Illusion which was my introduction to hentai... my obsession with the long lost golden age of game design...
...fuck. Are all gamers from the 80s like myself and Yahtzee?

I agree with this fully. Cartoon boobs and the music was the only redeeming quality of this movie, but still love that they tried something different.

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