There Will Be Brawl: Episode 10

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amazing series but why does link and zelda have to die, he was my favorite Nintendo character

Can you update the website? Like, NOW!

Serious Samuel:
I'm sure somone already have asked this before but what was the song in the start of the episode? I have defenately heard it before and I know that it's probably a remix of a song from a game, but I can't remember which and it's bugging me.

The menu music of Brawl, my dear Samuel


I really didn't get the whole of it.

So Ganon was blabbling off for a whole 5 mins while black blood was coming out from his nose, eyes and mouth. Even though he wasn't actually responsible for everything? What was he even talking about?

Was Link even aware that it was Zelda who stabbed him? Because he was apologizing and stuff, even though Zelda had tried to kill him. So Zelda was working with Ganon from the start and somehow had feelings for Link that she had to try and intercpt Ganon's Flame Choke?

Ness and Lucas were working for Kirby the whole time? Were they the butchers while kirby being the one who devours them?

I am super confused.

Jaker the Baker:

Serious Samuel:
I'm sure somone already have asked this before but what was the song in the start of the episode? I have defenately heard it before and I know that it's probably a remix of a song from a game, but I can't remember which and it's bugging me.

The menu music of Brawl, my dear Samuel

Ahh, yeah that would make sense. Thank you for your help.

The whole series was stellar. Loved everything about it.

This was cool!
The Game&Watch army was so cool. And the creepiest thing was seeing Peach in the final part. Amazing.
There Will Be Brawl is so creative and fun. I tip my hat to you.

Holy shit...
This has been better than any tv series. You guys are incredible.

Absolutley... fantastic.

Wow. That had everything.

Where the hell do they go from here? lol

The girl pokemon trainer should have used charizard

screw charizard! dragonite...use PWN

but srsly... i hope it isnt just my dumbassery talking but that was a really touch-and-go ending for me.

Wow, that was a great series, just discovered it yesterday. However, I have to throw out my two cents and say there was a really big missed opportunity right at the end.

Okay, so as soon as Ness and Lucas were the big reveal and start laying out the awesome, everything clicked and I IMMEDIATELY thought, "OH HOLY SHIT, Giygas is behind EVERYTHING!!". All the dialogue about the "Devourer" and Olimar's ranting and raving about "The End" just pointed RIGHT AT HIM, especially since most of what Olimar says is word for word what Pokey Minch spouts off at the end of Earthbound (A character from Brawl I was actually surprised NEVER made an appearance. He was a BOSS in the game for crying out loud). Even the Luigi mindfuck with Peach's corpse and the disembodied voices taunting him was straight out of Giygas' villain playbook. Then it just turns out to be Kirby with another lame homage to Silence of the Lambs. A pretty big drop of the ball to an otherwise fantastic story.

Loved seeing Paula at the end, and for some reason having her there was kinda spooky, like she was going to seek revenge or something.

I also have to say Mario stole the show in the final episode, with the Cape, the Starman (I was WAITING for that) and finally the Mr. G&W Smash Ball vs Mario Smash Ball action.

Link's death was really lame and anticlimactic, ESPECIALLY after the "I'm at FULL HEALTH!" line.

But otherwise, good show, the acting was well done, the costumes were great and overall it was a fun ride.


That was one hell of a finale. The ending part with Peach was creepy as hell - very well done there, and I doubt that some other groups would be able to pull that one off as well. Quite a bit of gore going on, a definate increase on the levels that we'd seen before, which was.. interesting, to say the least.

Well done chaps - as others have said, create a DVD and i'll certainly buy it.

I'm a little disappointed that its no longer listed on the Escapist video section, as it has to have been one of the best series created on here.

You know, other than playing a few of the arcade versions of these games, I really know nothing of the Mario universe. Despite this, I thoroughly enjoyed this from start to finish. Mario's fight with Donkey Kong in the bar is one of the best-filmed fight scenes I've seen in a long time. And the performances of Link, Mario and Luigi were great. Well done!!

honestly just wow, absolutely amazing series

Unbelievably awesome!!! Thank you cast, crew, staff, and donors for making this series possible indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!! This series is getting recommended to all my friends. The enitre series is mind numbing, spine tingling suspensful. I was biting my nails through the whole series wondering what would happen next!!!! Never saw this ending coming!!!!!!!!! Great work and a very great job.
If was made into a DVD... would buy it without a 2nd thought!

any one else notice in the credits, someone is credited as AWESOME yeah made me chuckle great series btw

I just watched this entire series in one go, and even though I was skeptical at first, I have to say that this is the best webseries out there. Congratulations on this most excellent endeavor!

indeed. Thought it a bit cheap to kill Link,though. AWESOME,otherwise.

SO sad that this is the end.

Such a magnificent series.

I am going to watch it all over again.

Kinda late watching the series. Damn glad I did though that was ***** awesome. We need a dvd.


but...but.. wait.... link can not die... hes got fairies... you always get fairies... it just needs to be done... :( awesome series though well made and everything was very well put together. =D

that was... pure awesomeness :) - i loved watching all the episodes, thanks to everyone who made this possible ;)

P.S. recommending it to all my friends and hoping for a sequel and a dvd release :D

Anyone happen to know the name of the song that plays when G&W takes the Smashball (starts around 14 minutes, but plays a little earlier, too)?

Man! I don't know HOW I used to hate this show. Just watched all 10 episodes in a row, and it was AWESOME. Also, my eyes hurt...

I hate cliff hangers that'll never be answerd

The only possible improvement would be to add subtitles. The (necessary) 'amateur' aspect of making this AMAZING series has unfortunately resulted in occasional poor sound recording. So, if decent subs were added, then the whole show would be comprehensible! And anything that could make this wonderful piece of art more comprehensible... well, WIN!

I have no doubt that if they do a sequel, they could easily find ways to bring many of the characters back from the dead...

what is it with evil little children and movies...
i was so disappointed in link for dying in such an anticlimactic matter... and zeldaxganon is just wrong
and that mewtwo trophy was terrifying

lol, anyways, loved the series as a whole =]

This is to Nintendo games what Watchmen is to comic books.

From the comments made months ago, the mentality is clear:

You guys should think about putting together a DVD. With the episodes, and behind the scenes shenanigans like Becky Young singing cell block tango. :P (Twas on Youtube at some point)

Could have done without the Demon G&W subplot. It came out of nowhere and served no purpose. Should have just stuck with the butcher plot.

Other than that complaint great series.

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