There Will Be Brawl: Episode 10

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bloody awesome :D

Holy Shit, this is why Taratino should never adapt a videogame, because it would be trippy, would use the props and gags from the normal series, use them out of context, and make something awesome. Kudos, for making that great series.

three things:
1: lol im at full heal-o now im dead
2: O gross little too much fake blood
3: if luigi throw ganon's head from all the way on top of the nintendo tower down to where mario was, he has an amazing arm

ps yes i just watched this for the first time

i loved the puppet peach, i couldn't think of anything more grewsome, i like disturbing stuff like that, a professor layton appearance would have been awesome but other than that 10/10, if you made this into a full length film, it would be one of a few ELIET films that were successful game-to-movie adaptations and would be considered for an oscar i think, also check out the professor layton movie, it rocks

great series i was really suprised by how good it was. I will nver look a Kirby the same way ever again.

I'm so glad mario got his yellow cape =)

The girl with the pokeball, I think the trainer's girlfriend, who faces down Wario... who is she?

Freakiest twist ever with the butchers... I guess that explains the charred corpse. Metaknight is awesome but it's no shame to go down to those three.

That was an awesome series.

Checked their site and there will be DVD....eventually. Also, if they do make a prequel, I'll be there for it.

I know I'm late to commenting on this but I just want to say thank your for making this. You guys took a totally crazy premise and made it into something amazing. If a DVD ever comes out I think I'd buy it.

I, too, am late in the game, but I watched these as they came out, but I didn't have an account back then. I just want to thank everyone that made this series. It was an amazing work of art and I loved watching every episode. Nice work, everyone! =^_^=

that...was just too too too damn awesome...

don't think I've watched this episode again since it first came out...just...damn

4th watch through, just as good as ever. These guys seriously need to do some more stuff. Side note, was there ever a dvd?

dalek sec:



I just made my roommate watch this whole thing with me again. Maaaaaaybe you could too?

Also totally don't be a bitter old cat dalek man with me about how we used to have content like this... <.<

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