There Will Be Brawl: Episode 10

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The girl pokemon trainer should have used charizard

O...M...G...! Are you serious? That was so f-ing amazing! So creepy and scarey... (0o0)

Really good finale, loved it, and I just wanna say thank you to the writers, producers and actors for this great web series.

I loved it all! But does anyone want to explain the very end for me? Thanks!

i think i just jizzed in my pants

I loved it all! But does anyone want to explain the very end for me? Thanks!

Kirby survived he seemed to have eat the kid (can't recall the name) than use his probably get to get to our world but then killed Miyamoto and took his appereance

However I don't get the end quote "giving a friend old relic"

That was awesome!!!!

*sits back* I want a sequel xD

I loved was an amazing ride.

It kept me more interested than anything else....I would love to see the brothers come back, as well as the rest of the cast of remarkable actors and actresses as there respected characters...with a special interest in seeing Becky back she was an amazing, beautiful, and compelling actress...

but that's all for now I guess, congratulations guys you did an AMAZING job.


What's truly incredible is how they managed to create something both poignant AND incredibly bleak out of that kind of a budget. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

To everyone involved, thank you - that was by far the best original content I've ever seen emerge from the internet. DVD release? I'm so there.

I loved it. Completely adored it.

Just... The ending. What? Whaaaaaat?

Well this has made for an awesome day, brilliant finale to a fantastic Web-series AND now I get to watch the Doctor Who New years day special xD

Brilliant Episode, although I do agree, it was left too open at the end to be a conclusion.

Although this builds up potential promise for a new series, although who would that work?

Ah well, despite that, fantastic episode.

Good ending! XD,I honestly thought Taboo would be the butcher XD. OH well. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE DVD!!!! IMMA GONNA BUY TEN COPIES XD

Pretty much defines the word 'epic'
Incredibly well made, well done!

O_O wow that was awesome!

Nooo! Poor Princess Rosalina died too :(

All the Princesses are dead now so they need to vote a new one.

I vote Princess Samus! :D

I'm a bit confused now to be honest. I'll have to watch it again.
And that Malon, she's a teenage fantasy come true :-p.

To the people bummed out about the kirby scene at the end, don't be, I smell a sequal ;).
The only problem is they only have like, 1/4th of the main characters, so killing them off will be alot harder eh?

Three words come to mind. Just three:




Well done all round. Excellent writing, fantastic performances, good special effects.

I'm glad you shared this with us. Thank you.

I really loved this series so much hard work was put into it and it completely paid off
Awesome job I hope somehow a dvdv and continuation of the series can happen

Thank you Matthew Mercer and the rest of the cast for one incredible series!!!

Holy fucking shit that was epic.

Shit! Peach died? N'aw man, still awesome though. <3

Please use spoiler tags next time, especially when you're the sixth post on the thread.

Was Gannons face more green here or was it just me?

My laptop blew up from the awsomness radiating from the show i can now walk around being awsome from watching it Link full health pewpewpew
for a second there i thought Meta Knight was in on it then i saw he was pink O.o
luigi EPIC fire ball kirby wearing Ness' blood stained hat at the end i think it made me pregnant I'm going to have little brawl babys and when Ganondorf screamed i was sure he was going to turn into Ganon

police chief Marth FTW

.... yes it was more green

Series Awards

Best line: "Bravery Still Counts for Something" - Marth
Saddest Moment: The Death of Red
Most Badass Moment: Bowser's Sacrifice
Fight scene that I wished was longer: Tie- Link versus Ganon and Marth versus Ice Climbers
Current Fav episode: Tie- Episode 9 and 10
Best Character: Samus


Shit! Peach died? N'aw man, still awesome though. <3

Please use spoiler tags next time, especially when you're the sixth post on the thread.

I think it's assumed that anyone in the thread has already watched it. Can't really get angry for that.

Eric the Orange:
Was Gannons face more green here or was it just me?

Yeah, I saw that too. Go figure.

I have to agree with what's been said, that was a good episode that was literally brighter at the end which was a nice subtle touch, although the end itself just doesn't feel completely satisfying with that cliff hanger. Still good. The moment with Diddy Kong putting the gun down really had strength and nicely underlined that times had changed and there should be no more death.

Wow, I wont be able to play Smaash Bro's the same way again.

Was Gannon greener than normal? It looked like a much darker makeup.

"Laughter of one child....." My ass!

And that fixes it, not going to buy any of Miyamoto's new games....sorry, no way no how.

All in all, GREAT JOB PEOPLE. The cast did a fantastic job, it all looked great. Matt and the other editors: Thanks for busting your ass to give this too us, and I will be happy to buy the dvd when it comes out.

I'm a little lost...what happened?

This is an epic ending. But I sense that this is a cliffhanger.

At the near end, is that Paula Polestar?

I hope the escapist is throwing money,thai hookers, and used xbox 360 at your feet to make either a squeal or alternate series. (* HINT HINT ESCAPIST*) if not I'm sure you can make demands.

side note: I;m gonna get a lot of people saying "xbox 360 games? why not wii you artard, this is a nintendo rendition." Look I'm a big nintendo fan boy but even I don't bust mine out too often. please no flaming just keep it on the awesome presentation.

O_O nicely done, that was great

the actors (mainly luigi, ganondorf and samus)was amazing, epecially on the final smash scene and at the end

hopefully you'll make another series

but until then, cya


Ninja Tank:

I love this series, plz make a dvd.

seconded, cause i love this series and great episode


[Insert Epic Slow Clap here]

I agree make a dvd, and wow i am stunned, that was amazing, truly amazng. I am sad for a great series like this to end, but i am truly satisfyed with the way you ended it. Thanks for the series.

Kirby, I love you.

Fantastic episode.
Fantastic finale.
Fannnnntasticccccc ^.^

What would be a good way to resurrect some characters and have as sequel show.
Maybe have Mario and Luigi go on a mission to find some 1up mushrooms?!

Kirby and Tabuu teaming up in

There will be MORE brawl.
coming summer 2010


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