There Will Be Brawl: Episode 10

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If there isn't a season 2, I'll be really, really sad.

That was a series ender you just witnessed, friend. It might have been awesome, but all great things must come to an end. Preferably one with a kind of explosion the explodes faces. But don't be sad. The way this ended, I really don't care what happens after. It was all tied off in a clean knot, with only one loose end left, not that I care. It was all perfect.

Thanks ever so much for this beautiful series. Feel proud, guys. You earned it.

Incredibly well done ending, and I look forward to having that DVD and watching it all the way through in one solid sitting. It's true though, what people say about the character never being the same, espicially with that upcoming LoZ fan-made movie, not seeing Tony doing it will be so, odd.

Great work!

Cheers for the cast & crew! You were all awesome!

I really hope that the DVD will be available world-wide (like speculated here) 'cause I really want one and getting one some "non-official" way would be kinda hard. I would most likely get two to three copies right away.

I had a great time watching it.

A prequel would be great just to see the characters and the decline of the Mushroom Kingdom.

The cast and crew did a great job.
I haven't watched a live-action internet series before and I'm glad the first one I saw was Brawl.


... but due to that I will check it out tommorow

A great end to a great series. I think I was most impressed by the special effects, usually don't expect much in special effects for web series but these were just fantastic, good job to you all. The costumes were fantastic too, especially Bowser, he looked great for a character that's so cartoony.

Overall an amazing series.


i like the series very much, and the ending was good, but what was the end about? did Kirby take over the Nintendo Corporation?

Have you seen the newest Nintendo franchise games? It's as if they just ripped the skin off of beloved characters, removed their insides, then put them in crappy games just to cash in on image recognition.

On that note, nice commentary there guys.

Well said. My thoughts exactly

I didn't enjoy it.

I'm not sure why.

Oh well, The rest of the series is good.

That... Was quite possibly the greatest piece of filmmaking I have ever seen. Or at least in the top 3. I take my figurative hat off for you guys.
Creepy ass ending though.....

Well, Well, Well....Where are you Tyrkae?
and dun be silly. Ness is the butcher. plus they thought it was bowser to begin with, didn't they?

they say its always a bowser not a always silly and it wont be ness or lucas its gotta be 1 of the main 10 or so char link.mario bros smaus, kirby,pokemon trainer,and so on
That's a direct quote with a nice dash of I told you so.
I didn't actually name lucas, cuz i couldn't think of his name at the time, but yea. Eat some in yer face pie. Looks like Ness and co. wasn't such a bad idea, considering Kirby didn't do the killings while he was locked up. Eh, Tyrkae? I won't overlook my mistake tho.
In the words of Peter Griffin, to Lois about Peter Griffin Jr.: "....Well, I was kinda right."
Eat that, mr. 'won't be someone out of left field'

Holy. F-ing. Shiat.

Not as epic a brawl I was hoping for in the closing, but a solid ending, just the same.

Great moments: Mario and his invincibility star, Samus rolling into battle, Link's last stand.

Creepiest: Peach's corpse.

Least surprising: Kirby.

Most touching: New hope in a crying princess, Captain Falcon on heroes.

Hottest upgrade: Two words... EYE PATCH.

Again, such a great series; I hate to see it end. Perhaps there's a behind the scenes installment coming? Like many,I'd love to see everything that went into this; from the writers, to the clever costumers, effects team, and the actors.

Okay guys... so... what's next?

Well they are working on

who's the chick in the mini skirt suposed to be

That was amazing guys, all 'round. ... can we work Samus' eyepatch into canon? That was surprisingly sexy.

But yeah! That was a great end to a great series. If your entry on TVTropes doesn't get its own Nightmare Fuel section based on the end-of-series reveals ALONE, I will be shocked beyond words. Like I am now. Because my pants are wet with fear wee.

Bravo, guys. Way to make a webseries. Now... how 'bout a spiritual successor riffing on Disney instead? ^_^

A great end to a great series and what a way to start a new year. Bravo on doing such an amazing job on this webseries, far better then many of the programes put on main TV channels.

I will never see these characters the same way again.

i feel the same way, i cant play brawl anymore without thinking about how awesome some of the charecters where in this

BTW, Amazing ending, and i can say i think we all did not expect who the canibal was, Amazing work, please, do somthing like this with another game!

VERY nice, amazing series i liked the ending it was like destroying a child's innocence and the chance for the Kingdom to make new heroes with their father dead.

my favorite part has to be Marth and Fox back to back holding their fallen comrades weapons

"...just so you know, I'm at full health!"
Fucking epic.

Well, great series guys. Seriously awesome.

Also, I am so glad Samus didn't die. She was definitely my favorite character.

Just...Fuckin A!

That was epic.

awesome on a new level

awesome ending happy that was that awesome but at the same time sad couse its the end

Thank you all so much for bringing us such a wonderful series, and I wish you all best in what will I'm sure be a long and prosperous career.

nice job
favorite part: when the ouendan punched that guy in the face

least favorite part: ness and lucas are evil?! what the crap!

I expected nothing less. An epic ending.

I just wanted to say, congratulations to the team! I enjoyed the series very much.

That was truly epic and awesome. Shame I didn't understand some of the talking because English isn't my first language. But I understood enough to be able to follow the story, and I'll definitely buy the DVD.

Pillow McPillowson is great in this one.

Mind = Blown.


least favorite part: ness and lucas are evil?! what the crap!

Should I have Paranoia Agent flashback?

Yah, fuck you guys leaving us on a cliffhanger like that!
And killing off everyone you did!

that was the best series series "there was a brawl" XD.anyways...with alot of editting some filler scenes you could turn this into a full length movieand release it as such.

I completely forgot about Lucas and Ness when I was trying to think of who was doing the murders.

I will never look at them the same way...

Also Link really should have spot dodged that Gerudo Choke.


Amazing! Truly amazing!

I'm sure you've already planned for a DVD... I'd like to order asap. :P

Sooooooooooooo sad to see this end. Truly enjoyed every episode and I appreciate all the hard work the entire team put into it. Thanks for hours of enjoyment, great series.

An excellent story all around, despite some of the more gruesome details. It actually inspired me to go over the story that I'm currently working on (hardly even comparable to the masterpiece that you guys created) and add some depth to my fan-fiction. Yes, I am a writer.

I give my sincerest regards to everyone who worked on this series to make it as much a success as it is. :)

Fantastic, amazingly powerful ending to a fantastic, amazingly powerful series. Between all the hype and the drama caused by the slight delay, I wasn't sure the finale would live up to my expectations. I'm ecstatic to see I was wrong about that.

Great work, guys. I'll definitely be buying the DVD release.

I see a lot of people questioning the reason for the ending but, let me just remind everyone that this entire series is a "film noir" take on the mushroom kingdom. This is a great article that talks about what a Film Noir is.

I didn't question the ending that much.

This series was great and I think I speak for everyone when I say Samus is AWESOME!!

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