There Will Be Brawl: Episode 10

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A glorious end to a fantastic series, Bravo.

10/10 for such a fantastic re-imagining and intertwining.

I disliked it. Just throw in two kids to be the butcher(s). terrible. Also, we saw game and watch in a bar before. Don't make HIM the demons. Its bull crap. Some more innovation with the villain please. also, STOP RIPPING OFF SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.

I did enjoy this series up to the very last episodes.

I loved the ending, but he has a point, when Mario fought Donkey Kong in a bar, wasnt Game and Watch a bartender there?

I loved the ending, but he has a point, when Mario fought Donkey Kong in a bar, wasnt Game and Watch a bartender there?

i thought that was the point - game and watch was everywhere - bartender, taxi driver, jail cells...

edit: whoops, nearly forgot to mention how awesome this series was. a truly amazing ending!

so i think i need to sue the creators of this show.
the sheer awesomeness of this show melted my face and blew my eyeballs from there sockets. call with your lawyer so i can say excellent show and also to take all your monies ;D.

and by the way defiantly worth the wait so take that all you whiny little bitches saying "where is it, where is it"

I've really enjoyed watching this, thank you for making it, it was really well done.

I'm kinda upset they didn't get closure on the Kirby angle.

that was flippen awesome
you could have separated it into parts but this is perfectly fine.
im surprised the escapist didnt edit it and make it shorter like they do with unskippable.

Three words come to mind. Just three:




Well done all round. Excellent writing, fantastic performances, good special effects.

I'm glad you shared this with us. Thank you.

Exactly, plus about six more thank yous (keeping it lucky). This was an absolute perfect end to my day. The entire series was awesome.
Kirby, Kirby, there no end to your hunger?

-[==(>X_X)> (Kirby getting stabbed hehe) But after he destroys Nintendo!

Great series! Great preformances from everyone! I'm not gunna single anyone of you guys out!

and lol at the Captain Morgan in the special thanks list.


Mother. Fucking. Epic. Thank you all, every man, woman and child who was even associated with anyone who worked even for two seconds on any aspect of this series. I have only one minor gripe with the entire thing- the lack of closure. The ending is almost like a sequel hook, but as far as I know, there isn't any sort of continuation planned. It leaves me craving more. All in all, though, great series, awesome job, and long live Matthew Mercer and Zach Grafton.

*claps* Beautiful, simply beautiful.

That finale was so awesome I just fought someone because I was so caught into it!

Sweet ass Finishup Ladies and Gentlemen, it was Missing a bow from the Entire Cast at the End, but thats it

Great series.

Ending on that kind of footnote I think there will be no sequel. Great job Matt and ThereWillBeBrawl Crew! I'm sure you and your friends will have something new for us someday soon.

I think Link and Ganon's battle was a little...short. So much epic in th build up...then...mega-facepalm...

P.S. I'm gonna start the bidding on Bowser's costume: $30
P.P.S. If "I'm at full health becomes a meme," I called it first.

That was fuckin amazing, you all deserve an Oscar :P

great ending, hopefully a new series :)

Wow. The series on a whole was amazing, and the finale did not disappoint. I'm sad to see There Will Be Brawl go, but the ride was 999% worth it.

Bravo guys, bravo.

This was... wow. wow. That was... wow.

It was a half-hour flash file of amazing.

Well done, sirs.

I think Link and Ganon's battle was a little...short. So much epic in th build up...then...mega-facepalm...

Honestly, that's how I felt about how Luigi defeated Lucas/Ness/Kirby. After all that buildup in the identity of "the butcher" and how powerful they were, I expected more of them than just standing around looking sullen and more of a fight than "big explosion, they're gone."

The last scene didn't work for me at all. Yeah, you got some inspiration from The Silence of the Lambs for the series, but just because that movie's ending worked doesn't mean you can transplant it here and have it work well. Also, I thought Ganondorf's speech went on too long, should've been more concise.

This was a great series, a shame the ending was a bit of a disappointment.


petey hunter:
Well written, though what happened to Samus's eye. the ending was good I'm asuming kirby's phone call was a joke. What was that thing on the nintendo building, some mutant octopus.

Game & Watch's final smash makes him a floating octopus.

It was so worth the wait, when the DVD comes out I'm gonna buy a couple copies for sure to help spread the word :D and I wanna show my support!

Wished Link was around a little longer, but it was a pretty awesome entrance by him. Also wished some of the other fight scenes were longer, but it still doesn't detract from the final product.

I laughed really hard when Nana hit Popo to grab his hammer, oh that was a priceless scene. There were just so many awesome moments, I really really enjoyed the series so much. Thank you guys so much for making it!

ok so wat happened to samus's eye, ike she looked great at the end but she was wearin an eyepatch and I didn't srr her get hit.

Oh shit,

SEASON 2??????

Excellent web series. One of the best I have viewed. I did not understand the end though.

Incredibly amazing! Thanks to everyone who's worked on this near-perfect web series- your hard work is very much appreciated.

200th comment!

edit: FUCK LATE!

A fantastic ending to an amazing series! Well done!

Thank you guys. Thank you for making this amazing series. I kinda teared up, I hate to see it go. Put it on dvd, people will buy it.

For some reason, I didn't get the mushroom kingdom confidential badge, or the game noir badge, even though I watched all the videos in a row.


Happy new year!

The one part that really made me LOL, was that the put who played mewtwo in the credits. played by a styrofoam head.

That was great.

A question for Aktrez or Matt:

I was wondering, can you even sell DVDs? Wouldn't that go against the fair use clause because you'd be making a profit with copyrighted material?

The series was great, it was. But this last one didn't live up to my expectations, sadly.
Thank for the good work, though! It was a nice ride!

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