There Will Be Brawl: Episode 10

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Amazing series, and an amazing finale. I had to watch it twice just to take it in and try to catch all the details. To all the cast and crew, you guys rock. Party on.

I know the delay in this episode getting released was pretty tense for some, but I think the end result came out quite well. I have to say, a few of my favorite moments were some of the more focused details. Things like Mario's doctor's coat hanging alongside his hat and cape, or King Hippo's brief appearance, just brought a grin to my face. The stand-offs, the sacrifices, and especially the Reveal were all well-played.

Sometimes, the smaller details worked against the immersion (for me, a certain sword vanishing from a character's hand and then being used three seconds later). But, overall, the series has delivered time and again, in spades. I'm looking forward to potentially seeing more work from these players (especially Pillow McPillowson, the magnificent bastard). And if nothing else, there's always the DVD release.

For some reason, I didn't get the mushroom kingdom confidential badge, or the game noir badge, even though I watched all the videos in a row.

The badges distribute themselves once a day, early in the morning, I think. It should be there tomorrow.

The show ended with a bang, but it was the bang I didn't quite expect. However, I won't complain, this is leaps and hurdles better than anything I could ever come up with, so I give you all a 10 out of 10 for that, but the Silence of the Lambs stuff was incredibly predictable, so a 5 out of 10, but you ended the show by not fulfilling what I thought you would have done (A Happy Ending) so it goes up 2+ points, so I give the final rating a 7/10.

I honestly didn't like it at all. No closure, left me with MANY more questions with answers. Lucario never made an appearance, it's really just all-out disappointing.

Lucario appeared in the second episode in the pokeon fighting ring I believe, most Pokemon are suppose to be pretty feral so really he couldn't be his own character without essentially being a pet

I will never see these characters the same way again.

Amen. Like when Ness and Lucus came out. Never expected that ever!!! But that was the end? No more videos? You guys should do another series but with a different game and keep doing what your doing! This series was AWESOME!!

I honestly didn't like it at all. No closure, left me with MANY more questions with answers. Lucario never made an appearance, it's really just all-out disappointing.

No closure? really? i say it did, you found out what happen to Peach, you found out who the killer was, and the city is at peace, that seames like closure to me, and what type of questions would you have?

and yes, Lucario was in the pokemon fights, he fought pickachu remember? they called him the kung fu cat

Awesome Brawl was Awesome.

To all involved in making such an epic masterpiece, I thank you all.

God this was worth the wait. It answered all my questions and left it open ended just how I like my ends. I must say this was one of the best internet videos I've seen, no one of the best things I've seen. I applaud the cast and crew of TWBB for doing such an amazing job.

...wait... what?

i have no idea WTF just happened XD can anyone give me a breif rundown? XD

still awsome though! i was kinda expecting more from end of days though. like maby a giant crazy/master hand. not a tenticle beast that likes to stab women...

after this series, my main four characters inbrawl are most definately Mario, Luigi, Kirby,and Lucas. Until the finale it was Link but Lucas is so much better in both anyway. Amazing finish you guys but you've heard this many times. Here's a more cliche question: when's the sequel starting?


Absolutely Brilliant. Well done guys and excellent ending.

How in the holy SHIT did I forgot about Ness, and Lucas!? HOW!? God damn, I did not see that coming.

You people are brilliant. Make a DVD, and I, like many others, shall purchase it blindly, and without hesitation. I hope, in the name of all that's holy, that you already have the beginnings of a second season in the works. My hat is off to every single one of you.

I just wanted to jump in with massive praise. It took me a bit to get into and then I was hooked. I've gotten four people to watch this now. All in all brilliant. Thank you.

Ness and lucas as the Killers? Wow.

I... My god, there are no words to describe this... It's just so.... Perfect!

Easily the best web-series I have ever seen, great job guys, you should be proud!

It absolutely blew away my expectations but... who's going to take care of Wa? :(

I will admit to a slight disappointment that Waluigi isn't actually the master a Keyser Soze. He is just pretending to be retarded when actually Wario is his bitch and he running things behind the scenes.

Wow, that was amazing. I honestly haven't been a massive fan of TWBB, but I was glued to the screen for this whole episode. I replayed the big Mario fight (with the invincibility star) more than once. And the production values were a lot better than I thought they'd be.

Really good job, guys. Seriously.

I knew it would be worth the wait...but wow! Now That was a finale. Never for a second thought ness and lucas would be the butcher(s). Talk about having it all in an ending.

I figured peach was dead from the get go but was still kinda surprised after the way they lightly build up that she might have lived.

All in all, one of the best series, internet or non, I have ever had the privilege to enjoy. Fantastic work, dead on acting, solid story.

I would also like to see a dvd release.

Favorite Character: Wario. Kyle did his job well and is my favorite rendition of the characters

The eye patch? Some find it sexy, but I like both of her beautful eyes that she bats at Luigi. Oh and who was that, checking Mario out at the end? xD

The princesses are gone, and they may not be so super, but they're still the Mario Brothers.

Very nicely done. I like the display of ganon's might, only to have him have to bend his knees to the mental of the Earthbounders.

holy shite! never have teh Neo-Classics received such wonderful treatment! if you guys Ever make another round of Brawl, let me know so i can send some support - be it monetarily or volunteer-ily!! to recap, "Fucking SWEET!"

Did anyone think the fat fate of Link was really horrible? He was one of my favourite characters and for a character with an angel status, what they did must have been like stealing Wolverines adamantium.

great ending for a great show, now start working on a new show we want more.

I get it, at least I think I do, correct me if I'm wrong. Is this why the cheapest thing in the game is that kirby airship or whatever and why all of kirbys attacks are really annoying and cheap because he controlled the game. I know this is spinning into a very unessessary(hower the hell you spell it) argument but I do know a person who has a very long lecture to whoever says that kirby plays fair....

Oh and to who ever was surprised at the end that kirby lived.

actuly that that I think about kirby is lightweight charector in brawl and luigi is middle weight so it would make cents if luigi did end up to be the only survivor and now you fuking got me arguing with myself fuk u!

I've steadily lost interest over the course of the series. The SIlence of the Lambs obsession/rip offness, the inexplicable actions of some of the characters after making them a certain way, and some really bad female actors (cept Samus).

For example Zelda is manipulated into killing Link for Ganon then turns on him in 2 secs after Link reappears. It being perfectly ok for pokemon trainer's gf to get revenge on Wario for doing what he had to do or be killed but it NOT being ok for DK jr to get revenge on MArio for killing DK just cuz he was having a bad day. Marth and Fox team up for NO reason whatsover while having EVERY reason to want to kill each other. The Game and Watch's being all over but suddenly turning "evil" because they were "forgotten". The artifacts themselves don't make any sense. The ending (come on, not only is it a cliffhangar to a season 2 that wont happen but it also leaves open so many questions about Ness and Lucas like what happened to them).

To be honest the whole Ness and Lucas thing could be considered a cop out as we were told multiple times that we could follow the clues ourselves and get the answer if we looked really hard and thought outsid the box (check their posts on their forums) and Ness an Lucas plus their entire backstory is just thrown at us, part of making the ending so full of twists it might take many people 2-3 watches just to understand. THis is not to mention the multiple delays in production over the course of the series, I felt like it was Blizzard continually pushing Stacraft 2 or Diablo 3 back.

Flame away at me but there are some serious flaws in this series and a lack of development of any major characters other than Luigi and Samus (Mario is portrayed as pissed off, nothing else). IDK, maybe I expect too much for the budget and talent of these people (Wario=awesome tho) but w/e

this series was just awesome!! never again will i see the nintendo characters the same ^^

fox is still my favourite, even tho he died T-T

Amazing guys. You made a great series, well done to all involved, both cast and crew :)
If you do make a DVD, can we get it for both Regions 1 and 2? I know I'd buy it in an instant.

So much death!
Mewtwo looked awesome.
Samus is still hot with an eyepatch
Didnt fully understand the ending though!

kirby reapearing how utterly predictable, and boring also will someone please just kill him already he's annoying, didn't see the killers coming though.

What a strange... unique series, sad too see it off.

I'm a little iffy as to why the kids wanted to kill everybody, though.

Oh, by the way, the boom dropped in in one shot.


This was so wonderful I wish it were a delicious breakfast cereal I could munch in triumph.

Although I did think Cpt. Falcon should have been hit with the bat. Much more brutal and visceral

Can't describe how fucking sweet that was. Makes me wonder why this series isn't the Escapists number one attraction, it's got a lot of charm! The whole series has been intense, but the ending, could we be seeing a sequel maybe =D

Also, is it weird that I think Samus looks 5x hotter with that eye patch on =|

So much death!
Mewtwo looked awesome.
Samus is still hot with an eyepatch
Didnt fully understand the ending though!

the eyepatch was to big though.
But i have one little complaint, how the hell did ness and lucas overpower mewtwo, they may be stong phsycics but mewtwo caused a planet wide storm with his mind alone how the hell were they supposed to match that.

I have watched this acouple times and I still don't know a few things, like what was luigi holding in his right hand before the green inferno,I could tell there was a red pikmin head, but I'm not sure what that other thing next to it was because his hand was shaking,was it a mushroom? And I may have missed something because I am not totally sure what the pikmin pills were for, were they from doctor mario? And near the end of this episode I couldn't tell what mario said to samus did anyone have this problem, or are my speakers bust?

Great episode but it's a shame it had to end.

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