Escape to the Movies: Daybreakers

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Moviebob needs to stop censoring his f-bombs. It's getting annoying. Other than that, great review and good taste in movies.

Wow, this review surprised me. I honestly thought this movie would absolutely suck the way the advertisements portrayed them. I guess I'll check this out.

Honestly, the review had me surprised, I may actually have to go see it now. I was originally turned away by the first advertisement I saw for it, which seemed (to me) to give away every major plot point in the movie, erasing my enthusiasm for seeing it.

However, if it is as wonderfully exciting as you say it is, consider my mind changed.

I think this is the first time one of these reviews has seriously mislead me. It wasn't horrible, but I went in expecting exception, and got mediocre, at best.

The backstory/plot is somewhat interesting, but the delivery is boring as hell, sort of the opposite of Avatar, which had an incredibly generic plot, but delivered to perfection.

Am I the only one who thought the villains weren't actually, entirely that evil? Granted Sam Neill's character was driven by greed, he didn't necessarily seem to enjoy it so much as perform it as a necessary duty. Getting another vampire to turn his daughter because he was too weak to do it himself, Neill played it quite well. It could have been one dimensional "boo corporation!" but he added a bit of depth to it.

The only thing that didn't sit right with me was the ending.

Jeez, for you folks citing the metacritic ratings, notice that they are skewed down because of some ridiculously low scores primarily from two sources: the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post. Personally, given how I've seen those reviewers rate other films, I think my tastes and opinions are more similar to Bob's than theirs.

Clearly, in the future, you should take into account that you disagreed with him on Daybreakers when you consider Bob's opinion about a movie, but that is only in regards to your tastes. Trying to claim that he is 'wrong', because 'other critics didn't agree'? I don't think you understand the purpose of a review.

Off-topic: here's hoping 'Book of Eli' is the film next week.

HOT DAMN, this movie sounds freaking awesome!

I saw it and loved it but I thought the VERY END(The last 20 mins) was just overkill. Still great though.

Call me a snob, but I kinda need more reason than "anti-Twilight"-ness, "REAL" vampires, and crossbows and vintage muscles cars to see a movie these days. Kindly cut the "nerdgasm" crap and tell us how this movie distinguishes itself not just from Twilight, but the "quality" vampire media out there. Tell us how it's better than True Blood, or how it reiterates themes from Nosferatu. Does it feature new perspectives on the rea-

You know what? Never mind. *slunks sheepishly off to read The NY Times*

I watched Daybreakers this morning (nothing like a gory vampire flick at 10am to get your day going!) I really liked the story; that we're well into the vampire plague when the movie begins (similar to Zombieland and District 9.) The vampires were believable and, if needed, bloodily-violent (especially the mutants.)

Ethan Hawk was good in his role as a troubled scientist with (some vampires would say) misplaced morals. And Sam Neill felt solid as the corporate tycoon with nary a moral at all.

I will say I was pleased to see the film, while visually dark wasn't all gritty and grainy like the previews led me to believe. A lot of blue-coloring for the vamps and golden-sun during the human/daylight shots.

This was a good movie, one I was glad I got to see in the theater (I get to see so few movies non-DVD these days.)

And, now I know how to survive the upcoming vampire plague that's set to hit in 9 years. :)

I'm suprised this didn't turn out to be as bad as "Ultraviolet" was, didn't they do the whole "Future Corporate Vampire"-thing also?

Kind of sort of, but I can't remember the details. I think my brain is trying to block all memory of it out of self-preservation. Man, that was an awful movie. The really bizarre part? Someone in Japan thought it would be a good idea to make an anime series based on it, which turned out to be equally bad and got canceled (and from the one episode I watched out of morbid curiosity, I can see why).

I wish I had seen this before choosing to see 'The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus' instead tonight. Not that Parnassus was bad, quite good in my opinion in fact, but if I had known that the vampires would be acting like actual fucking vampires, I would have been more willing to give this one a chance and see the other later.

Now I must be off to donate some plasma so I can afford to go see a movie about vampires farming human blood (damn being an extremely poor college student).

Woohoo! Age of Mythology promotion art!

I was quite surprised to see how much praise Bob gave this movie, then check on Metacritics and see that it actually has quite alot of average, and a few bad reviews.

I was quite surprised to see how much praise Bob gave this movie, then check on Metacritics and see that it actually has quite alot of average, and a few bad reviews.

He's probably sick of the Twilight films and the people talking about them. I know I am. Might check this out later.

Meh, I saw the movie and found the plot very fickle.

Premise sounded awesome just like the movie Underworld, but they fucked up the the movie Underworld....=/

that makes me almost as happy as twilight made me angry, I'm pretty speechless about both.

Your best review ever!

A film where there are true vampires, not the emo kind?! IM SOLD MAN! Put a dodge charger and crossbows in there and im the writer's bitch. Needless to say im going to watch that movie when it comes out here in a few days. Ever since blade ive been looking forward to vampire slaughter.

It's about time someone kick twilight in it's fagggy ass

While I agree that it is a pretty good movie, I don't think that it's THAT good. I found most of the gore humorous and exploding vampires.... really? EVERYTHING explodes in this movie. It was not at all the type of movie I was expecting, though I did appreciate the anti-twilight aspect of it. I also found it absolutely hilarious that the protagonist's name was Edward hahaha

never evn heardof thismovie, no gonna stop m from watching it tho!

Well I did enjoy this movie one part always bothered me. There running out of blood?
I don't understand how this is possible. Human blood would be more sustainable then other live stock, because you do not need to kill them to get food from them. If they just kept all the woman pregnant all the time then they would over produce there needs so quickly. you can drain blood from them from the point there born to the point were they die of old age. These vampires are not supposed to be stupid but that one flaw makes them seem so dumb. other then that the movie was pretty good.

Must see tonight.

My feeble Twilight-hating mind will not care about any flaws that are committed, and such things will phase right through my sub-conscious.

I wanna' see a vampire-action flick, and then tell everybody I know who likes Twilight why they're only allowed to see it if they renounce Twilight. I'll say it's a rule.

That may sound cruel, but they're Twilight fans, not people.

...I think I may have to see this.

It's also from the guys who did Undead, a pretty awesome movie that cost about a fiver to make and was all shot in a load of backyards. I'm excited for what these guys do next.

About frickin' time.

Vampires that are actually vampires?? It's about fscking TIME!! Underworld got points from me cause it came the closest to vampirism as the modern vampire movie gets. But finally a movie that doesn't fsck with the mythos, and tries working with it? YES! Thank. You!

Looks like my kinda movie!

Are you gonna review Peter Jackson's 'The Lovely Bones'? Because I watched that movie last night and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. Im a big action/sci-fi movie buff but something about The Lovely Bones made me think. There were a couple of things that I found 'unfair' (see spoilers if you have already seen the movie) but overall I thought it was very well done. The 'tween-heaven' scenes were especially great, made me want to explore that whole world up there.

Well I just went to see Daybreakers.
And you know what? Yeah, it was good. Maybe not Godzilla versus Transformers good (unless Michael Bay directed) but yeah, it made for a good film and I loved seeing all the innovations of vampire lifestyle. And those feral vamps, oh-ho god the feral vamps were awesome.

My two complaints, minor as they may be, are that the plot could have had a few more turns thrown in, and I was expecting it to be more of a horror as opposed to an action film- but those are based upon my presumptions, so I can't fault the film for it.

Oh and the mentions to Twilight are obvious from the name of the main vampire- Edward. And my god, does this film fix the broken shards of the undead. That's right ladies and gentlemen:

Vampires are cool again.

I throw down a good 8.5/10 for this one, and I don't give my scores lightly- not that you care but hey, it's positive reinforcement. Definately on the must see list and one of the only films cirrently worth seeing. Prepare for a gruesome good time.

man this is so exciting to see a good review on this film i wasn't sure, but this made me definitely want to go.

I saw this film, and well, it was thoroughly meh. Worth seeing, but meh

Well, you're always right for me Moviebob, guess I'll give this a shot too.

as soon as it comes out her in Aus, I'm seeing it, Thanks MovieBob

Has the ending been extended, because when I saw how much time there was left, I was sure there was going to be an "oh, wait, almost forgot" thing after the credits began. anyways, looks like a damn good movie.

Wow... Vampires actually being vampires... It's about damn time.

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