Zero Punctuation: Awards for 2009

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I can't see why people like Batman so much I played this game on the PC and did not like it that much.

Because it blends combat and stealth almost flawlessly. It also has a good story set-up(Not overcomplicated but does the job), and every single Gadget is useful and fun in many different situations. Of course there's always going to be someone who doesn't like a goty, it's inevitable.

5 years until Back to the Future gets proven wrong?

How about 0 years until Mega Man 1 is proven wrong?

You lied to us, Capcom!

Good Show sir!

I seriously believe Yahtzee and I went into Brutal Legend completely differently. Not only is it one of my favorite games, but I loved the open world of the game. It wasn't interactive the same way the city was in Prototype or Assassin's Creed, but being able to get lost in a world surprisingly similar to what I drew in my notebooks in high school, listen to some good heavy metal, and just cruise around, occasionally running over a demonic S&M Nun, was well worth the price of admission on it's own!

Well, the EyeToy has acquired the aforesaid undercurrent of paedophilia with the upocoming "EyePet".

I'm surprised he didn't do a...
Solid gold P.O.S award!


or a "Diamond in the ruff" award.


If there was such awards... Who would win them?

Is it only me that find the music playing while the award-pictures are shown strangely loud?

Rule #1
You are NEVER the only one!


Is it only me that find the music playing while the award-pictures are shown strangely loud?

Rule #1
You are NEVER the only one!

Foiled by my own catchphrase! (which actually is IdealistCommi's)

It's just surprisingly easy to start a sentence with "Am I the only one?"

Well we've already proven Mega Man wrong, up next: Back to the Future being proven wrong!

I will agree with Batman. Seems like one of the few games that stood on its own.

I find it endlessly amusing that the phrase 'everything-proof' was used. My brother used to use it in RP when we were kids and it pissed me off to no ends that while I had to contrive circumstances to keep my guy alive he could simply walk into the middle of battlefields and begin sniping.
Thank you for bringing back memories of the earliest moments of my nerdiness.

And good luck with Atkinson; man's a right bastard and I hope he gets what's coming to him.

Heh, love the 5 years till we prove Back to the Future 2 wrong.

I thought about that on New Year's eve actually.
Funny as always, but could have been longer though.

Lol the Duke Nukem Forever bit cracked me up.

Did the image of someone trying to take down a train with a sword and shield while talking about the Mario series refusing to die, happen to be a subtle dig at the Zelda series refusing to die? (Spirit Tracks, anyone?) Or am I reading too much into this?

Yahtzee, you are absolutely brilliant and I hereby declare all other lists-of-the-year on other sites as obsolete. Especially that one from gamespot which puts Demon'ssssss souls at the best game spot.

Oh, and for next year, please *do* make little statues. I'd loved to have seen the vagina award...

Or, on second thought....

I'm suprised he didn't mention Asscreed 2

It's brilliant, damnit, and adresses all the problems of the dull-but-enjoyable original!

Happy new year, ZP

Yahtzee you probably wont like this but ive heard mass effeckt 2 wont be relesed in austrailia

Is it me, or Yahtzee talks significantly slower on this one..? Regardless, good choice for the Best Game award. Batman deserves the doggie biscuit.

Great end to 2009/beginning to 2010

oh Atkinson, when will you realize that your dead to all of us and we all hate you.....incidentally. YAHTZEE, you strange awesome-accented Australian hat wearer! where the fuck was borderlands, you should have reviewed the pants off of that one. or were you to busy being nostalgic about the silent hill series????

"Razor blade filled vagina"? ..... Worst. Anything. Ever.

To be fair, the future shown in Back to the Future Part 2 was based on an altered timeline skewed by the events of the first movie. If 2015 comes around and we don't yet have flying cars and hoverboards it merely indicates that those innovations were inspired by the science fiction writings of George McFly, which in our timeline were never published.

Alternatively, we may be living in the "Eastwood Ravine" timeline, whose future past 1985 was never shown.

Bit surprised Dragon Age: Origins wasn't on here for the "Most Likely to Make your Girlfriend Break Up With You" award.

But yeah, 2009 has been a pretty suck year for Video Games, at least most of 2009 at least. I think the only 2009 release I actually bought was Prototype, and aside from that I've just been playing the games I didn't get around to playing in 2008.

Anouther great Vid, Keep em coming..

Odd part of it is, I was kind of expecting Batman: Arkham Asylum for the winner for this year, for him. So Congratulations on surviving this year, and I hope the next year runs smoothly for us all. Hoping ze horseman of Apocalypse game is good >.>

Borderlands while not perfect is a really great game that has brought something new to the console generation, fun/fast paced coop gameplay.

Anyone else having problems with the audio? The music comes on strong then when Yahtzee starts talking I can't hear a damn thing.

heh. Loved the clever award names. Batman was probably a solid choice, but I get the feeling that Yahtzee got jobbed by release schedules...

And Wet being the worst? Oh, come on, it was fun for about 30 minutes. I can think of games where they were so bad I almost was in physical pain from the moment I started playing them.

Hey Yahtzee, perhaps now that you have an iPhone you will make a way to watch ZP on it.
I know since I first got mine I have been lording it over the masses and smiling bloated self worth smiles, but when I try to prove a point... non-verbally, using ZP I can not. For shame!

Good reviews though, I agree all around except I never played the Bat game and especially including how awesome Saints Row 2 is.

I hate the music - I hate the music - I hate the music

Yahtzee, you're a fricking deadpan genius mate and your delivery is excellent. "Racism for legs" reminds me of Chris Morris, and I love the way you say it. Keep it up you'll be properly famous soon, (i.e. outside the internet).
I also have had the impending arrival of the year Marty goes to in Back to the Future 2 in my mind recently, I think I'll feel quite proud when it arrives like I've achieved something impressive.

Borderlands while not perfect is a really great game that has brought something new to the console generation, fun/fast paced coop gameplay.

Except that consoles have been doing that since last gen. More so even.

Sadly, the quantum state flux capacitor needed Duke Nukem forever to keep...fluxing. Yes fluxing, so we cannot retrieve the game from its state of quantum...ism.

More disturbing analogies, a few surprises and further indication that Yahtzee is doing well in his job where he does nothing at all but input games and produce snark, what with his new iPhone and all.

The bastard.

Who cares?

You do. You cared enough to comment.

The gigantic, repeated and merciless swings at Michael Atkinson were made up one part 'pure awesome' and one part 'crowning moment of funny'. Nicely done!

I have to agree with motion controls lacking force-feedback causing problems, though. It was a nice experiment, and it's a good way to reach out to new audiences, but I'd like to just get back to normal controllers in the next console generation.

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