Zero Punctuation: Awards for 2009

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Ha. Atkinson get the genuinely needs to die award. Nice

trudat, yatzee knows his stuff.


Is it only me that find the music playing while the award-pictures are shown strangely loud?

It was not just you the voice to music ratio was absurd

Hasn't it always been like that? You might not've noticed because it used to only be at the beginning and end. I always skip past the music because it is so obnoxiously loud (and not even good to begin with).

I thought non-starter award would've gone to DJ Hero because it tried to soar high and the wax wings fell off and he came plummeting down harder than any other game this year. I mean Brutal Legends sales figures were better.

I'm not talking shit about Brutal Legend, I'm just saying original games tend to sell shit *coughPyschonautscough* and yet DJ Hero found a way to do worse.

Happy New Year to you, too, Yahtzee.

Great episode, I've been meaning to play the Batman game for a while now, just haven't got around to it yet.

very happy about the game of the year golden biscuit choice

Aww.. I like DJ hero :S.. Anyway, I'm not saying it's the best game to come out this year, but at least it started something new, unlike rockband or guitar hero (how many sins do you have now GH, 5 and counting?)

Otherwise, it was a great end to 2009. Good work Yahtzee, it's only a pitty that you crushed your own "new ideas thing"

ok ok I have to make one comment on Arkham Asylem. I bought the game and thought it was one small defect shy of radiantly flawless. The one flaw was the killer croc level, not the sprint button. The whole level seemed so horibly unchallenging and, The Sprint button only made that boss fight easier. Besides batman is a bad ass and only runs WHEN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, so it makes sense to have a game play mechanic that demonstrates that.

WHY does everyone on Escapist think it's cool to rag on Uncharted 2? Oh right... because Yatzee did it! Just because "some greesy foreighner who's never worked and honest day in his life" said so, everyone else decides to jump off a bridge with him too, and before you say I'm insulting him, keep in mind that those are his OWN WORDS.
People grow up. Uncharted 2 won everybody elses Game of the Year for a reason: "Because it's good." (And it was good without Will Smith being in it.)

Honestly, how often does an action game have that level of polish. The Train scene in that game was the most incredible display of animation and intesity I have ever seen. In addition to that, how often do we get a video game that has dominant female characters that are more than 2 dimensional and don't need ungodly breast sizes to be likable.

Absolutely hysterical as always. Well done Yahtzee.

iphones suck. When they can condense alcohol out of normal air I'll buy one.
Yeah, I also agree that the King of Austrailia needs to get a better job, maybe walmart greeter?

I loved the Atkinson bit, if only for the sheer hatred in Yahtzee's voice.

The way he said "Happy New Year" at the end was wonderful, too.

Epic win for mention the disproving of Back to the Future 2 in only 5 years.

Not a bad video, nice work! Wasn't expecting Yahtzee to give an award to a game he liked :P

Also, coincidence time: the Angry Video Game Nerd also mentioned Back to the Future 2 in his video today. I found it funny, made me think of how huge nerds we all are for the exact same things.

Michael Bloody Atkison!? WHY!? What about that old faithful Jack Thompson!? At the very least he should get a lifetime achievement award! Although, Atkinson is a moron, and thats coming from a Brit!

Well, at least Thompson was disbarred before he could do much damage. I don't think he would ever have been able to get any games banned or anything, he was never in such a high position of power. Also, he was constantly acting like a dick.

Touché, that phone call he made to the mother of the CEO of Take Two was just a MASSIVE step too far...So it's a good thing he never had any real power...


Unskippable comes out on Mondays. Ever consider watching that? It's pretty cool.

I do, but I dunno if it's great enough to consider Monday worth getting up for.

Don't understand the problem with Michael Atkinson. Is preventing some games involving extreme violence being available to kids wrong? Also these games tend to be crappy anyway.

Deserved awards, deserved winners. Well done Yahtzee.

@Taxicab Samurai: try UNskippable on Mondays, they always start my week ^^

I was hoping for Borderlands to win geniunely good game.... I've had no end of fun with it.

Yeah, but he is doing games that he has reviewed.

Alright, I know it was probably being done for comedic effect, but come on - somebody's got to go in there an equalize that volume a bit. Trying to make out Yahtzee's speed of speaking without a volume high enough to completely trout-smack you when you reach the guitar-wailing bump sequences is neigh impossible.

It's actually so mentally disruptive that I'm having a hard time recalling what I just saw... or maybe it's because recapping everything we know is wrong with gaming these days is not unlike a forgettable clip show.

I half expected MW2 to be mentioned at some point.

D'awww, I liked how your voice went all soft at the end. Happy New Year to you, too, Yahtzee. ^^

Whoever it was that edited it really didn't have to put in that metal intro song for each award name. I had to keep turning my volume up and down when that shit started playing again. If you're going to use it, at least keep it on level with the voice volume as well. It was painful to go from straining to hear to getting a full blast of music in my ear.

Only five years to go before it gets proven wrong, huh?

I guess it's time to start up Operation: prove "Back to the Future 2" right.

Let's do this people, we need all the help we can get!

I love the awards videos.

For the record, I sent an angry letter to Atkinson. It will be thrown out and ignored, but I feel as though I performed my moral obligation.

Love the bit about Akitson, and the end was funny :D

Don't understand the problem with Michael Atkinson. Is preventing some games involving extreme violence being available to kids wrong? Also these games tend to be crappy anyway.

The problem with the stance of "Oh, I don't want them there to corrupt children" is that it can easily be countered with "Oh, but the age rating system is there to stop a 13 year old owning GTA" The problem is the games being avaliable, it's the parents buying them for their children that are the problem.

tis odd how the guy who reviews videogames for the site lives in Australia which is soooo censored up the butt! do you get you games from other countries? or do you just settle with the ones around?

good vid, this one. May Atkinson soon either see the error of his ways or perish in fire.

Well belive it or not I to just got a new iphone. .:)

The delivery of the end line felt a little like 'The day today' and because yahtzee is english and has a sense of humor i'm guessing he's seen it. So very nice!

I'm surprised, he didn't bring up assassin's creed 2 in the awards at all, why?

I couldn't stop laughing when Yahtzee was talking about Atkinson.

Loved it, though I wanted a Borderlands review.

Duke Nukem Forever being the game of the year is absolutely the right choice. DNF provided me with more gaming entertainment only hoping for its release than all other titles this year put together.

PC players still grind WoW because that is more enticing than anything on Steam, 360 players buy their games only for the gamerscore anyway and PS3 fanboys...., ...well let's just say that with Sony's 2009 lineup you only really needed to rent Uncharted 2 and forget the rest. As a result many Sony geeks had a larger attach rate when it came to women than PS3 games in 2009.

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