Zero Punctuation: Awards for 2009

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wut bout borderlands ;(

Maybe if we all concentrate our hatred of michael atkinson we will hit a natural resonance frequency and cause him to disintegrate.

vagina filled with razor blades hahaha!

its wierd I've not even played most of the stuff mentioned here, cept for duke nukem of course :^P
ah sarcasm

anyway, I cant wait for natal to become the laughing stock of the gaming community, 2010 is looking better already

Claymore, Train, Shield. My first ever zero punctuation avatar.

Am I the only one who was genuinely creeped out by the way Yahtzee said "Happy new year" at the end of the video?

I personally enjoyed how he pointed every little bad thing about Wet and then finished with saying the Soundtrack was alright. Yahtzee never ceases to amuse me.

These award things you do at the end of the year are awesome.

2009 was a really shitty year.

I second this, I really did not have a good year when it came to gaming. Other than Left 4 Dead 2 the year was an utter drain.

I've never seen Back to the future 2 :'(

suppose i will have to now.

Kinda disappointed that he didn't even mention Assassin's Creed 2 even once.

I knew he was going to give the dead end award to motion control, but I thought it would go to the Wii MotionPlus. Oh, and I love the "won't **** die award" (man I hope the winner doesn't actually watch Zero Punctuation.

THANK YOU YAHTZEE. Arkham Asylum was the best game of the year.

I was guessing your iPhone got stolen from that last remark. Guess not.

Incidentally, mine is somewhere in the mail between here and Philadelphia.

I figured on Rogue Warrior for the Non-starter award - or does a game have to actually be playable for it to qualify?

And yea, hey! Someone else mentioned that Borderlands was worth a goty mention, and I agree! Well, at least it's worth an honorable mention - it's production values certainly aren't anywhere near those of Bman:AA.

he should've had the " Cock can't touch the edges award for biggest game" all the awards were different from last year oh well the mans hardly consistent.

Fucking awesome awards show! Though I'm surprised he didn't mention Dragon Age: Origins as a possible GOTY winner.

And since he showed it I can't wait to see what he has to say about Bayonetta.

I laughed so hard at the Atkinson bit, and at your loving farewell to 2009.

completely wrong winners but awesomely funny

I was afraid to watch because i thought one of the few games i bought and liked this year were going to be on for a yahtzee award. I love the names though.
Well, if i was the devs for one of these games and i saw this, I would have a shirt made just to show off me game.

Wow he's right only 5 more years til back to the future 2 is proven wrong. =O

Really, for being the symbol of originality, those cheeseburger spiders start to be way too unoriginal overused =p

Saints Row 2 really is an amazing game and i agree completely with Yahtzee. It's a game that just wants you to have fun and places no restrictions whatsoever.

Does anyone else find it extremely ironic that after Yahtzee releases this, the Escapist posted an article about Jon St. John, the voice of Duke Nukem, hinting that DNF my still be in production? I would love to see Yahtzee's opinion on this.

O yeah, is there anything I can do to help with this Michael Atkinson problem? I'm in America so it's not like I could vote against him, but if there's anything I can do to help, lemme know. What he's doing sounds so absurd. Good luck my Australian friends.

Speaking of Micheal Atkinson, I find it hard to believe that one man can fuck up gaming for an entire nation. Say doesn't the Australian ratings board charter say something about adults being able to view whatever they want? I seem to recall coming across something like that when doing research on it for a project last semester at college. Why hasn't someone shoved that in Atkinson's face? or better yet, down his throat?

2009 was a really shitty year.

That's an understatement. I still have hopes Back to the Future 2 gets proven right in some way. At least we have giant flatscreens for people to yell "MCFRY!" out of at us. Am quite happy that Star Trek chronology isn't going right so far. No Eugenics Wars of 1996. "KHAAAAANNN!" Though World War 3 I believe comes next soon...
Anyway am glad Yahtzee made the effort for a 2009 awards though he had bupkiss to work with. About time he gave his point of view about Atkinson. Well deserved! And yes, Batman:Arkham Asylum is GOTY. MW2 only wins the Suckerpunch award, for taking the most money from the most suckers. HAH!

Whats up with the spiders?

i liked the part with the spiders and someones mum. very funny.

haha! good job on the payout on Michael Atkinson, he sure is a miserable old fuck ^_^

Michael Atkinson is a real tosser
but he is like the grinch of the gaming world but unfortunately his heart does not grow in the end.

and does anyone else get a little giggle that his last name has part of atkins in it? like the diet hope he hits the grave hard and fast

I totally agree with all the choices, even the Batman one, but for me the game that managed to keep me entertained then more then 6 hours on medium and/xor hard difficulty was Dragon Age Origins. I admit it, I love the game. As 38 planets and a few black holes aligned I actually spend money and not only bought the game but also the DLC that didn't came with my copy.

O yeah, I also played Borderlands a lot, kept me interested enough to enter playthrough 2 and LAN it, but I didn't buy it. So It's either just better or just not better then Barman

hell yeah yahtzee!! batman was definately the best game this year. modern warfare...BAH!

I was disappointed he didn't have a category for best sequel. Granted "best sequel" may be an oxymoron for Yahtzee, but it would have been interesting to see if he had a genuine favourite.

I didn't really laugh at this video. Hes much funnier when doing a single game, then trying to find more funny things to say about games hes already don, all in one episode. Did laugh at the Atkinson joke, cause i hate that bastard though.

Yahtzee, give us some INNOVATION! The formula for the videos is great, and we love it, but its getting a bit old. Watching ZP has become to mundane and ordinary for a lot of people, every episode used to be an adventure, id shake with expectation at what you will say next and how you will make me laugh into tears! I know it would also be a lot more fun for you to add something new and shake things up a bit, since doing the same formula each week surely makes you a bit weary as well.

Haha, well done^^

HA I'd die if I lived in Australia. But either way I still stand by the old styled Resident Evil games!!

Hmm AA for best game...I suppose there really wasn't much choice.

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