Zero Punctuation: Awards for 2009

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So when is the ZP app going to come out? The droid has one, time to kiss some Apple ass

That was a depressingly morbid parting joke.

I was laughing (or perhaps grinning) for pretty much the entire thing up until that.

I find it odd that he has been bashing WET a lot harder in his past few videos then he did during the actual review. A bit of pent up anger he forgot to get out perhaps?

I thought I was the only one that remembers Duke Nukem: Forever (or DukeFor as we started calling it)

The best plot point IMO was the fact that the irony of returning to the macho chauvinistic life that drove away his daughter, is not lost on Duke.

The "happy new year" was delicious.

Yahtzee, you are absolutely brilliant and I hereby declare all other lists-of-the-year on other sites as obsolete. Especially that one from gamespot which puts Demon'ssssss souls at the best game spot.

They did the right thing in my opinion. DS is indeed 2009's Goty, there is no question about it, it was the most atmospheric, immersive and memorable game this year and it belongs to that very rare species of games that, while playing them (for more than 20 minutes), you keep thinking "wow, amazing, I'm going to have some long lasting memories from this". But yes, only if you are patient enough to experience it. It's just sad that he gave up on it so easily, he really missed out. Batman was fine, but no less a popcorn game than Uncharted 2. The real soul was in DS (npi).

That was a depressingly morbid parting joke.

I was laughing (or perhaps grinning) for pretty much the entire thing up until that.

I'm not sure "depressingly morbid" really describes it. It was a comment so dark, it bends light that goes near it.

I like the idea of Michael Atkinson getting a video game award. Next year it will have to be Jack Thompson.

Or perhaps Fred Nile?

I didn't get the very end reference with MW2 assinating Yathzee. sum1 plz explain.

Nice work as usual.

Agree on BAA was a good effort.

Oh jesus, I got a hernia from laughing when he talked about RE5

Pretty awesome.

Liked the Racism for legs comment, and the award titles.

And yeah the music in the middle was ridiculously loud.


I'm guessing someone was on the receiving end of the delightful British road system this Christmas...

Also (and I bet he gets this all the goddamn time) it's strange how Yahtzee dislikes the PS1-era Resident Evil games when he enjoys Silent Hill 2 so much. The games are very similar - top notch atmosphere, balls controls. I bet he'd enjoy them a little bit.

Maybe it because Silent Hill was much more story-driven, much scarier since you weren't required to kill enemies, and the script is less cliche and laughable than Resident Evil.

As for the video, well done. I loved the awards' names. As for the best game of the year, Arkham Asylum deserves it since its the only non-sequel to ever be good and new last year. I just hope its sequel does not tarnish the reputation too much.

Dragon age orgins was quite excellent.

When did DN-Forever get released?

If you go by yahtzee's standards, every gaming year was shit


Every time I hear Yahtzee bringing up Saint's Row 2 I loose an inch of respect for him.....0o

Great stuff, Yahtzee!
lol at the DNF (did not finish) comment :)

Resident Evil 4 is boring crud unless you play it on the Wii and as far as I've played imo RE1 is the best of the series so far.....and in case you think I'm some nostalgic idiot I never owned a PS1 and I never bothered to play the RE series till Resident Evil: Deadly Silence came out for the DS and I love it to death.

I played the RE Remake afterwards and it sucked.
I played RE4 after that and it sucked.

It seems that person who is responsible for putting the audio and video together is really determined to make us all completely fuc*ing deaf!
I don't really like the intro music (partly because of it volume level) and in this episode not only we get to hear it several times but it also seems to be louder than in the intro -_-.

The music was terribly loud. It might have even gotten louder the further you watched. For the awards for 2010, I suggest you use death metal, Yahtzee. Preferably something as unmelodic and migraine inducing as possible.

Nevertheless, very good video. I have a question though. Michael Atkinson won an award, so you can't draw a cock on his box, because he doesn't have one. If someone had the chance, should they draw a dick on his face, or would that be unnecessary because one is already there?

so what exactly happened with duke nukem forever? i remember watching Yahtzee's review and telling my brother it was out, only to be met with little to no evidence of that actually happening.

Funny as always! Loved the attorney general spot.

I didn't get the very end reference with MW2 assinating Yathzee. sum1 plz explain.

Every reviewer, their grandmother as well as the mice living under their floorboards on the Internet pretty much unanimously hailed it as the second coming.

Dark Templar:

Borderlands while not perfect is a really great game that has brought something new to the console generation, fun/fast paced coop gameplay.

Except that consoles have been doing that since last gen. More so even.

Name one game on any console that is like Borderlands.

he didnt even review borderlands, but i agree. its like the new painkiller, shooting with tons of varied guns against squishy things that are increasingly diffucultly fun to point guns at

I have to admit, Yaghtzee's GOTY choice seems like the most logical one then any other gaming site out there. Seriously, everyone has been giving Modern Warfare 2 and Uncharted 2 a crap-load of awards. They are fun, but never the less forgettable. Arkahm Asylum was fun, but I only played it through once. I wouldn't call it the best game of the year, but each to his own I guess. I am surprised that he didn't mention Dragon Age Origins or Assassin's Creed II though.

Name one game on any console that is like Borderlands.

Left 4 Dead (Another Co-Op game.)

Loved the episode!

Is it only me that find the music playing while the award-pictures are shown strangely loud?

It's not just you. Normally I turn down the volume for the intro/end theme because the music is terribly loud compared to his voice (which is comparitively soft and difficult to hear at the same volume), but it was a bit impractical with this video. Please start using some volume levelling, Yahtzee?

Really sick of that rock track now D:

I had to rewatch, because I only got how to watch the reviews half way through. Apart from that good review, bad selection. 2009 did kinda suck for gaming.

I have to disagree with the Golden Dog Buiscuit award.

I know it'll spark controversy, but I feel that Modern Warfare deserves praise. Not for being a good game, good lord no, But for the fact that even after effectivly bringing the horror of the nuclear blast and repeating it over and over and over in it's sequal as well as giving us interactive terrorist attacks and showing us the douchebag'edness of the pissed off Americans. It still climbs to the top of the leaderboard and becomes one of the most saught-after and popular games EVER to hit the decade.

I think that deserves at least some amount of praise.

Large corporations don't deserve praise for proving how easy the average person is to manipulate.

Atkinson... man what an arse-clown... PC games aint so bad now cos we can buy online releases for the price everyone else pays... But you have to forgo the physical disc and the manuals and the box etc. And that don't work for Playstation or X-Box or Wii. I hope he dies... Painfully... And of something good... Like being sliced to pieces little by little with a copy of Modern Warfare or anything on this list

PC games aint so bad now cos we can buy online releases for the price everyone else pays...

Turns out i was wrong... Most games are only legally available to Aus downloaders for a greater price than american downloaders. Exhibit A :

that was a Great epesode!! briliant names for the awards.

and thanks for including Atkinson!

we would like to make it clear that its not "Australia don't like mature games", not even "The Australian Government don't like mature games". ITS JUST LITERALLY THAT ONE FUCKER!

even the ratings board who actually experience, rate and ban the games want a mature rating!

so don't laugh at or feel sorry for Australia in general for not allowing mature games.

laugh or fell sorry for us for having a system so antiquated, redundant and just downright retarded that ONE RANDOM MP could have such an influence!!

I was hoping for Borderlands to win geniunely good game.... I've had no end of fun with it.

Brilliant episode, quadruple amputee award made me laugh and the bit at the end about Back To The Future. Good stuff.

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