Zero Punctuation: Awards for 2009

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The Atkinson bit was genuinely funny. Although I was really thinking this could've been something you'd write an article on rather than use a video for it. But then, we wouldn't get all the spider puns.
And as a gadget geek, if I may offer some advice? Ditch the iPhone for a Palm Pre. You'll thank me later.

For the love of God, do not listen to this man!

My wife had an iPhone when we were still with AT&T and it was absolutely awesome and bug-free. She loved it and had no problems with it. We kept having problems with AT&T though, so we switched to Sprint, with my reasoning being that Sprint carries the Palm Pre and the Pre is "pretty much an iPhone." Holy shit was I ever wrong! This phone is a piece of shit!

First of all, it's buggy as all fuck.

Second, the screen is so tiny and prone to scratches it's insane (the screen is plastic instead of glass like the iPhone screen).

Third, there are barely any apps for the phone and from what I've read, developers are dumping Palm and Android-based phones in favor of iPhone because that's what people are buying so that's where the money is.

And finally, there are just a lot of weird decisions Palm made when designing the phone. For instance, you can't copy a photo from a text and save it to your phone's memory; a very limited amount of the phone's memory can be dedicated to apps unlike the iPhone which can use almost all of its memory for apps; the phone is supposed to run multiple apps and programs at once but it has the same problem as the Droid in that multiple apps slows the phone WAAAAAAY down and makes it prone to crashing; and every update Palm releases fixes one bug but creates several new ones. THEY STILL HAVEN'T ADDRESSED THE COMMON BUG THAT MAKES IT SO THAT THE PHONE TELLS YOU THAT YOU HAVE TOO MANY CARDS OPEN WHEN YOU'VE ONLY GOT ONE OPEN!!! Instead, they keep focusing on the stupid iTunes synching crap! Ugh...

Enjoy your iPhone. There's a reason why every other smart phone maker tries to compare themselves with it -- it's the best thing out there. I wish to God I had one. Maybe if Apple stopped being dongs and went with Verizon and Sprint, I could actually get one because I'll be damned if I'll go back to AT&T.

He went with "RESIDENT EVIL 5 IS RACIST!!"? Really? I thought you were better than that, Yahtzee. I am disappoint.

Loved the awards. Oh the humour... I also loved the MW2 sniper bit at the end, that was absolutely hilarious!

hey am i the only one who noticed that this video has no opening song

This is probably going to sound like the biggest pussy comment you've ever gotten and i apologize in advance but I love your videos and find the old and new ones still as hilarious as ever but you put alot of spiders in alot of your videos and im a bit of an arachnophobic so it creeps me out. I don't know maybe you can replace them in future videos with Micheal Atkinson's face. (also im pretty sure i spelled his last name wrong)

I didn't know who Michael Atkinson was before this, but I guess I'd better start hating that miserable old f**k now too.

Man, Dr. Wily better hurry up!

And LOL, the way Yahtzee says "happy new year."

Lol racism legs...

I didn't know who Michael Atkinson was before this, but I guess I'd better start hating that miserable old f**k now too.

just say fuck

Ass creed 2: the repent-a-thon

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