Doomsday Arcade: Episode 23

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I loved it, the second half more than the first but hey I'm a Half life fanboy...see what I did there?

Yahtzee cameo...epic. So, the guy who was meant to be Kane was Russ...? Anyone mind filling me in on who Russ is?

Good jib, you guys. I wish I had a gravity gun for Christmas. Just saying.
Great cameos by Yahtzee and Russ, BTW. ALthough, I wish Yahtzee would've had a bigger role. I mean, he kind looks like Gordon. ALso, I don't remember Alex being so annoying.

I love when they break the fourth wall.
"Cose but no lamarr" (Looks at script) Really?

And of course, Bruce is still awesome.
Finally, Shanks' got some serious moves with a pistol.

I just thought of that. It IS ironic.

I lol'd at

the constant camera angle changing makes it really hard to watch, and there where a bit to many bad jokes, especially the "zero punctuation" joke.

Nahh, that joke was great, just because of the look of disdain from everyone.
But yeah, the weird ass camera angles are really annoying. The old series had them down but now they're a bit schizophrenic.
Everything else is great though. Especially Gordon shooting Alyx.

Wow, that was the most cringe enducing episode in a while.
Keep 'em coming!

And lol, the big daddy is a P I M P!

I wonder if they'll do a Timesplitters episode...

I wonder if they can get MovieBob or the guys from There Will Be Brawl to do a cameo.

Close but no Lamar.

Wow. So punny it's good.

It was so enjoyable to see Alyx get stun batoned in the face.
You missed out on a great joke opportunity with Gordon however. Since there are no cutscenes, reflective surfaces, or legs when you look down, there is no actual in game evidence that Gordon is anything more than a pair of floating hands. This also explains why he never speaks.

Yahtzee cameo...epic. So, the guy who was meant to be Kane was Russ...? Anyone mind filling me in on who Russ is?

Russ Pitts, editor in chief of The Escapist.

"Now that's what I call a BOOMerang!"


I don't remember Alyx being so annoying.

I think they actually dialed her annoyingness down for the video.

The camera was a bit all over the place but there were some really good effects in here. The best bit was the first scene with Gordon, especially the part with G-man. Also, random Thomas the Tank Engine reference was epic.

I dunno what to say. Everything was perfect! I especially loved G Man and Yahtzee.
And one more thing: lololololololololololololmao

Yahtzee always said it was remarkable how nobody knew who he was until they heard him speak. He isn't overly recognizable by his appearance, only by voice.

Had fun with the juxtaposition, didn't you? I hope that's going somewhere, I enjoyed it.

Bruce might be the best character ever concieved. I say that a lot. It doesn't mean anything anymore ._. Still love Bruce.

SO MANY PUNS! Really how are you going to top that one?

Ok, this was just an brilliant episode.

The cameos from Russ and Ben were great. I loved how you made Alyx a bit over the top in her annoying hints on what Gordon should do next.

'Close but no Lamarr'
<Looks at script>

Just fucking awesome!

Another brilliant episode guys can't wait for the next one.

Mana Fiend:
Nicely done guys. Buce is probably my favourite character, and I can't explain quite why :P
Good cameos too. :)

You and I, have exactly the same thing going on.

I too love Bruce, but can't quite figure out why.
I think it's because he has a grand total of one pose and facial expression and doesn't move as much as he just pops up into random places.

Hahaha didn't Yahtzee look thrilled to be in the series. Russ did a great job though. And god how you guys portrayed Alex! That made me laugh so hard!

lololololololololz awsomness

oh my god that was awesome haha
I was like what that Russ?? that got to me hahaha
and then Yahtzee came in and I couldn't believe it xD

Hahaha! Gordon the mute with the crowbar! PERFECT! Alyx and the G-Man were very good also.
The Matts were... utterly weird.
And the fighting scenes versus the Combine were REALLY good, kudos for those in particular!

Since I've pretty much given up on waiting for Half Life 2: Episode 3 to EVER come out, this will have to suffice for my Half Life bug. Very nice job guys.

Jon Etheridge:
Good work guys. Who knew Russ could speak with a Russian accent!?

Not me.

Hehe... RUSSian...

Who is the vision of loveliness playing Alyx? I think I'm in love...

nice video,
looking forward to the next episode.

*laughs uproariously* And I am watching it, but Kudos to Russ and Ben for sneaking in a lifetime performance.

Russ deserves an award for his "ability to look like Kane" under red lights.

And Yahtze's eye roll was superb, its the roll of the eyes guys make when asked to put the toilet seat back down.

Yahtzee cameo...epic. So, the guy who was meant to be Kane was Russ...? Anyone mind filling me in on who Russ is?

I work here ;)


Unsubtle Zero Punctuation references.

Ha, I didnt even realsied that was yahztee and Russ till I read the responses.
Keep the awful puns coming!

Lactose matt, there was somthing rather disturbing about him

Meybe the best episode so far! Loved the cameos, cool new characters, Bag Daddy (Djamal) is still awesome, and the DIDJERI-ZOOKA part was was legendary!

Only thing I didn't get... Why all the hating towards Alyx? I always liked her in Half Life... Oh well. If this was youtube, this was an instant 5* / favorite.

Great job!

Ps: if you keep this quality up, I would'nt mind at all that you take a month to make them, coz you can really see where the extra time went.

sheer brilliance, absolutely loved it

long live Doomsday Arcade :D

The Half-life episode has been a long time coming. It was everything I could hope for.

The inclusion of Yahtzee was also awesomely bad.

Can we get some official word on the 2 week vs 1 month real episodes. I find it harder to follow when 4 weeks go by having forgotten large bits of plot as a result. It'd be nice to get official conformation.

Also Yahtzee's cameo was funny. He looked so unhappy.

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