Review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

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Kinda apt that they ended on the line: "we have failed."

Yes you have Sqeenix, yes you have.

I like this reviewer.

Is it really a surprise to anyone that this game fails? The Crystal Chronicles spin-off has sucked since the very first one, I don't see why they keep making sequels to it.

I think Crystal Chronicles is Square Enix's way of making up for Nintendo for bailing out on them after FF VI. But they should just accept the fact that they'll never make another Final Fantasy that even reaches VI's feet.

I'm still getting this.

Long cutscenes? In a Square-Enix game? No.

When i see Crystal Chronicles in a game title i pass i have yet to play a good one.

Oh sure, a few minutes of somwat boreing dialogue is a sin against mankind.
But when MGS2,3,4 all had pointless boring cutscenes that told us stupid stuff(Like how Vamp is called Vamp because he bisexual, NOT because hes like a vampire) that takes 7 minutes(in 2 I timed it) to skip one sequence its called the best game ever.
and whats wrong with clockwerks?

Aaah, what a soothing voice you have, Mr. Tito!
Mr. Tito should be less writey, more talkey!

lol was this a game review or a episode of Unskippable?

I actually had alot of fun with this game.

Sad that Layle doesn't get enough love. I blame it on the fact he doesn't cry when people die and his hair isn't fancy enough.

Lol yet another reviewer who only played about 1/5th of the game before deeming it crap.

Its an adventure/sandbox game. It doesn't actually start until AFTER you've beaten the main story. No one realizes this. No one. The overworld is twice as big as you think it is, and there are 10 times as many things to do once the story is done and the areas are opened up, new enemies appear, find new reactions you can get new materials and make better items, you can find hordes of secrets and hidden areas, play new games, not to mention getting all the medals. Its like a Zelda game at that point, the 4 years of development went into what takes place after the main story, not before. There is 50-60+ hours of content in this game, easily, but no one realizes it because they can't get past the main story, or the mini-games, or their lack of navigation skills, or as this review has shown, just plain ignorance.

Why Square? Why did you have to make the first 5 hours of this amazing game so meh? Now the idiots won't bother with the other 50 hours that are awesome. Geez. Sorry but this review is garbage - not because I disagree with your opinions(you made a lot of valid points, the first 5 hours were pretty bland), but simply because YOU DON'T REVIEW A 50 HOUR GAME BY THE FIRST 10 HOURS. Simple as that.

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