LoadingReadyRun: The Job

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The entire video could have just been the music and I'd still have loved it.

i'd say 'welcome' LLR, but i guess you guys already held 2 of the escapist's main slots.
So really - congradulations on the next step towards taking over the magazine as a whole.
First the escapist, then West Canada, and then someday... the world!


Yay for as much camera trickery and use of random props and costumes as physically possible! Yay for Kathleen clones! Yay for the return of Bionic Trousers Media! Yay for... wait, Morgan's no longer an official crew member?


Boo! Down with LRR, you shark-jumpers! Morgan was the best!

That was really good and I mean really good. Can't wait for more episodes keep them coming.

Bill?...Bill? Noooo Snaaaaaaake!

Very smooth transition to the new partnership guys. I was a little let down by the lack of the DotA playing duo, but otherwise this vid was epic to the max. Good job, also V.7 of loadingreadyrun.com is shaping up nicely.



Is it just me, or was that not funny.
I hope it gets better.

Care to elaborate at all, daxter? What didn't make it funny? What would you have preferred? I, personally (and hypothetically, if I were producing a weekly web series), would prefer that people who found it funny and people who didn't find it funny elaborate and discuss what could make it better. There's no point saying "That wasn't funny" when you're not saying at all why it wasn't funny. It's common courtesy if nothing more..

I wasn't really going to type a full thing, I just wanted to know if I was alone or not on finding it not funny.
but I guess I can give you my insight.
The character introductions were all kinda lame/cheesy.
Some of them also heavily used pop culture in order to get some lolz...
Like the creator of the Tamagachi, or "the lolcats"
Which like Family Guy. So I guess if you like family guy you'll like this show.
Also how it ended....it felt perfect really gross frosting atop a gross cake D:

I guess if the show actually gets a plot, and changes its pop culture/stupid joke structure it could be better >.>

Also, This is not me starting a flame war. Its me answering a question.

Those culture references, I think, as well as the rest of the elements of the video, can be seen as a way to do three things; make jokes to introduce the cast that can be understood independantly, make a deeper reference to older videos to bring glee to old-time LRR fans, and be able to reference some of those in-jokes and themes in later videos in the knowledge that both fans that came from the LRR site and Escapist natives get.

It was really a video that has a purpose, like Tuscon or Bust, the Loading Ready Rumble, or Merry Christmas, Graham Stark. It accomplishes the premise, and I still think it's quite funny, but taken outside of the context of its premise (Desert Bus for Hope, celebrating the end of a season with in-jokes, the Peanuts Christmas Special), I could understand how you might not like it. Stick around, though! It gets so good.

Congrads on New Series keep up with Unskip though

One of these days, they need to take as much effort with the punchline as they do with the setup. It was a good setup, though it was easy to see the punchline miles away while they were still working on the setup.

A very frothy bang and nicely composed, snappy music great angles, I think Hunter S. would repave his own road a bite and say "When the going gets weird, the weird go pro"


UsefulPlayer 1:
hmmm...not bad. I hope this show can keep it up, I've been disappointed in the past.

If it helps, this is them keeping it up. They've been doing one of these videos a week for I think going on seven years now.

It's sketch comedy, so different bit every week pretty much.

Hmm...I was hoping that the move to The Escapist would have led to panic and rioting. Sadly, this is not the case. Oh well, guess I'll just have to enjoy some sketch comedy.

Nice to see some familiar LRR forumites here.

"It's only three days late."
"No, this is IMPORTANT."

Just another "Yay LRR remains unchanged and hilarious (now a synonym for unchanged)" post.

Also don't forget the handy LRR recap here:
It'll get you all "catched up" (not a synonym for anything, just bad grammar).

When I clicked on this, I had no idea what to expect. I was not dissapointed.

i personal would rather your loading ready run videos actually not be with escapist
but despite that this video was hilarious simple funny you guys have really done great
with your graphics congrats 4/5 stars

p.s. rather have your videos on your own website

So glad you guys are putting the stuff here. This video player is far superior!

like the time spent on visuals for such a short gag, shows your dedication. =D
keep up the good work.

Needs Improvement, has potential. We shall see.

constant giggling and a few laughs, nice to see that your keeping the lrr sense of humor (big setup, pointless punchline).

I'm saddened that you didn't keep the LRR logo with the first R replaced with an escapist e, that logo was awesome.

Edit: first lrr escapist post evar!

please don't ban me

Lucky bastard, really it took 19minutes for someone to try a first! comment?

That was pointlessly funny. But it was still funny. Looking forward to more LRR, now i never have to leave The Escapist! HAHAHA!!

love the video, its amazing you guys are finally brought to this community, they are gonna love you guys, lol me thinks there should be a little backlog of old clips or at least a link to them

@Cardinalwiggles Their ENTIRE backlog (save for most of Season One) is on http://loadingreadyrun.com/

Wouldn't really make sense to transfer all the videos to The Escapist...

Awesome that so many of you seem to like what you saw!

Thanks for a great first day of LRR on the The Escapist.

Gentlemen I beleive that we have all seen the beggining of something very epic.

What a good way to introduce some of the crew to the escapist community. I hope to see more funny stuff in the future.

the best new thing here.
and not by DEFAULT!

oh wow first episode on the escapist is awesome!
shoulda changed the E for escapist tho :P

p.s. sick burn Russ... sick burn.



AWESOME!!!!!! (i wish i had a team like that to help move stuff around)

Hey LRR :) First, grats on the first Espcapist appearance!

So, as someone who got to watch you put together bits and pieces of this video and then see how epicly awesome, beautifully edited, and shiny it came out, I would say major kudos and you guys are really making some amazing stuff.

I especially loved Kathleen Danger De Veer. Two enthusiastic thumbs up from your Seattle entourage.

Awesome! But where was Bill? :(

I would imagine Bill was too busy fighting the ninjas.

I enjoyed it.
Good job.

More please!

heres a hint, actually be funny!!!, this site is great from apocalypse lane to zero punctuation, but that was just disappointing

heres a hint, actually be funny!!!, this site is great from apocalypse lane to zero punctuation, but that was just disappointing

While it is great to get criticism, do you have any specific suggestions? Didn't like the style? Hated the references? Why wasn't it funny?

Either way, check back next week for an entirely different type of video, and see if you still hate it.

"You know I probably could have just done that with my mind."


Fucking awesome! So short and simply yet so funny! Can't wait till the next one.

People are really going to freak when They start using names that aren't thiers.

That.....was amazing, good work guys!

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