LoadingReadyRun: The Job

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That was HILARIOUS. Looks like it's going to be another awesome series!

HA! That was great.

"Gad dammit Jer."

But you know, moving the hide-a-bed would have been easier if you had had...THREE PS3'S....would it not?

Yeah, but the mental strain to move a hide-a-bed? That's the equivalent of making sense of the forums! It just can't be done!

The ending was hilarious..."you know I could've just done that with my mind!"

Goddamit Jeremey!!!

I don't think I've ever laughed less in my life. But I wish you the best of luck because a lot of people hear found it funny.

I kinda chuckled at the end when the plan was revealed. That was it though.

Crash Override?!?! From Hackers... I'm not sure if that is good or awesome..

If you haven't seen Is Paul's Boyfriend Cheating?, it's a neat little reference, albeit somewhat lacking in originality. If you have seen the video, then it's awesome.


Just to be clear, you guys who are confused realize that this isn't a pilot for an ongoing series, right? No? Okay then.
Now you know.

I've mentioned that a few times. Hasn't seemed to click yet.


I don't think people are reading the rest of the thread before posting, so I expect it'll take until next week for this to click. And then there'll be a load of complaints that this wasn't the pilot episode for an ongoing series. :(

Finally they solve the problem of people confusing Matt and Tim, brilliant!
Who came up with the eyepatch?

And welcome to the Escapist, even though you've been steadily invading it already it's now official. And now I can even comment on all your videos since I do have an account here, yay!

Keep on rocking.

That it was a really simple task was easy to guess from the beginning, but the introductions were fun and I love the ending.

nice hackers reference haha

Wow, I enjoyed that video SO MUCH. I just wish I could see how you pulled off those SUPER AWESOME SPECIAL EFFECTS!

Well, thanks to Graham being awesome, now YOU CAN, right at http://loadingreadyrun.com/videos/view/489!




heres a hint, actually be funny!!!, this site is great from apocalypse lane to zero punctuation, but that was just disappointing

While it is great to get criticism, do you have any specific suggestions? Didn't like the style? Hated the references? Why wasn't it funny?

Either way, check back next week for an entirely different type of video, and see if you still hate it.

ok well first of all this video looks like a bunch of guys got together, found random locations and filmed it, and all it summed up too was a lame little joke at the end, in their introduction video they stated that they have done 400 and some episodes on there previous site or whatever and it doesn't look like they have gone far at all. As far as the past video series on the site, i expected more to be quite honest, I mean they cancelled unforgotten realms and now we are stuck with this

Well since you have seen their videos before, I will admit that this was off from their usual videos. However, did it seem odd to you that they used their real names? Also, there wasn't any of the support cast like there usually is. There was just the 4 or 5 main LoadingReadyRun people (henceforth known as LRRers). Why would they do that? Maybe because they were introducing themselves to the site since this is their first video here. Wait for the second or third video to pass judgment like that.

Ending is just great. The whole concept - even better. Loved the Ocean's Eleven-y character introduction. Keep it up!

Wish you luck on the escapist LRR! Also, i feel special knowing that i was a fan of the site for before this so i get the in jokes.

I thought it was hilarious. You guys have great timing for your jokes.

Glad to see LRR taking over The Escapist. Now we just need to get a Jeremy Petter and Matt Wiggins spin off and the process will be complete!

Did you really have to use that name from Hackers? *shakes head* Apart from that I enjoyed it.

Love it!!! :]

A few giggles and chuckles until the "Damnit Jer!" then i lost it.

That was EPIC on so many levels.I'm a huge fan of the "Ocean's" movies, just looking at this makes me think that "assembling" a team like that makes any job look awesome.

P.S. : Sorry if i made any type-o's, English isn't my native language.

whoohoo! *subscribes to RSS feed*

Hide-a-beds are very heavy!

I loled so hard I almost cried.

I like this. This is good.

If I'm going to sit through a few minutes of awkward filmmaking and flat jokes, the least you could do is get a real hide-a-bed.

is it just me or does Paul look and sound like a young Egon Spengler?

If I were the "time travel" guy, I would just go back in the past to tell everyone that the "team" is not required, just the one "mind control" guy. But of course, I'm thinking way too much about a comedy skit. Moving a bed...hah!


does this look familiar to anyone else? lol

henchmen 21 and 24 remind me of Graham and Paul

"I just sent Unskippable in"
"No, this is important!"

Best quote so far. :D

YES! 20XG6 reference!(Strong Bad) Wahoo! Loved this video, guys. Keep it up!

Epic win. Will be watching from now on.

No greater challange then moving a couch.

I'm just after re-watching all of the videos that the LRR crew has put up here (for about the forth time) and I'm just after getting that this is an intro video for the whole crew

On a side note, I never claimed to be a smart man, just a sexy one


I'm am 100% sure "sevenhuisen" is originally a Dutch name

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