Review: Darksiders

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hahahahaha, zelda-theme at the end with war riding his horse and shooting with a gun, I laughed hard :D

Nice review. I'm definitely going to pick this one up..after Mass Effect 2, of course.

Oh, and you have the most shitty imitation of that Zelda-puzzle-sound I have ever heard.


Also, I really don't like the aesthetic. The general look works for WoW, but this... I just don't care for it. Apocalypses should not look/feel pseudo-cartoony.

Certainly everyone is entitles to personal preference, but what pray tell are you basing the aesthetics of the apocalypse on, seeing as if one will happen it hasn't happened yet at least. The apocalypse could be ushered in by adorable cartoon kittens and bunnies for all we know.

John Funk:


I honestly don't see the Zelda in this game, sure it has puzzles and dungeon trekking but it doesn nearly have the same feel LoZ does, but on its own it is an ok game.

Minus the introduction, so far it feels exactly like Legend of Zelda to me. For me, it's in the details where the similarities really shine through. You collect 4 Lifeshard(heart) pieces to increase your health, cars(pots and grass) can be smashed open for souls(rupies), letter boxing when targeting and solving puzzles, and the list goes on. And I am loving every post apocalyptic minutes of it.

The Watcher needed more "Hey! Listen!", IMO.


dont even say that,

if you really need it, but Darksiders looks like it doesnt.

I love how I have to go to a different website just to look up what platform the game is for, since apparently this isn't information worth mentioning on the Escapist.

Ha Ha my warlock has the same mount as this guy.

Gonna pick this up as soon as I can.


If Darksiders is ever released on PC (and the rumour mill says it will) then the FIRST thing I will be looking for will be how to import Legend of Zelda music and sound effect.

Oh it would be such win!

Any websites to quote on this rumour? Cause it better... This game kinda catapulted to almost the top of "must have" games. I've actually always lamented the fact that you can't hamstring enemies as the wolf in Twilight Princess. Come on Nintendo. Golden opportunity there!]

Well THQ have a habit of doing that, they released Red Faction Guerilla on PS3 and 360 with no confirmation of a PC release then with little warning 3 months later they released the game on PC. Same happened with Red Faction 1 + 2 + 3, Saint's Row 2 and Juiced 2. Here is where I heard it:

Hope it comes true, but otherwise the PS3 version seems to be the best as I've heard a lot of bad things about screen tear on the 360 version yet no seen on the PS3 version as much. A multi-platform game playing better on PS3?!?? Crazy I know but it's happening more and more often now as games push the envelope further (where the PS3 has the power) and developers becoem more familiar the with PS3's unique hardware.

Sorry to burst your bubble there, but the exploding, flaming spear gun has already been done. Back in 2003, a game was released on all platforms called Metal Arms: Glitch in the System. The closest thing that it had to a sniper rifle was the rivet gun, the second coolest gun in the game (#1 goes to the Ripper, which shoots saw blades). When fully upgraded, it will shoot 3 foot long burning metal arrows that go all the way through an enemy and then blow up.

going to have to buy this just hope the sound track is good

ok, i completely loved how you ended that video review Funkster

Considering that the artists at Blizzard basically copied Joe Mad! (The artist of Darksiders) for WoW's Aesthetic, I find it kind of infuriating that people are calling his work derivative of WoW. However, WoW's massive popularization of his style does mean that it doesn't look that special anymore and he should work on changing things up a little.

Hear hear! I played the first hour of this game last night and had to go pull out some of my mid-90's X-men comics afterwards for bed-time reading material! (Gambit vs Brain-damaged Sabretooth in the danger room for the win!)

Enjoying Darksiders so far though, although I can't help but think I might have been better off buying Bayonetta. That may just be because I've been replaying a lot of DMC4 lately though.... A year on and I *still* can't get Smokin' Sick Style in all the fights :(

This game is bloody awesome, I knew I'd love it because this is the same artist who drew the great Battle Chasers comic book Joe Madureira!


300lb. Samoan:

and the music at the end fits perfectly! makes me want it even more!

Lord Thodin:
The zelda music while war is riding on "epona" at the end made me shit my pants laughing

Glad you both liked that, I thought it would be a nice way to tie everything said together.

well kudos man. I have friends im still showing the video to that laugh at it.

I am not one for fanaticism, but I must say that this game is incredible. I am sure this is partially due to my love for the Legend of Zelda. Some criticize the frequent nods to the Zelda series, but I applaud them. They add a level of nostalgia than really draws you in, at least if you are a fan. If not, I am sure you can enjoy them for what they are. I mean sure, they add in Zelda elements right down to the highlighting of important words in the subtitles. Boss battles play out just like previous 3D installments of Zelda. The point I am making is that I do not see this as a bad thing at all. It feels a lot like Zelda, but Zelda feels good. :D

I guess what I am saying is that this game does everything right, in my perspective. Not everyone has my perspective. I love stories about the end of the world, especially those regarding the book of revelations. I love Zelda. I'm a fan of badasses kicking the living shit out of things with giant swords. Intense combat, but not so that you need to spend months perfecting it. The art style also appeals to my interests. Lots of blacks reds and oranges, not to mention a comic-booky feel. It all comes together for me to create one epic package.

Darksiders has quickly become one of my favorite games.

It might not be for you, but if you share my tastes, then I highly recommend Darksiders.

There's my little mini-review.

this game looks awesome, I'll have to buy it once the PC version gets a reasonable price next year or so.

Theres nothing wrong with following the zelda style, better than simply being called a clone.

better question, anybody know wtf this code is for (not 'the hollow lord' the OTHER one)
kinda driving me up a wall, but other then that, game rules, on my second run, do think its funny how many ppl are 'o.0?!' about how the gameplay is. and the bits from zelda are well done, looking forward to the sequel

my friend has it and said it was good but i dont know

Okay, I laughed REALLY hard at the music at the end.

I'll agree that Darksiders pulls from a lot of different places - but it pulls awesome bits from awesome games with a ton of polish, so I can't really complain about it.

I somehow never got bored of your zelda comments.
Honestly, it looked very much zelda to me, especially when showing the hook shot.
For now, I'm not into bloody damage or heaven and hell dramas so I'll let it pass.

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