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Actually, Yahtzee, C3PO is Darth Vader's son. He was built by him in his earlier happy days when he was still with his mother. (before all the angsty stuff)

And i cant understand the amount of credit that Uncharted 2 is given here! Especially Yahtzee, always bashing remakes, sequals and copied ideas and begging for more creativity and innovation, shouldnt praise a title that makes his living solely from taking elements that have been established and well developed over the last decade, polishing them up with shiny up-to-date graphics and selling that as a milestone of gaming development.
Seriously, this game has nothing in that hasnt been done before and better. And if we award this way of creating new games then we will find ourselves at the end of the coming decade with exactly the same games that we have right now, only with increasingly higher numbers at the end and the more cost intensive but only slightly better graphics in 'em.

And I guess your theory of about trilogies takes Prince of Persia as the exception to that rule?

No the rule still applies.

First one: Bad - but HUGE promise
Second one: Perfect (as long as you like Godsmack)
Third one: Cocky and a bit much... not really interesting

Aaaah! All those comments on AC2 ending! I had to skip half the thread while reading because I immediately looked away from anyone commenting on AC2.

I won't get to play it until March.

I am a little surprised he didn't mention Dragon Age: Origins. Oh, well...

And I guess your theory of about trilogies takes Prince of Persia as the exception to that rule?

There are many different trilogy patterns, PoP is more of the "surprise hit" category: The first one was an unexpected hit so they rush out a sequel that completely misses what was good about the first and the third goes back to make some amends but still doesn't reach the level of the first. I think it's a common pattern with movies, the first time I thought of it was after seeing Jurassic Park 3. No idea if I'd have the same opinion now but back then it seemed like JP2 was a total mess and JP3 was better than that but still no JP1.

I like Desmond.

Especially when he doesn't talk.

That's right, just lie back on the funky table, go unconcious and get probed.

Heh heh heh.

I'm glad I'm female. I'm pretty sure that precludes me from being a sexual pervert.

Machines Are Us:

I most certainly agree with not liking Desmond in AC2 though, I haven't played the first game but I immediately told my friend (upon borrowing AC2) "They should have just made the game set in the past where you are really an assassin rather than all this memory stuff" I can't get my head around why they thought the whole Animus thing was a good idea.

Well, I'm the kind of person who can't fathom starting a trilogy in the middle.

I would speculate, if you'd started the game from #1, you might see that a big part of the game isn't just running about killing people for fun. (I mean, the greater good.) It's a nifty tale of mass-control of which we are not aware, "evil" and secret wars that stretch throughout our history. The perversion of everything we thought to be 'true'.

Desmond is shallow, yes. I kind of like that his ancestors are so overpowering they render him as merely a tool to view their great deeds from. At the same time, his utter lack of depth and true backstory allows for potential greatness. (What was Ezio but a shallow, wommanising brat who was all too eager to get himself and his 'friends' into a fight? Yet he developed into a character we love!)

And, okay, I admit I also love the environments and different eras of murdering bast-freedom fighters. I therefore love the Animus, because I don't want to see *only* one Era..

And Desmond? Bottom line, I have hope.

Halo: ODST

BAH ha ha ha ha. But seriously.

Pretty much 'nuff said.

Interesting selection. I didn't expect to see The Beatles Rock Band.

I don't know why he doesn't just say some of this in his reviews. I think I'll be watching the reviews for the comedy aspect from now on, rather than for the review factor, as I honestly think that he conceals some of his real feelings in his reviews for the sheer comedic factor.

technically isn't C-3PO Darth Vader's kid? Vader did build him after all. Ha ha ha, but seriously it's good to see your are slightly less cynical than your e-persona would suggest.

Ah I wanted to point that out as the Nerd in me was Screaming it

but you saved me

Do people not like Desmond because he's normal?
I find it kind of refreshing from the general super heroes of today.

[quote="Shadow-Fox" post="6.167523.4495595"]Actually, Yahtzee, C3PO is Darth Vader's son. He was built by him in his earlier happy days when he was still with his mother. (before all the angsty stuff)[quote]

Oh, jesus, someone made a valid point on the internet!

But seriously, I never caught that until I read that comment.

Interesting read, but I still don`t understand why people liked so much Prototype? The main character is the second most unlikable fuck, first place going to the guy in DMC4 Dante or Nero or whatever, the graphics were not impressive, combat wise it wasn`t really something brand new so what is it that made this game great?

I still got tons of stuff to do in Assassin's Creed 2, but after that I'm definitely going to buy Arkham Asylum from GameStop! Or, perhaps from Tilt? Anyway, it will be available for a bargain in a few months, rest assured.


I am a little surprised he didn't mention Dragon Age: Origins. Oh, well...

Hm...yeah, now that I think about it, I remember Yahtzee saying that he was playing the game rather compulsively. Did he think that the game was too difficult to be fully enjoyed? Or, maybe he just didn't like the story? Probably the latter with a bit of the first mixed in.

I dig the honesty Mr. Croshaw. I work hard for the money. (So hard honey, honey.) I work hard for the money and I often wait to hear your reviews before plunking down green gods. I was a little surprised you gave Demon's Souls a pass-like review; I 'm addicted to Demon'ssss Souls. It's one of my "best of 2009" games. But your review of Demon'ssss Souls was hilariously on point. I got all six of the people I know that play the game to watch your review. We all agree that your final sentiment was perfect: "F$#@ you, Demon's Souls." We all feel the same way, but we cannot resit that fooking game...anyway, thanks for a great year of reviews. I appreciate your venom's tangy goodness.


Hey, people. Care to explain what does "tanking like a German military commander" even mean in this context?

The German Wehrmacht doctrine in WWII was focused on the use of tanks and mechanized units. It would stand to reason he was saying "To an extreme degree"

OT: Yahtzee, it may be time to hang up the Halo bashing. It's getting a tad bit stale.

Also, I'm going to have to disagree with you on the Uncharted 2 judgement: Yeah, some of the dialogue is rather stereotypical, but seriously- there were a few very funny moments, and more importantly, what sort of mood and dialogue would you expect in that sort of story? I just don't think an emo philosopher debating the morality of his actions in a introspective monologue while traipsing about with a sidekick who had lost her tongue in a tragic popsicle accident would FIT with what was going on in the game, do you? The truth is, it may be bad at times, but the characters' conversation and interactions were entirely appropriate for the mood and atmosphere of the game.

Just because something is appropriate, does not save it from being obnoxious. Children might be totally free to run and scream like prepubescent banshees at a play-ground, but it still makes me want to run through with a baseball bat like a GTA protagonist in a brothel.


Just because something is appropriate, does not save it from being obnoxious. Children might be totally free to run and scream like prepubescent banshees at a play-ground, but it still makes me want to run through with a baseball bat like a GTA protagonist in a brothel.

True, true: but the reason I brought it up was specifically because he said " I have this overpowering hatred for Uncharted 2's style of writing - that awful Hollywood, Josh Whedon-y style, full of dull-witted heroes and snarky heroines, all acting as nothing but mouthpieces for agonizingly smug 'wit'." I was simply pointing out that while he might hate that style of writing/dialogue, it's a little ridiculous to expect differently from that sort of game, not necessarily that his dislike of the style was unreasonable. He can hate it all he wants, but to use your analogy, if you don't want to have to deal with screaming children running amok, you probably shouldn't go to the playground, rather than expecting to find a playground for deaf-mutes.

Surprised he didn't mention Dragon Age because it did seem like he was enjoying it. I mean sometimes it seems he's ripping on a game even if he likes it, for example he though Fallout 3 was "alright" but later in a live action interview he openly stated he did actually like it.

I know not to go on Yahtzee's every word and because of the comedic side I've never really disagreed with his reviews even if I liked the game. The only proper instance I disagreed was his Overlord 2 review and follow up article going on and on about how the game tries and fails to make you care when I can guarantee its really not (same can be said for Rebbecca's Muses for the same game).

Batman was one of if not the best game simply because it was the first game in a long time that delivered on the premise, Jesus Christ it's Batman... done well!

Fair overview, I happen to experience the same in my area, I am very critic with all those things I like, while I completely ignore all those I don't, and for that people says that I'm some sort of misanthropic bastard, when all I try is looking for new approaches to those things I like, so it's never gets old.
I watch your reviews for fun, and that's about it, the most productive thing ZP did for me besides the lulz is talking about titles that I wasn't even aware of, I can't conceive the idea of people buying or not games whether the reviews says it's good or crap; I can understand if someone says "oh, so this game it's a sandbox game, I'll buy it" but someone who says "ZP sez this game is shit, I won't buy it" which I have seen quite often, is beyond my understanding.
I hardly think that whatever any of us says, no matter how many times we say it, will change your rocking style, but I wanted to give my two cents about it. Best regards Yahtzee.

Did he think that the game was too difficult to be fully enjoyed? Or, maybe he just didn't like the story? Probably the latter with a bit of the first mixed in.

Poor balance (read: wobbly difficulty) does not make a game hard. While I mostly enjoyed DA:O (own it, beat it) its not a particularly original game. It uses all of the usual story and battle trappings. The story and characters were lifeless and hollow. Every so often the difficulty on a random encounter would skyrocket, then return to normal once complete making me scratch my head as to why people think that the folks at Bioware are gods. This game obviously proves that they are human, faults and all. If I had to actually rate DA:O it'd be an 8/10.

If you want a GREAT experience, play Demon's Souls. The rating for this from me is 9.5/10.

No l4d2? And why didn't you say anything about Dragon Age. You did say you liked it. *confused face*


No offense, Yahtzee old boy, but I've decided that I really need to stop listening to you.

If I keep listening to you, no matter if you like a game or not, you will still implant seeds of doubt in my brain.

Rest assured, I'll still watch your reviews for the comedy, but I think if I take them as reviews I'll end up hurting the game industry because I'll end up never buying another game again.

Note to mods: I did actually read it by the way, I read very fast.

Note to user: It doesn't matter when you post if you have something worthwhile or relevant to say.

I'm sorry but you made me chuckle when you said you'll hurt the game industry... Just how many games do you buy exactly??? :P

Also I like the little conversation between you and the mods there, it's really scary the way they can implant into your comment. Makes you think, they could put anything into anyone's comments... I might not be typing this right now!!! Oh.. I .... Garghg,...


John, he's onto us

Regarding your "on the other hand" of Screed 2, weren't you the one who said at the 2009 E3 that you wanted it to be about future desmond, then got uninterested when it was slightly further in history?

Halo: ODST

Hahahahah. Nice one.

I feel like I can relate to Yahtzee.
I shred on almost every game I play (even the good ones) because I always end up thinking of how much better it could've been. Sure there are a couple of masterpieces that have come out in the last 10 years but those are very few.

Then there are the games where you can see the potential there but it's buried under laziness and tedium. Those are the worst.

I lol'd really hard at the Halo: ODST comment.

But I also like Desmond. I'm actually looking forward to seeing how they deal with the third game in the series.

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Halo: ODST

BAH ha ha ha ha. But seriously.

Are you ever going to give some actual thoughts of just keep using it as a punchline to a non-existent joke? I know even some people who like the other Halo games don't like ODST but this comes across as the kind of mindless bashing that you're trying to tell us you don't indulge in.
Also I like C-3PO and I don't get this thing you have against Joss Whedon.

There is a lot of wasted potential out there, but we can only find the good ones by sifting through them.

It's that spirit, I think, that spirit of looking for the best in a game, that I admire. Yahtzee's wit and sarcasm is good, but without that component, I don't think it would be the same. But on the other hand, we see more of that in his writing than ZP.

I'm glad Yahtzee's writing again. 8D

I've always understood Yahtzee's approach to game critique and it's one I greatly respect. To see someone making honest criticism is really refreshing to me. Especially since I live in a world that is increasingly being taught that having your opinion challenged in the slightest way - no matter how unimportant and utterly ridiculous said opinion is - is the worst thing that can happen to you (which I'll gleefully point out isn't by shoving red hot sewing needles under your fingernails for a demonstration if you really need one).
That said, I feel that this article might be saying something unflattering about we, the viewers of ZP. As his Psychonauts review proved, we really don't seem to enjoy ZP as much when he isn't being very cruel. So, out of a need to keep his job, he's merciless to a game, but when he does this to keep us happy and watching his reviews, we have the gall to say he doesn't like games. We apparently say this enough that he feels the need to explain himself in an article like this.
I genuinely wonder what kind of world we're living in when a man can give us exactly what we ask for (with us asking in a whiny and ungrateful voice, no less) and then still complain about it. Does that not seem a bit pathetic?

I personally enjoy the reviews where Yahtzee was going over games that he actually had fun playing. Silent Hill, Psychonauts, Arkham Asylum, for example. My least favorite review was for SSBB, not because I thought he was wrong (even finding SSBB a moderately amusing game, I have to admit that his gripes about it are quite accurate), but because the fact that he really didn't want to play the game leaked over into his review. He wasn't having fun doing it, so I didn't have fun watching it.

I've largely forgotten what my point was by now, but if I had to take a guess, it would be to ask why it was that people felt that criticism equals dislike?

Whenever I share an opinion with Yahtzee I feel like a fanboy. But now that he has brought light on the subject the ending did make me mad. It just felt like it shunned Ezio out of the spotlight and he was all innocent looking. I hated Desmond. He was a whiny B**tch. I actually liked Ezio. More than Altair, too. God damn you Ubisoft.

Boom! How to counteract the Desmond problem. Make it so that he has another futuristic ancestor watching Desmond through the Animus. And make this guy Mexican or something else cool like brazilian or Jamaican. God that would be great.

Actually, Yahtzee, C3PO is Darth Vader's son. He was built by him in his earlier happy days when he was still with his mother. (before all the angsty stuff)

Oh my god. You're rigt.

why is yahtzee hatin' on joss wheadon ?

Personally it didn't take long until I figured out you were being constructive and not just bashing everything for humourus effect. I for one would like to see an industry where Quick Time Events were considered a mortal sin.

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