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Honestly, I loved inFAMOUS. I thought it was a stupendous game. My only complaint with the game is the fact that your enemies can hide from your attacks by standing behind a CHAIN LINK FENCE. That's really insulting. Oh, and that the super-mega-fuck-you-thunderbolt attack used the 6Axis. That was stupid too.

I couldn't agree more with the "NOBODY LIKES DESMOND" point. Dear lord, the whole plot Des and his future pals bring to the game bores me to death. The game is called ASSASSIN'S Creed, not Futuristic Treasure Hunter's Dream Time. I like pretending I'm a sneaky assassin from a time where surveillance consisted of 2 eyeballs, not 50 security cameras. I like imagining I'm hopping over the precarious rooftops of ye olden days, not sitting on a comfy chair dreaming I'm someone else (holy shit 3rd wall!).

Long story short: If they release a more difficult AC set solely in the past (preferably with other assassins replacing some of the guards) that's more difficult, with new locations and a fun story, I'll buy 2.

Incidentally, C3PO kind of was Darth Vader's kid. But you don't find that out until Phantom Menace.

I had to pick my jaw off the floor when he said that he liked Halo: ODST. But so little was typed that I can't tell whether he's being sarcastic or not.

Accidental double post. Please Disregard.

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