Zero Punctuation: Torchlight

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Why does every "rpg" nowadays need a dog?

The idea started with Nethack an old rpg/rougelike that use text symbols to represent everything ingame purely because there were no graphics to use, or no way to make them. besides that tangent though they started off with a back story, your character, and your constant companion forever your dog, this was one of the first videogame rpgs. Since then giving your character a dog or cat companion has been seen as a nod toward the first really successful rpg.

You know if it is only $3 then I might play just for the hell of it. Or I could buy a couple slices of pizza, tough choice.

Amazing that after 9 pages of comments nobody seems to really get the point of Torchlight ... Not even Yahtzee did, guess that wasn't a helpful start.

Could never finish Torchlight, it just became so incredibly dull and repetitive.


Why does every "rpg" nowadays need a dog?

Misguided game devs believe that the Dog was FABLE's secret to it's success probably...

I never heard of this game before and I guess that's a good thing.

Fixed your post.

I dislike all RPGs, they are all like this. looking at your Final Fantasy. It's like taking Neverending Story 5 and making a series of games of them.

Girl likes boy, Girl gets kidnapped. Or town is built on Satan.[exception being ICO]

Seems fun to me :D

I love blowing things up with super kickass spells of awesome.

Though in my opinion, every game like this should give me the option to autoloot EVERYTHING (AKA, not just gold)

lol, as soon as i heard: "... this is something the game is similar to diablo, along with everything else", i went and got the game the next day.
diablo had done the impossible by making grind fun, or brain washed me successfully.

torch light is made by the makers of fate and by wild tangent(fuck! they ripped of 75$ of me!)
I think that fate had some better stuf than torchlight!

this was my first ZP review.

not a bad start, really.

I have this game and you just nailed the reveiw i mean just !!!~PeRfEcT~!!!

I have never heard of Torchlight but by the sounds of it it is just a typical RPG.

gold. just Gold!!

Love that Intro Yahtzee, makes me LAUGH SO MUCH XD

those villagers have got a good scam going on, first u build your town within easy walking distance of the local nolly camp or the dragon cave or on a gateway to Hell, and just keep squirting out kidnap victims and all your villagers are set for fucking life XD


Loved the witty critique, but that's just how RPGs are really, same as FPS' and RTS'.

FPS - kill other faction that has a different agenda from yours, profit.
RTS - kill other country that has a different agenda from yours, profit.
RPG - kill the other species that has a different agenda from the surrounding village, profit.

It's a typical rpg, but its the kind of rpg younger generations can jump too. It even has a no blood option in the settings if that isn't a clue.

Good game, good for 10$ bucks, Though I wouldn't be playing it for 9 hours a day thats for sure.
*hides his steam counter*

I can't wait for the 2nd edition where they enable a new class and multiplayer.

Funny how Yahtzee said it's PC exclusive, because Torchlight is confirmed to be on PS3 and Xbox360 by the end of the year 2010, just FYI

I had a long post, but it's much easier to say I finally finished this boring, piss easy, 99.9% copy of Fate. I've never taken so long to finish a 7 hour game. I love hack and slash, but they have so many things that need to be addressed before Torchlight 2...

Could never finish Torchlight, it just became so incredibly dull and repetitive.

I agree, but I'm still trying
also the ability to mod 20 different classes and 5 different starting pets does help
along with the ability to re-spec your stats

but yes very very dull

and even more sadly there WAS a console port, that added a new fish/naga pet THING that is an "Xbox Exclusive"

I do find it funny that I can run it on my computer and Xbox, screens the same size
Computer = works great
xbox = text too small to read, graphics slightly worse, etc...

At several points during that video, I had to pause it because I was laughing so hard. Well done, Yahtzee!

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