Game Dogs: Behind the Scenes

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quick question:why are you putting out a behind the scene episode before the series is even good?"There Will Be Brawl" waited till before the series finale to air 1.and the behind the scenes shouldn't be funnier than the actual episode.the episode made me smile slightly.this made me chuckle.

Um... what did I just watch?

I think it's a little pretentious of them to have just come out with the first epsiode, then have an episode like this. I would have preffered if they had done a couple more episodes and built up a fanbase before doing something like this.

I'm gonna say people were stupidly harsh on the trailer and that this is their own damn fault.

Forums: "Here, we have criticism"
Creators: "Ok, let me have a rebuttal"
Forums: "WTF YOU CAN'T REBUTTAL! Now give us the show that we said was going to be terrible and not worth watching!"

Mm, I'll say this is alright. I wasn't overly fond of Apocalypse Lane until the first few episodes came it's one of my top favorites! So I'll keep watching and give this a try. The thing is, the jokes are there, I just think the pacing is off. That's the best way I can explain it. Like with the first real episode...maybe there should have been music or something in the background to offset the pacing of the voice actors. But I dunno.

Pretty funny even if it was just to poke some fun at the original episode, maybe they can do a little one of these between every episode or just every now and then cuz i liked it!

They are really trying to get people to like this series. Can you just admit that its not funny and give up on it.

Dude, even if it does suck, they are going to try to improve.

Just to get people mad at me:


"auto-tune the sword" was a definite gutbuster.

I found it very lame!

that been fun and funny at the same time

Nice idea with the cutouts. They should do a series with this.

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