237: The Tao of Leveling

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That was a really thought-provoking article....

I did really enjoy the part where he says having a disability doesn't affect your status, it merely changes your class.

Very awesome

(I'm probably about a level 20 Piano Sage)

"To Level, You Must First Realize There Is No Level"

Well for 19 years of my life I haven't realised there was levels.
Does that mean I'm lv100 and know Hyper Beam?

Completely unrelated, what's the font that was used in the graphic "When players' entertainment..."? :)

Well, my tag skills in real life are probably :

Small guns skill
Unarmed Skill
Agillity Skill

I would say im about a level 343543....


I have to guess I am a level 13 and I need to level up.

Well, my stats are pretty obvious. Strength 30, Intelligence 51, Willpower 68, Agility 47, Speed 74, Endurance 36, Personality 43, Luck 85.
Level 49 Complacent, 103 health, 1024 magicka.

However, if you're referring to stats that aren't a parallel to Oblivion, then probably infinity factorial, for all of them. "Why, you egomaniac?" you gasp. Well, why not?

i have aboslutly NO FREAKING idea WHAT lvl i am, nor had i even thought about it till now, but a rough guess would put me at lvl 3 ( by D&D's lvling settup of max being 20 )not done a lot but a few things here and there

Genius article.

It makes perfect sense. I would prefer a game like that. Though Oblivion was doing someting towards it as you gained blocking skill and blunt weapon skill by USING them.

Oh and I am not sure what level or stats i have. Nor care all that much.

The essential problem here is that in games, life progress is measureable by those little increasing numbers. In real life, we have to define what we mean for our own life progress or whether we want to think with that concept at all; plus, we're a lot more apt to lose things as well as gain in real life than in games, where progress tends to mean permanent progress. Game characters don't forget things, or suddenly question whether all this monster fighting is ultimately worth the effort; and they definitely don't tell all the problems of the world to fuck off and start a writing career instead. Basically the direct comparison doesn't work all that well.

this is probably one of the most interesting articles/views on life i've ever seen....

providing that i'm using his examples as a guide

I'm most likely a level 21 Bard
(i love to sing; its my life)

any skills i would have are as follows:

Advanced Long Blade Mastery (im proficient with a katana)
Advanced Unarmed Mastery (black belts in 2 types of martial arts)
A Keen Ear for Music
Tough Hide II

thats all i can think of

Well, I can make my friends laugh, and I can read. I have higher int. and defense than, say, a toddler.

So Level 30 Student? (Allowing for sixth form and university, besides learning bits and bobs when I'm an adult.)
Level 5 Writer maybe :|

I'm roughly level 20.............wow, that was a good artlice.

What level am I? That's probably one of the most thought-provoking questions I've ever been asked - taking the concept of levelling, something I thought I had a competent understanding of, and applying it to my life; suddenly it's not so simple. Perhaps it's part of my nature, being a man who's far more fond of the arts rather than mathematics, but applying a number to something as mind-blowingly complex as my life is something I just can't do. Maybe this is just me, but everything I've experienced in my short time on earth - the things I've seen, the people I've met, my accomplishments, my failures - cannot be summed up numerically. To do so would diminish their value, regardless of how high the number was. I think this article just goes to show that there are certain aspects of video games which are best left within the game itself.

Besides, if I was forced to choose my level, I already know what it would be:

To quantify the unique individual to a number would be impossible because that would engender the idea that people could be rated for worth.

i would probably say i'm at level 15. Strength 17 Agility 12 Intellegence 27 Luck 6. i still have a few bosses to fight "Lord Procrastination: i'll do it tommorrow". i have no job class right now XD(really need one) Training to become Game Programmer Sage Warrior! my speacial ability is Charm

level 27, with some serious short comings on a few skills, whilst having mastered others!

Interesting stuff. I wonder if some one could form some kind of list to work out what level you are. I often wonder, in an apocalypses situation (zombies, nuclear war, you know the usual) would I be a survivor......er LVL 40 (41 if I manage to run the half marathon later this year)

I'm about lv 16 I said, time to fight some young dragons.

My mind is blown.

when i have a nephew or niece i'll start tracking skill levels ... tha'd be awesome by the time they're 18 they can say 'uncle's been keeping track and i'm a level 30 human speced to being awesome (lvl 20) and playing vija games (lvl 35)'

it's a statistician's dream to accurately level everyone

Loved the article, passed it on to my gamer friends.

I've multi-classed a bit with a healthy mix of academic pursuits and qualifications, sword fencing, martial arts and being an incorrigible romantic to my love.

Dnd, I'd say something like 8 (easy to get some of those first levels), out of 100, I'd say 30. There is a lot of mastery to achieve yet.

To quantify the unique individual to a number would be impossible because that would engender the idea that people could be rated for worth.

Mastery is not an illusion! Beginning is easy, achieving more and increasing one's worth and abilities is always hard. The idea that we in the west are fed, that all are equal and the same, is false. See tests, gradings, demonstrations of proficiencies for the truth.

I have always disliked the mandatory leveling system implemented in most games. Much in a similar way as class x cannot ever wear armor y. I prefer a skills based game where skill increase depending on use or training. And most importantly, there are no levels. Unfortunately I don't know any RPG that uses such a system.

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