Zero Punctuation: Darksiders

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Looks like solid rental to me.

i like warhammer 40k and i think war is ugly

The only game that's a blatant God of War rip off on that entire line up was Dante's Inferno. Bayonetta is closer to DMC and Darksiders is closer to Zelda. So what the fuck was the point of that slide?

Well i think Yahtzee did a great job there reviewing god of wa... beh, darksiders

When it comes to games that have taken features from other games what titles do you think have managed to do it well and without being what you would consider a rip off (this isn't disputing what you say about Darksiders but a comparison to something that did it right would be interesting).

Ah a new ZP and 3 new is good ^-^

seemed like he referenced the thread "is yahtzee a critic y/n" or whatever.. when he said "you might have noticed in all the grown up reviews that.."

good review!

So, was it good? You never quite said.
It was more: "It's a ripoff, it's a ripoff of another game, it's got combat, art direction.

My jaw wasnt made for 4 minutes of tearful laughter.


Loved the review, loved the game.

If you love Zelda to the point that you're replaying the older ones and salivating at the new one on the horizon, get this game. The guys over at Penny Arcade like it but then most of the people on this forum probably already know that.


To be honest, I thought Darksiders was a PS3 only game. Now I know it's on 360, I'm skeptical. Thanks Yahtzee.

thus explains your 4000+ posts

haha no but seriously, I just never got into this genre
the only game of its type I own is Wolverine Uncaged but that's only cuz I liked the character (and it was on sale)

Well, as I have already said else where, I have friends who also have MANY faults with this game. RENTAL MAN POWERS, ACTIVATE...

...After three days postage.

I'm sure this has been asked and answered a lot, but I can't find it... Who is that guy that Yahtzee uses kind of a lot in his reviews? This time he was a part of the hat that had the two cats.

Yahtzee must of been sick for the past few days because this review is better then others he has done. and besides I think War looks cool (YES I am a 40k fan)!!!!!

This is one of the best ZP's I've seen thus far.

Good one!

This was very good. I laughed A LOT at this. For some reason, War reminds me of the character the band High on Fire put on their album "Death is this Communion."

Best review in a while methinks :P

Good job.

The only game in that line up that is a GOW clone is Dante's Inferno which even has the same cutscenes for when you acquire magic only replacing the Greek Pantheon with Saints.

Bayonetta is not in the least bit a GOW clone except for the fact that they both have QTE designed to break controllers and induce carpel tunnel at age 20. Other than that it has nothing to qualify it as a GOW clone. Now Devil May Cry on the other hand, is a different story but then again Kamiya worked on DMC so its understandable.

lol i like when he said "who thinks this looks cool?"

and i was like "ummm me"

then he said "apart from those creatures who like Warhammer 40k"

I LOLed so hard (cos i like 40k)

I'd have to say Bayonetta is more of an alternative to a DMC game than a rip off of GOW. I found Darksiders better than Yahtzee gives credit for. I don't find it a rip off of a GOW game as I don't play God of War games. Plus the use of portals is fairly lazy compared to that of Portal, but it's forgivable since the entire Portal game was built around that single portal using mechanic.

Plus it was kinda unnerving that War's appearance looked like Vigil Games got the creators of WoW and Warhammer to argue for months and made him out of whatever design had the most detail.

I *LIKE* playing as an ultra manly character. How many people want to play as an accountant as Reebok or something?

I knew I couldn't have been the only one who thought that the character designs looked like they had been ripped clean off of Warhammer 40K! Anyway, enjoyed the review, looking forward for the eventual (if it ever comes) Silent Hill: Shattered Memories review.

Saying Bayonetta is God of War ripoff is extremely inaccurate. It is a lot closer to Devil May Cry, its by the same creator of Devil May Cry, and Devil May Cry came before God of War. Besides, one is based on badassery and the other on style. Also, Bayonetta's combat is better and more rewarding than God of War 1&2. Far enough, they are older, let's wait for GoW3.

What's wrong with Warhammer 40k?
Also, haven't there been enough beat 'em ups that are similar to God of War for them to be considered a different genre rather than just God of War ripoffs?

Well, I can't say I agree with his juvenile stab at people who play 40k. Whilst it's true some of the art and model work is absolutely festooned with seals, parchments, cloaks, pelts, pouches and so on, it's meant to be. 40k epitomises manliness to the point where practicality is tossed out of the window, and makes no excuses for it. At least 40k is unashamedly over the top, and doesn't get all broody whilst doing so. Also, I am far from gelatinous, thank you.
In any case, War looks like somebody basically took Arthas from World of Warcraft, switched a few bits around, and then changed the name.

i like warhammer 40k and i think war is ugly

I must concur with this other gelatinous creature, please don't lump us in with Darksiders, our massive space marines are actually really big on clean flat surfaces... just really big ones,

So, I am in a minority here. I enjoyed the game actually. Of course I also like Warhammer 40k, so that basically means im just a prick.

I bought Darksiders because I typically don't buy games where I am a bad ass (I don't like Space Marines =( ). War's personality was appropriately lacking. I think it is somewhat funny that Yahtzee mentions he never has to expierience standard Human life expieriences, and then goes on to swing around and mention that War has no real character/personality, I think that is half the point isn't it? Now to say they couldn't have done a better job is incorrect, but it seems the reasoning is flawed there.

Darksiders could have been better, but would I say it was bad? no. Could it have been better? of course, but that si the case with all games after the fact. With the exception of portal, which was amazing and has a special place in my heart, probably the place that used to let me feel love.

With that said, I like Warhammer 40k.. So I am a prick.

And yes, War is actually Arthas in disguise, Arthas played TF2, rolled a spy, and is now disguised, badly.

So this game would be better if War acted like a bombastic asshole? Actually that does sound interesting...

*shrugs* 1) beat it already
2) on my second play through on 'apcoliptic' or hard for the normal ppl
and 3) this is one of those times where i'm gonna have to say yahtzee is full of it.

i like Darksiders, and while i've a few of my own issues with the game (the diffaculty being one) i've enjoyed my time with it.

and btw, god of war is technicly ripping off devil may cry, ( go ahead, look up wich came out first, i dare you) only made it less interesting, and with an unlikable character

and Bayonetta had the guy FROM the DMC team on it, so it more of a DMC rip off XD

If anything War looks EXACTLY like Arthas, not the Space Marines (screw space marines anyway) I'm a fan of 40k because I like how ridiculously over the top everything is.

If you are going to make a game based 40,000 years in the future and try to make a coherent and serious story based on warfare. It's going to fall apart. With the scale 40k as everything is blown so ridiculously out of proportion its interesting seeing what they come up with next.

To each his own I guess. Yahtzee thought the Orange Box was the pinnacle of gaming and I thought Portal was good and I didn't like Half-Life 2 or Team Fortress 2. They say variety is good and people can like whatever they want. Besides who HASNT incurred the wrath of yahtzee yet?

well, i knew for a fact that yahtzee would hate this game, but i'm still gonna buy it (after all, i don't have a PS3 anymore, so how am I gonna get my God of War fix?)

If anything War looks EXACTLY like Arthas

dude, he DOES look exactly like arthas, come to think of it, i think i'd play a hack n' slash revolving around arthas... that'd be pretty fun! hell, dude, that may be one of the best ideas ever! SOMEONE SUBMIT THIS TO BLIZZARD!


If anything War looks EXACTLY like Arthas

dude, he DOES look exactly like arthas, come to think of it, i think i'd play a hack n' slash revolving around arthas... that'd be pretty fun! hell, dude, that may be one of the best ideas ever! SOMEONE SUBMIT THIS TO BLIZZARD!

This does have some striking similarities.


Arthas is actually the horseman Death, but he ditched War to hang with Blizzard and run Icecrown. Arthas and War are twin brothers, its so obvious now.

Burn, burn, bizzurn, bizzurn.

I only saw clips of it, but the "collect enemy souls to power up weapons" shtick combined with the "melee to death a plethora of mythological creatures" ploy made this so extraordinarily derivative in my eyes that I would not ever want to play it.

well done yahtzee, i think that this may have been your best review yet.

Also, if you can reflect light, use a "hookshot" and something else (i cant remember what it was) then they are obviously copying ZELDA!

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