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so I'm sitting here thinking to myself 'wow is ZP just not fun[ny] anymore?' and then tonight I realized it's just that I haven't been interested in many games lately at all (especially the God of War genre...yeah I guess at this point it IS the genre, one I never had interest in along with fighting games like Soul Calibur which I tried to like)

but Darksiders...well I guess I have this free rental deal thing and I was thinking about games to rent and for a bit I was like 'hmmm maybe this' and then watching this vid was oh so enjoyable ^^


His accent sounds faked.

Are you an ass?


you know, there are cases where someone would be from a particular country, and perhaps they moved around a bit growing up and therefore their accent becomes a bit mixed or is less defined
then perhaps one would have a "fake sounding" accent like some I've heard

"Gilly suit with saucepans"...I HATE THAT FRIGGIN' LOOK!

lol that was a great way to describe it...
or maybe it's just that I'm thinking about making a homemade ghillie suit xp

The game exceeded my expectations. If you ask me, it outclasses Bayonetta which focuses on style as oppossed to substance.

The game developers I think actually watch Yahtzee's previous Zelda review and took his advice.
"Next time you make a Zelda game, don't call it Zelda"

So many similarities to Zelda games but far better. You don't have to play a song and wait for your horse to show up AND you have a jump button.

I think they watched his Portal review as well. Haha.

Why were so many people suspended/banned for replying?

Hey. i like warhammer 40k, and i'm not a loser.

Did he just say Zelda was a good game? I tought he hated those games.

this is realy a awesome game you just make fun of every game you see :D....WITCH IS FUNNY AS HELL

but Darksiders is a Awesome game and it diserves repect

"A gun that opens orange and blue portals! FANTASTIC!"
I loved darksiders, but i also loved the review.

lil zane:
the only warharmer 40k stuff that sucks are the rts so up yours

No, Firewarrior was about as bad as a FPS of it's generation can possibly get. DoW 1 and it's packs are fairly solid, except for the voice acting in that one which is so bad GW's mascot force the SPESS MAHREENS canonically lost as a way of apologizing. For Firewarrior they even made up a special scenario that lets you play as Kais on the tabletop, against a bunch of Chaos Marines in Kill Team, giving him a Silenced Rail Rifle with Assault 2 (instead of Heavy 1). They also had some marketing for Firewarrior besides the book. Pity they didn't spend that money on making a game that wouldn't alienate 40k players AND FPS players. This isn't the first video with references to 40k though, a few of them have space marine images replaced with Spess Mahreen figures, so I'm waiting for a 40k game review. Except Firewarrior.

As for Darksiders, with the exception of Warral Reef's armor (the gauntlet and sword are okay, the scythe is more coral shaped into a scythe) I liked the viuals much more than any 3D Zelda game. People who complain about the game stealing this and that seem to forget the level that rips off Star Fox very blatantly, though the end of the level with SUDDENLY BAT makes it one of the more memorable ones. The NPC cast in general is much more interesting than Warrel himself; The Hammer was a bit of green and funny ears away from being a Shrek cameo, though naming an angel Abbadon is glaringly obvious foreshadowing to anyone who plays 40k. Or skimmed though some of those old holy books.

Tbh, I got as far as where Yahtzee states Bayonetta is a God of War rip off and switched off. I'm surprised he didn't say Ninja Gaiden was also a God of War rip off.

Mr Yahtzee, I do generally enjoy some of your rants but please get your facts correct.

Bayonetta was directed by Hideki Kamiya. The same guy whom directed the original Devil May Cry (Ps2); God of War being released quite some time after Dmc.

Take away the Greek Mythology storyline and God of War uses a lot of Dmc's ideas, which I can list off if you wish. One quick example, you have the multi stage Boss fight with Mundus.. add qte's and what have you got.... Even David Jaffe (director God of War 1 and 2) has commented on it.

Hideki Kamiya has always had his own style, preference on games mechanics (combat engine etc) you only have to look as far as Okami. So, as far as Bayonetta goes its the spiritual successor of Dmc and probably what Hideki would've done had he have made the sequels (Dmc 2, 3 and 4).

I like Warhammer 40K but I didn't like War's design.

This has been bugging me, what's a 'gillie suit'? (assuming I even spelled that right)

WTF YAHTZEE! warhammer 40k is an art form (or at least the painting is) and made when space marines were an original idea. i dont see what you could possibly have against it!

This has been bugging me, what's a 'gillie suit'? (assuming I even spelled that right)

a gillie suit is a pair of clothes covered in leaves and camouflagie stuff for jungle ambushes.

Yes it's finally out of the closet. Us 40k players (THE BOARD GAME) are blobs of gelatin.

"Im A Monster Truck That Walks Like A Man!" Yahtzee's reaction to being War is GOLD!

I am sorry to say this but... ARE YOU ALL RETARDED? OMG GOD OF WAR RIPOFF BOO HOO BULLSHIT! it is almost the same as the old soul reaver and legacy of cain series in general, the character takes basic looks from both Cain and Raziel, he has a sword that gets better eventually, he can shoot some stuff and solves puzzles that involve pushing things, the shadow realm is like Raziel`s dead mode realm thing etc. etc. etc. Don`t give GoW and Zelda credit for EVERYTHING that newer games of this genre try to do. Also, Darksiders was released on PC unlike 80% of games these days, it was much better than this review makes it look and overall was quite enjoyable.
P.S. I know it kinda copied portal with the whole... well... portals XD but the other stuff was used in so many other games that calling it "ripping off" is like saying Versace is making a DG ripoff since they both make clothes. (I used that comparison since I don`t know any better worldwide known stuff to compare BTW)

Hmm, well it really is a bit 'like' GoW, but hey GoW is not the first '3rd Person Hack&Slash'.

For me it is like that: Arthas + HM F.A.K.K 2 + Soul Reaver + Portal + GoW = Darksiders!

And I like Arthas and all of the above => I like Dakrsiders :)

Oh, and if I want a good sensible story, I'll read a book or try playing 'Point 'n click' / Mystery genre...and not 3rd person hack/slash, duh...


i like warhammer 40k and i think war is ugly

I must concur with this other gelatinous creature, please don't lump us in with Darksiders, our massive space marines are actually really big on clean flat surfaces... just really big ones,

though i really do have no excuse being a chaos player

Lol, Gelatinous creatures? Thats why i gave up 40k!

i got this game recently 75% off($5) on steam
i and while like so far(i just recently got the portal gun like object)

is have to agree with that this game lacks it's own identity

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