Zero Punctuation: Darksiders

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Best review ever. The world thank this man for his potent honesty. exactly do you get Bayonetta = God of War, and NOT Devil May Cry?

I mean, the comparison still works, but seems so much more obvious to go with DMC

Christ, can people not tell the difference between two beat 'em ups?

Darksiders and Dante's Inferno are God of War clones. For sure. But Bayonetta is a Devil May Cry clone. And even if it was a ''god of war clone'', Devil May Cry came out four fucking years before God of war did. And the person fucking made Bayonetta is the same guy who made Devil May Cry.

So by your logic, God of War is a Bayonetta clone. Fuck.

WAR! huh! Good gall y'all! What is he good for? Absolutely NOTHIN! NOTHIN! You can say it again!

Hilarious review. I was upset about none of the spectacle fighters being on the PC but now I don't really regret it. Bayonetta would be nice though... DMC's nerdy sister

this game is nothing like god of war
your so silly!

quite a bit of rage there

I saw a review once of this game and I honestly believed I was watching an early GoW 3 review.

Excellent review. My only problem with it is that Bayonetta is a God of War clone in much the same way as Devil May Cry 3 is a God of War clone.

Well the guys who made Darksiders are making the Warhammer 40k MMO, which maybe explains the costume. So yeah.

Haha I knew he wouldn't like it. Me though I love the fucking game and everything about it, guess I'm a 23 year old with the mind of a 14 year old then :P

I would hardly call this a GoW clone though. Yeah, it's 3rd person action-adventure where you collect currency off of dead enemies...who honestly thinks this is a unique feature of GoW? If anything, Devil May Cry was doing this 4 years before GoW came around.

I would say this is much closer to Zelda than GoW. In fact, I would say this is the best Zelda game to come out in years.

Also, for those who are saying they are going to stay away from this based on ZP, I would hardly call ZP's reviews "fair" :P

Hilarious review, but I have to say that I am absolutely loving this game despite the fact that it takes so many elements from other games. I feel like I'm being real defensive here, but at the end of the day it's all about having fun and I am having buckets of it with Darksiders.

I am a monster truck on legs!

It is also rather amusing watching everybody complain about which game is a clone of what,oh dear, the internet.

I have been waiting for this game to be torn a new one. can't beleave i spent 60 bucks on this game.

I still like your little hat!!!

That was pretty funny, and lols is so much better while you being insulted. -Twitch- (40K for life!)

But yeah, I did love that, had some great puns and was a lot watchable then recent reviews, I was kinda tutting about all those games being like GoD, but meh, it still has some good laughs.

Excellent review. My only problem with it is that Bayonetta is a God of War clone in much the same way as Devil May Cry 3 is a God of War clone.

Thats because bayonetta is a devil may cry clone.

OT: Good review was actually considering buying the game to check it out.

I prefer the depth and complexity of God of War. Unfortunately all the debates Kratos has ends with the losers getting their limbs chopped off.

Excellent review, I laughed out loud twice! Back on form for Yahtzee it seems.
I'm sure if I played this game I'd actually enjoy it though, because I'm a big zelda nerd, and one-button combat is better than loads of combos I never bother to learn...

i'm slightly ashamed of myself for liking warhammer now....

I laughed a lot during this review. Thanks for the fun, Yahtz!

Though I must admit, I was hoping for a "yay, this was fun" review. I've heard good things about Darksiders and Yahtzee's stamp of approval would have been like a chariot descending from the heavens to deliver unto me a thumbs up to go out and sacrifice my money to this game. Now I remain undecided. *sniff*

lol awesome review but i think hes off a little, its more like...zelda ripoff, devil may cry ripoff, REAL god of war ripoff, then god of war =D

Okay, so War does look like a four year old drew him up after reading Spawn comics for two weeks straight... I'm glad we're all agreed here. But how can stealing all your gameplay from GoW and Zelda be bad? Madman!!!

Also it wasn't as funny as usual... too much hate (or is it warped angst? fnar fnar).

Best review Yahtzee's done in a while.

"I am a monster truck that walks like a man!"

Gotta love the people that are like OOH I WAS GONNA GET THIS BUT YATZEE SAID THE DESIGN WAS BAD SO IM NOT GONNA. I guess when your mom buys all your games you can't afford to make up your own mind.

THAT said, the review was pretty funny. Even though I disagree with the sentiment that God of War somehow both invented and mastered the genre.

Pestilence would be fun to play as. I think it could make a nice sequel.

I really enjoyed this game, i found it fun challenging and visually interesting, I also enjoyed the puzzles and although I personally think a combination like this works if your really that worried about 'originality' then enjoy the 2 games you have bought in the last 5 years. But i understand why Yahtzee wouldn't like this game, he does hold people to the standard of originality. And sense that's all he really talked about we know everything else is PERFECT (not really), also i thought Yahtzee once commented on a game only really using 1 main attack button because he said something like, 'if its all the players are going to do why does it matter.'

Although this does bring up something I'm kinda miffed about. Why is it now the entire hack n' slash genre is refereed to as "God of War" clone. I'm getting tired of it, oh sure God war probably was one of the most popular but it wasn't the first. And I bet you this God of War 3 is gonna be less original then this game.

And Dante's inferno is pretty much a carbon copy from what I've seen in the demo.

One his better videos recently. I personally enjoyed Darksiders, but I do also agree with his complaints and the combat is kind of broken.

Bayonetta is definitely more Devil May Cry than God of War, but it's hardly a carbon copy of DMC unless DMC3's gameplay was quite a bit different from what I remember (Which is entirely possible, as I haven't played it in years)or DMC4 really changed things up (still haven't played it).

Well God Of War wasn't especially unique itself, so I have mixed opinions about criticizing games for ripping it off. Zelda is a better complaint.

Very amusing review though.

Oh yes, one minor point I will make is that I think the comments about the "14 year old ideal of masculinity" sort of misses the target. Rather I'd simply say that the game is presenting typical masculinity, face it... guys are wired that way. The modern meterosexuals are more or less an attempt at self supression.

Or let me put it to you this way, we can either have a macho dude driven by a desire to protect, avenge, conquer, and destroy, who acts like a warrior (which mandates a degree of emotional repression while he's doing his thing), or some dude who wants to sit around and talk about his feelings and confusion over the state of human emotion constantly.

I suppose one of the big problems is that a compromise is VERY hard to do, which is why the tiny handfull of characters that pull it off are noteworthy. In general you've got a choice between a Soldier/Warrior, a sarcastic swashbuckler type, or some fruit who would be the the lead man for a chick flick (or one of those gay-seeming supernatural creatures from paranormal romance books and the movies based on them).

In general, I think the withdrawn attitude is pretty realistic to what people who survive via violence wind up like. Granted, they DO insert too much angst into it though which I do not see as a nessicary conclusion.

I suppose War could have been done as the witty "Swashbuckler" of the Nathan Drake mould, which is what you'd get the the "check it out, I'm a monster truck with legs" vibe. However I imagine Yahtzee would have hated that more...

I'll admit that he's right about the combat in that the only button you "need" is X but in my opinion the combat is really as fun as you make it. Even though you can get by with just pressing X it is a lot more fun to utilize all the moves in your arsenal.

The only problem is that they don't give you any incentive to vary your moves. If they had some sort of system like DMC where your "rank" increases and rewards you for being stylish, I would see this as a plus.

I still use all my moves anyways but hey, that's just me.

Yahtzee sounded a bit angrier this review.

cause he was channelling war I assume.

Also to calling Bayonetta God of War clone is a bit of a stretch. Now a DMC clone I could understand due to the emphasis on "stylish combat" compared to the more brutal kind employed by GoW and considering the creator of DMC was also involved in Bayonetta.

That being said this was one of the best ones for ages, every so often I feel ZP stagnates and the you do a bloody good one like this

I expected him to unleash wrath against this game. I predict that the hate will grow more as he reviews the next set of clones.

This was a damn good one, simply because Yahtzee was more angry sounding.
Yahtzee, we're shallow, what can we say? You rant, we laugh, it works. =]

"the whipped cream genocide bruhaha"= square square square
omg laughed for like 10 minutes at this

A real return to form. "War looks like a Coral reef on legs". That rant made me laugh.

I find this one of the most hilarious reviews to date, especially considering how I agree with absolutely everything he said.

Hi guys, I'm one of the gelatinous creatures who likes the designs of warhammer 40k.

This is mainly because everything in warhammer 40k is badass.

I agree, however, that everything else that overdoes it with the armor/style/whatever looks bad. WoW especially looks like a circus.

Yeah and after you review those god of war ripp off, and god of'll have splatterhouse and castlevania: lord of shadows to look forward's going to be an immensely fun year indeed...XP

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