Zero Punctuation: Darksiders

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Heh. Nice job Yahtzee. Speaking a bit faster and angrier now are we?

Yeah...seemed to not be a happy bunny at all!

Not bad.
I wounder if he's gonna mention the clothes falling off in Bayonetta...... he might not......

With all of the games that "are "like God of War but.." why doesn't Yahtzee do a retro review of God of War to see how it compares to the shameless copiers, possibly during the Summer Game Drought (especially with Australia being Australia)

excellent review i like the more angry style voice. Of course i not buy this game, i don't play console games.

I'll go ahead and assume that the bit about the combat is wrong (simply because there's been a running theme for a while now of saying one thing in ZP and then correcting it in the column), but this one made me laugh, so it's all good.

lol @ Star Trek reference (not that I watch that). Blue and orange portals.. how imaginative.

Seems like Yahtzee's back in the game a bit more - this was really funny :D

I loled, especially at the "god.... of war" bits. I am glad the Bayo review is confirmed, I own it, love it and will be even more amused by the review because of that :D

alright alright.. so maby darksiders was not that great and so on and so forth... and we know you are pissed about the coming up rip offs.. but nevertheless good and funny review!

I adored this critique.
It was the funniest I have seen in a while and perhaps the clever-est.
I think when the game is the right kind of bad he can really shine.
Thank goodness for this shite game.

Sorry, not a JoeMad fan.

No, Aussie, you are the warhammer

and then Yahtzee was jello.

Goddamn, Wargammer 40k characters aren't that overdrawn. Unless you're a SMkiddo, Aussie.

Yathzee made fun of Warhammer 40,000... WAAAAHHHHHH.... Of course, he was a lot kinder to the original (and rather oversized) Space Marines then he was to Darksiders, so I don't have to send a platoon of killer skunks to his house.

Remember back when combat-heavy games were called Devil May Cry clones?

Ah, those were simpler times...

Definitely one of the funniest reviews.

*Listens to denouncing of Warhammer 40k fans*

*Looks down sadly*

"Ow, my pride..."

I love the imp sequences during the credits.

meh, I still like it better when he actualy likes games, hearing him just bitch about things gets old very fast

I always enjoy watching ZP, but today's? Today's is fantastic.

Between the Borg Collective, Warhammer 40k, and "I AM A MONSTER TRUCK THAT WALKS LIKE A MAN" I barely stopped laughing.

Bayonetta is made by the guys who made Devil May cry isn't it?
So its not a rip off...just a reskinned DMC...with tits.

Ancora molto recensione divertente.

meh, I still like it better when he actualy likes games, hearing him just bitch about things gets old very fast

Well then you're on the wrong broadcast lol

Yeah I hate characters wearing clothes that must take around three hours to put on.

You do have to throw us 40k boys a throw in the fact that the zerg completely ripped off tyranids.

OT: Good review as always. This one actually seems more like an actual review to me then just making a good ol' rant about it. Good show.

So far I'm enjoying Darksiders, its kind of like Zelda but with a better concept.

And despite taking up most of the review, the art direction is better than what could have been, IE gritty realistic bondage style that plagues most over the top violent action adventures of some form of Mythology.

Dante's Inferno will be the biggest offender... but then again pure hell would loose its impact if in any other style, I'll have to wait a see.

Now to get another thing off my chest. Darksiders response, while great does focus on the derivative elements despite the FACT I know the next Zelda game will be praised to death for its samey elements... at least Darksiders mixed it up with other games.

*Sigh* Okay, which one of you guys started the thread?

The only real god of war rip off in the line up he mentioned is Dante's inferno. Bayonetta is more like devil may cry and darksiders takes a hell of a lot more from zelda then it does from god of war. So that first part of the review wasn't so clever.

For a man who wears the same crappy hat like hes some sort of cartoon character, I dont think Yahtzee has the aesthetic standard to be able to insult Warhammer.

I bought Darksiders, I tried to give it a go, but it was kinda lame. I should have waited for Yahtzees review first. Lesson learned.

*Sigh* Okay, which one of you guys started the thread?

Oh wow, I can see my post from up here.

Excellent! One of his best in a while. I love it when a game pisses him off so much, because hilarity inevitably ensues.

He made fun of 40k... I dislike this review now >.>

Excellent review, funny and imaginative, I have to agree with most of what he said.

P.S. 40k outfits look awesome.

better than the previous

Top notch review and very satisfying to watch at 5am in the morning after random insomnia. Thank you for (hopefully) starting my day on an angry note Yahtzee. <3

I picked it up at the same time as Bayonetta.

I expected to dismiss Bayonetta, fun as the combat might have been, and fall in love with Darksiders.

That was far from the case. I am playing through Darksiders because I want to finish it, the story is decent and I actually really enjoy the art design.

But the fact that the game has raped and ripped every DECENT game (Portal, Zelda, God of War, Devil May Cry) and even a good movie (Sameal = Tim Curry from Legend) just pisses me off to no end. And when the creator decrys it similarites saying "Well, God of War didn't have a dynamic camera"


I didn't find the game all that easy, but maybe it's because I didn't have patience to just dodge and hit X, X, X, X, X... X.

When new enemies would pop up, I'd constantly sigh out of frustration, because most of the big bad guys weren't hard, but just BORING and they took so damn long to beat.

I'm finding a new home for this game once I'm done. I just wish I'd have piled through it and returned it in the first week to Gamestop to get my money back... Sigh.

Isn't Bayonetta more of a Devil May Cry rip off than a God of War rip off due to the combat being based on style instead of blood...just saying

OT: The Zelda bits off this game are the bits that make me want to rent it

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