Escape to the Movies: Legion

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I liked the "Book of Eli" for the same reason I like well made movies about any mythology: When I don't believe in it, it is just set dressing and narrative. It was a well produced and acted story that uses a Christian plot in a Fallout world. Denzel is a good actor when he shuts his mouth, and Gary Oldman does play the same post apoc tyrant that has ever been, but his goals illustrate a good metaphor: control natural resources and use religion to expand control; Eli is freedom of religion, something that can't be bought or stamped out by persecution.

"Legion" takes the same route, replace Gabriel and Michael with Fenrir and Thor or Ares and Hercules and you have the same basic story in my mind. But like Moviebob pointed out, it isn't well executed, so regardless of attempts to be edgy, it just come off as poorly rehashed, like catching a glimpse of the "Left Behind" movies on the scary-religious channel some Saturday afternoon spent surfing. I doubt there is any symbolism to be found in this film.

That's one out of the two reasons why I dislike material like Evangellion, which also had the double-whammy of featuring batshit-crazy teens piloting mecha and fucking themselves over with their insanities. No thanks, I'm good.

While I actually like the series I would have to say that that is probably the best description of Neon Genisis Evangellion I've ever heard... But I what I find more questionable is how the hell Spawn is inferior to NGE. Mind you as I've already said I enjoy Neon Genisis Evangellion, but I preffer Spawn much more because; well he's fucking Spawn, he's like The Punisher if he was tasked with fighting the legions of hell itself.

Okay it may just be me but I just have a big black box over the screen. The only thing the box does not cover is embed and help and after going through the help section I still get that big black box.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Okay now I can see it. Nice review as always.


Besides, I have a very deep fear of Revelation. Maybe it's my aforementioned respect, but Revelation is the granddaddy of all apocalypses: where plague and nature ravage humanity while we're persecuting and warring against ourselves. That's one out of the two reasons why I dislike material like Evangellion, which also had the double-whammy of featuring batshit-crazy teens piloting mecha and fucking themselves over with their insanities. No thanks, I'm good.

Same reasons I never did like Evangellion as well, I'd rather have drunk and crazy Starbuck at the controls of one of things than Asuka or Shinji, hell I'd take Saul Tigh controling one.

"God is a meathead douchebag... in the movie anyway"

Moviebob, I know that you are afraid of Christians coming in to burn your house down, but come on! One of the reasons that I'm an athiest is because I read the Bible from cover to cover.

And the one thing I kept noticing throughout was that time and time again, God proved himself to be the genocidal douchebag rather than the benevolent parental figure that Christians keep going on about. Which leads me to the conclusion that most Christians, don't actually read the very text that they consider holy.

But to get back on topic...
Good review. When the trailers first appeared, I remember thinking to myself that if this spawns a glut of angelic survival horror movies/games, then at least I would have one more thing to laugh about the idiots who ate this shit up... and I even came up with a title for one of the games that would pop up if this "genre" took off... Left 4 Feathers.

I just have to say I liked the Eva bit you slipped in there.

More on topic, good review and reasons not to see the movie, though granted I wasn't planning to in the first place.

BTW, Neon Genesis has nothing to do with Christianity. They used the names because they thought they sounded cool and non of the people involved were Christin and has third hand knowledge of Christianity at best.

What do you mean it's not symbolic?

If MB is going to invoke tvtropes, then so will I.

good review Movie bob. I thought the idea was a little iffy too.

BTW I am also with COCO

why all this hate for spawn?...
The tv series was good and part of the comix where also good.

Uh-oh. You've got that, "I want to beat the fat little man" look in your eyes.

I get the feeling he hates movie like Eli and Legion just because they use the christian mythos as a basis. I went see Eli last week even after I'd watched his review and thought it was a great movie, now I haven't seen this one so he may end up being right. Still I can't help feeling there's a bit of "christian hate" behind his reviews on both movies.

Oh, well. I was hoping for a good action flick with this one. Maybe it'll still be worthy of an MST3K night or something.

And I am also with CoCo.

Goth + Geek was something that always had to happen. And thank the stars it did.

So basically if I want to see evil angels set in a religious context I should keep watching Supernatural?

Not that I'm questioning his acting skill in particular, but has Dennis Quaid ever been in a good movie? I can't think of one he's been in that I found myself remotely interested in...



Only one of the best Sci-fi movies EVER!?

I will say this, God is not for movies video games or tv, he's for chruch. just deal with it

ok as not only a Christian but as a pastor and a gamer i would like to clear one or to things up. One not all Christian or Bible touting nut jobs, just like any group of people the crazies are the loudest. two not only is the primose of this movie ridiculousness but from a Biblicaly wrong. God is not some cranky old man that like to show His power form time to time and smite so humans that are getting out of line. Now was for this reveiw well i can see where moviebob is coming from, i never went to Catholic school but i have friend that did and i got to say i'm glad my dad was Methodist. but to be honist the movie didn't look all that good from the perverse, so yeah. but Bob i do want u to know that not all of us Christians are nut jobs, k. no were in the Bible did Jesus tell the people to "go out and speak agents the whole of gamer culture." all he say was to love people and that's really it. oh and Bob i know ur busy but are u going to do any more of those Gameover Thinkers. I'm really looking foreword to a new one.

I will say this, God is not for movies video games or tv, he's for chruch. just deal with it

well i don't know about that. though yes not one has done it right yet. i mean most "Christian" games suck, (and this is coming from a pastor) and most "non-Christian" game miss the mark so bad they took out a school three mil. away. so i guess what i'm saying is yes if you can't do it right don't do it at all.

Now that review was better. Thanks for elaborating this time. /highfive

The Cherubim Black Ops Death Squad requires founding. Right now. Or at least a promotional video...

Good review, pretty much what I expected this to end up as, although with zombies.

I thought the only Angels that were truly badass were the ones in gods army of which Michael was the field commander...

Why does god need an army again?

This either means that god has a great sense of what is awesome or the people who wrote the bible didn't think most of their stories through.

Eh, I knew this movie was going to be bad from the start. The possessed human thing is retarded, angels should have the power to basically rip any human a new one, why would they need to possess shit?

I knowed from the start that this would be a bad movie. Guess i was right.

First trailer for Legion, and I had it pegged as a flop. But even if I had been wrong, even if it had been some of the most wicked action scenes of the year, the whole churchy aspect still put it on the no-see list. I find my tastes and what I take to be Movie Bob's tastes are quite similar (if I forgive him that jab at Spawn), so I'm now glad I was right, and didn't blow twelve bucks to see yet another winter waste-of-time.

Keep em comin Bob, always good for a laugh, and you've actually sold me on a couple (I am now SO going to pick up Bad Lieutenant, and am pissed I missed it on the big screen).

[quote="MovieBob" post="6.170216.4635385"]Legion
...I do suspect you might be a bit biased against religious movies, although I've only seen you review two. Both of these movies seem like the kind of thing you would rave about otherwise. With this one for example (which I have yet to see) you compared it to a zombie movie, and honestly I kind of thought you LIKED zombie movies for some reason.

I didn't read that he was biased against religion at all. It is just an unfortunate and happy coincidence that lots of pseudo-religious movies these days are total shit. The good biblical movies were back in the 70s; straight faced epics about Moses or Samson kicking ass. They don't make religious movies that unironic or serious nowerdays - not enjoyable ones anyway.

Oh you did NOT just mock Bill and Ted. It's on...

Not too keen on MovieBob thinking Spawn was bad, but the fact that he's with CoCo evens it out, I guess. Nice review, BTW.

I think I'm going to have to go see this movie just so I can imagine everyone talking like Bill and Ted.

I actually dig Spawn but whatever. Oh 90's, how I miss your silly concepts of "edge." Actually, seriously - come back. Please? I miss you...

I saw the jab at Spawn there... sure is now a relic with the newest material being half baked but the early stuff was still good...

I will never watch this unless it comes on a t.v. channel at some point.
In other words I would never pay to see this film it just does not loook that good to me.

This Coco meme is a little stupid isn't it? I'd never heard of it until Bob included it in his review.

For the other one guy searching through these threads like I was for an answer to the Coco mystery:
It's to show support for an American chat show host who has...I dunno, been fired or, moved to an earlier timeslot, or something. It was started on Facebook, so yeah, back to my original question.

Also, Spawn was amazing, in most of it's incarnations. Not the movie obviously. Despite this minor mistake on Bob's part I'm grateful for him guiding me away from the dangers of terrible cinema.

The first time I saw a trailer for this, I KNEW it was going to be a bad movie.

I missed most of the review because I ended up thinking about Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone for half of it. Judging from the bits I snapped back to reality for, though, I think Bob may have had a better time reviewing that movie instead...

Nice review Bob, never actually considered watching this film and after seeing your video. I know that I'm definitely not going to see it.

Well, I didn't like Neon Genesis Evangelion or however it's spelled.

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