Escape to the Movies: Legion

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BTW, Neon Genesis has nothing to do with Christianity. They used the names because they thought they sounded cool and non of the people involved were Christin and has third hand knowledge of Christianity at best.

What do you mean it's not symbolic?

If MB is going to invoke tvtropes, then so will I.

There's also exploiting religious source material for profit. Anno has admitted that the Christan elements sounded interesting, thus admiring he was exploiting it for all it was worth. Besides, he was just as if not more fucked up than his own characters. Depression is one thing, but making such a controversial series then saying "Fuck You!" to the fans by viciously disembowling and slaughtering the characters in End of Evangellion and then not even giving us a straight ending?

There's always a deeper pit in hell reserved for the next guy, Anno. Rest assured, there's a spaced in the ninth circle reserved especially for you.

You should click on that link. I think you'll find it interesting.

Anno is not the person who said that, it was his assistant...Anno made Wings of Honneamise, about a pilot who meets a Christian missionary, and then tries to rape her. Only to realize he is not going to Hell, he is already in it, and so is the rest of the world.

Anno, said "Freud and the Holy Bible made perfect sense, and got me OUT OF MY DEPRESSION". That was when he was asked about what saved him. Ypu will find Freud and Apocrypha gobsmacked into every crevice of Evangelion. And Nadia/Honneamise/his live action projects. It's quite clear he became a Christian back in the '70s.

And I'm finding alot of misinformation about Evangelion the last few years as waves of "fans" try to sterilize it of it's religious overtones.

Sorry for derailing but you got to end this before it becomes an Evangelion thread.
Also, RahXephon was shit. ]:P-

"BTW, Neon Genesis has nothing to do with Christianity. They used the names because they thought they sounded cool and non of the people involved were Christin and has third hand knowledge of Christianity at best."

If nothing else, the horrible mindboggling monstrosities they call "angels" in Evangelion are a much more appropriate representation of what people assumed angels actually looked like up until just before the 20th century when the idea of "humans with wings" started taking hold in popular culture more than it did in the actual bible. At most only the absolute lowest ranks of angels actually looked like that according to christian and angelologic interpretation(I.E. inhuman monstrosities that put the C'thulhu Mythos to shame).

Apocryphal point, and game!

I'm now intrigued by the cute Angel idea cherubs...hehe.
And someone noticed the abortion aspect of this movie. So nobody at the studio actually read the Bible EVER...that's exploitation folks. Can the Bible sue?

Book of Eli should not be compared to this. That's disrespectful.

Winged babies doing the killing would have been infinitely better.




I'm sorry, but just how the f**k was Spawn bad?!?

It had a religious undertone (Christian) and therefore is bad in the eyes of bob

Spawn had plenty wrong with it and doubtfully Bob's issues with it had little to do with its (weak) religious under or overtones. You're just yet another religious or religiously sensitive person who can't even accept that some people don't buy into the whole faith thing so you get butt-hurt over the silliest things.

My religion is important to me and you don't have to bash things you don't believe in. I don't see you people bashing Islam or Buddhism its always Christianity.
By you people I mean cowards who pick fights over the internet.

I'm so sorry you think that I think Christianity is worse than Islam or any of the other silly religions. Don't worry, I think they're all equally invalid, its just that as an American I get Christ shoved in my face constantly, not Mohammad, thus it making a more logical target.

And don't pull the Martyr card, if you actually look around and pay attention all the big three get picked on constantly (Islam, Christianity and Judaism). Just because you can't be arsed to look into other opinions, cultures and whatnot doesn't mean it doesn't happen.



Also, up until now, I was of the opinion that Dennis Quaid was impervious to making a bad film.

Wasn't Quaid in Jaws 3D? That was a really bad movie.

He was in Jaws 3 (I didn't know it was 3D), and yes, it was easily the worst one of the franchise. Including Jaws the Revenge.

Now I really want to find or stage a Shakespeare in the Park production of Goku vs. Vegita. My life has meaning again!!

Seriously, I thought this was another zombie movie from the trailers.

Do people really think they're being clever by making God the bad guy? Come on. Am I the only one who finds this disturbing (and not in an dark, creepy, interesting way)?
That's just kinda wrong. And it's not a matter of what you or I believe in. You don't have to believe in something to respect it. Christianity teaches a lot of good things, even though a lot of people used it as an excuse to do some really stupid, evil things.
People can go ahead and say that a religion is corrupt, or say that God doesn't exist. But when they make God the bad guy, I say that's going too far.

Let me put it this way...
Superman first appeared in comics in 1938 (that is, unless wikipedia is screwing with me again). When X-Men first came out in 1963 (again... wikipedia) it takes place in a world where Superman doesn't exist. But how would Jerry Seigel have felt if in X-Men, Stan Lee had made Superman the main villain? See what I mean? Even as a guy who is not a fan of Superman, I'd say that that would have been a pretty scum-bag thing to do.
It also would have been plagiarism. But hey! There's no copyright on religions, so lets all f*ck up everyone else's stuff!

This is why I hate Legion. This is why I hate Bayonetta. This is why a particular video game (that shall remain unnamed) that resides in a dear and special place in my heart is also being monitored at all times by armed guards.

I have a massive soft-spot for this type of mythology in fiction, and apocalypses in general,
Thus a revelations-style apocalypse is my favourite,

Did that make this movie any less shitty?
Not even a little bit.

Note the story of Noah's Ark, where God tries to drown out the entire human race,
It's essentially the same thing,
Thus God is no less the bad guy than he's already been potrayed as in the Bible
Really most of this kinda fiction goes on the premise that "what if this great being up in the sky who created us all and is supposed to be our greatest sense of safety and comfort decides its time to put us all to the sword"
More than an anti-religious sentiment anyways
In fact, most of this fiction has nothing to do with anti-Christianity, and they just think it's a cool idea (and not quite as overdone as some other things, as far as i've seen anyways)
As MovieBob referenced it's usually just a bunch of idiot teenagers who think it would be cool to flip something like this on its head

Yeah this recently became available for streaming on netflix so I decided to check it out. Although it wasn't the worst movie I have ever seen it was still pretty bad. The cherub army would have been awesome.

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