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Just Drive

A fugitive runs, or at least rides, to escape his pursuers.

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Am I the only one who laughed at the Jesus doll on the dashboard?

This has got to be one of the stupidest things ever made.


not as good as the first two; but you made the mistake of setting the bar too high. However still fairly funny

Apart from the ending which was just pure genius

Driving lessons under pressure, fail and die!

I went on youtube looking for this, then remebering its on the escapist lol
Good stuff, loved the ending!

That was great. You won't get away this time!

That was great. You won't get away this time!

Lmao, yeah. Great Vid guys!

I think Canadian police need more funding.

That was one of the most random and awesome things I've ever seen...

HAHAHAHA! Great vid! keep it up! More like this please! :)

Haha, great vid guys.

It was only mildly funny at first, but I laughed at the end when the police showed up.

Driving a stick shift... I even have to admit its a pain to drive if you dont know what you doing. Have to admit, pretty random episode.

"Quick gimmie a piggyback ride"

Excellent as always!

haha awesome episode!!
why is jesus on the dash ;D
he is the witness of a crime!

Am I the only one who laughed at the Jesus doll on the dashboard?

I laughed. I believe it is a "Buddy Christ" figure.


I laughed through the whole thing. Great job guys!

Double post

That's a pretty practical police-force. I mean, they're pretty smart to wear running shoes while on patrol.

Bionic Trousers Media. .. ?!

What an utter and spectacular display of redundancy.

I think Canadian police need more funding.

Nah just the BC police, all their money is going to the olympics. (anyone else notice the BC plates :P)

aaah left hand drive!
in england, we do it right with a right hand drive!


No matter how much I try, I can't not like LRR. And this episode just reinforced my love of them.

I imagine the ending was fun to film.

Brilliant! You have to continue with this series!

That was amazing.

Why the hell haven't I thought of escaping via piggy back!

Genious I say.

Am I the only one who laughed at the Jesus doll on the dashboard?

No, no you are not.

And once again, James is playing the cop...

What an excellent run of stingers LRR has been having lately.

Amusing at most, but could've been a lot worse. Good job.

A proper gearbox in America? Man, that's a rarity...

Pretty funny tbh :)

There is some serious comedy talent in the LLR crew.

very very funny. I actuallly wondered why the fugetive didn't just take the car, but it would have been a lot less funny.
Anyway, Great Job!

good job, should be on tv

And this, ladies and gents, is why everyone should be forced to learn to drive stick-shift.

Hahahaha, brilliant :D

You know, I was kinda expecting them to keep the joke going with the piggy-back ride, but the last bit at the end was just as good :D

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