238: Stripping Down the Nude Mod

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All completely stripping a corpse of all possessions felt quite degrading, I only reserved it for bitter enemies.

...That is so odd. I, too, felt bad for stripping total strangers butt naked. Then I remembered that I had no problem actually *murdering* total strangers and shooting their corpses full of arrows in their naughty bits, and thus felt better about it. If a little depraved.

Really? I didn't give it much thought in Skyrim when I was stripping every enemy I killed down down to their underwear and stored their effects in my treasure mountain in Bleakcoast cave. I was kinda wondering why I couldn't loot their under too. It's not like they need them anyway, and Manos de Incendio likes to change his loincloth between his dragon boxing sessions.

Ive never seen a reason to freak out over nudity in video games. Most movies have nudity. Would Titanic be the same if Jack didnt draw her like "one of his french girls", or if they didnt bone in the back of an old style motor car?

Nudity and sex are part of being human. Its part of being alive technically.
And yes, while most games dont benefit from it in anyway, cutting it from the game for fear of media backlash is just.... Demeaning to the adult video gaming community. Its not even about "Protecting the children~!", because that falls on the parents not the developers.

Im glad that people are producing nude mods and sexy bits for games though. It shows you cant completely control what we have in our games. Its a step forward form "Company has complete control over your every move ingame".

Also, boobies are really, really nice. Ladies, show them to your men more often. They will live a longer, healthier life.

I don't care about nude mods and stuff for the sims, but I must admit that I download a "no jealousy" mod that someone made in order to create a happy polygamist family. Made the game much more entertaining.

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