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Put down your iPhones, I want to know what was so disgusting.

That's the point.

Apparently, Peggle is more interesting than any "EEEEEWWWWW".

I loved the portrayal of Apple, by the way.

I neither play portable gaming systems or use mobile phones

This information is useless to me

However, the new I-Doormat looks interesting

Skip to 0:57 or watch the whole video.

Dam you iPhone! Now we wont know what grossed out Graham Stark!

Kickass! With the World of Warcraft Ride Board I'll be able to ollie off Icecrown Citadel pulling some sick combos on the way down, landing into a manual then grinding down the railing of the citadel's front steps and getting some air time where I'd plow through scourge with a nose grab.

Were they bejeweled sounds? :P

That was a cool dog ^.^

Okay there's funny then there's the line and making fun of oregon trail is the line. No game hates you quite like Oregon trail when just before reaching the end dysentery all around. Well except Dwarf Fortress that game hates you more and likes to spawn a dragon right where you start off.

So who else saw the dog in the truck and went DAWWW little doggy?

Hmm I found this episode a little week; funny in places but normal high standard

We others found it excellent. Join us...

mm I got an iTouch free with my MacBook Pro, and its convenient on campus where there is wi-fi
mostly for checking the bus routes and occasionally E-mail if I'm that bored, but recently I've been storing numbers on it since my cell phone is dead and I can't find the charger x.x been having to use Skype hahaha

A friend of mine has an iPhone and a handful of games on it, including Sims 3 and Droplitz. Both looked pretty bad, and Sims 3 had lots of trouble running right out of the gate, according to her. My computer version of Droplitz has music, more stages and is a lot easier to control. However, I'm starting on a desk job for the first time in my life, and I suppose it'll only be a matter of time before I'm looking for one of these little electronic brain leeches myself.

The dog was adorable. However, I could almost see a thought bubble popping up over his head: "Oh great, he's playing his games. Guess this means I don't get let out for 'potty' again."

i play doom on my fridge as well :D

Lol this one was great, guys.
I've only just started downloading some decent games on my iPhone and I can really see potential for a great gaming future... but an awful lot of crap, too.

Loved the random dog, Matt downloading Sim City, and it's great to see Nate back! I remember seeing him in some LRR and Phailhaus videos a while ago but then he disappeared? Either way, it was a happy suprise to see him here!

Must, resist, getting, Ishank!

Cosplay Horatio:
Skip to 0:57 or watch the whole video.

Wow... I really wish I hadn't watched that.

LOL!!!! Graham is playing Bejeweled and whatshername is playing Peggle.

No, I think Kathleen was playing Bejeweled, she has a well documented addiction to it.

/Wasn't paying close enough attention to know for sure, but I have a hunch.

The iPhone: celebrating mediocrity!

I heard Peggle and GlowHockey in there, both awesome games. Funny as always, LRR!

I can't see why anyone would want to play games on a screen the size of a Vaseline cap.

Heh, I loved the "cinematic" and "compelling" reference. Overall, a great episode, but I still want to know what grossed out Graham.

Man, I'm way too broke to own an iphone. Or a Droid, rather; I'd never buy an iphone because AT&T's service sucks the big one.

I do own a DS though. Good times.

Oh, and Graham needs to comb his cowlick.

It stood out at the :24 mark, but I don't think it's a cowlick. It's probably a cellphone antenna to help get 3G reception from AT&T. ... Sorry, had to!

You know what was the biggest name is gaming before IPhones? TI-84 calculators. Man everyone had one and played tetris or breakout. I still don't see how i-phones are the bext big anything in portable gaming. Most phones play games of some kind and have for years. My droid plays them just like the iphone. I don't get why the iPhone is everything. Like we forget anything else exists or is rather popular.

Objective-C needs to die in a fire anyway. What a load of dreck.

lol, Exactly! that's how I got into coding! programming on the interpreted basic like programming language on the graphics calculator! (A different model tho...)

sure the screen was only like 13x8 characters, and there was no white space, or line numbers, or scroll bar, so you'd find yourself scrolling through 10,000 character apps to edit stuff, and there was no debugger, all you got was if it crashed, you could go to the point in code where it crashed, no variable names, just the letters A through Z, and while the device was fairly fast, interpreting every command was painfully slow, so you would use scatter plot graphs to draw "sprites" rather than drawing the pixels manually.


Objective C CAN GO AND DIE IN HELL, and it can take crappy Xcode and its buggy Debugger, and STUPID OSX with its STUPID MOUSE ACCELERATION, and PROVISIONING AND KEYCHAINS!!1@3!
The ONLY good thing about objective c is that you can DITCH it and fall back to C/C++ instead!

Great and funny episode as always!

I can totally see myself getting an iPhone or something like it. Gaming isn't all about supreme graphics after all - I usually play simple card games on my laptop. =D

I love my Ipod, mostly cause I forget my DS on trips and have nothing else to do :P

I'm gonna go find my TI-85 now.
Also, Oregon Trail!

Hahaha, I love it! Screw the iPhone and Steve Jobs: It's not a real gaming platform, it's a fad. When it dies, I can't wait to see the egg on Steve's face.

Anyway, very funny. You guys could just do an entire series about putting the iPhone in its place and I'd watch them all and love it.

Screw you the Oregon Trail was a good game! Wheel of fortune i dunno about but Oregon Trail was bad ass! I however dont think that the Iphone is a serious gaming device.. It at best is good for some poggle.. THATS IT! I am not under the Apple hypnotise power.. Hell i don't even own a Ipod.. I do however use Itunes to store all my music.. I use old school CD player because 1 i see no need to upgrade... and 2 i am pretty poor.. Hell i just bought a 360 last week.. I waited quite a while before buying one.. And as for the GAMING MUSIC i disagree completely! Some of the best music i have ever heard was Gaming Music! With game music you have to be more creative and also opens up a entirely knew world than most other genres! Its kinda like techno but not!

This is only the second enn video I've watched and I'm left cold both times. I thought that the jokes and concepts were funny, and were they presented differently I would have laughed, but everything comes across as very weak and amateur-ish. Basically, they're portraying the characters of news anchors/reporters and need to approach what they do as acting, but everyone involved seems to lack the energy required for good performance.

I can't say anything. I love playing on my Ipod.
Great episode guys!
Missed the random conversation at the end. They always make me LOL.

I love the best-selling pc game

Peggle vs. Bejeweled: who will win in the annoying yet comfortingly familiar sound effects war?!


Cosplay Horatio:
Skip to 0:57 or watch the whole video.

Wow... I really wish I hadn't watched that.

Was it because of the Final Fredtasy ending?


Oh, and Graham needs to comb his cowlick.

That's a horrible thing to say about Kathleen!

Speaking of which, is it me, or is Kathleen's blouse getting lower every episode. I don't quite remember seeing lace before.

Oh god. It's spreading. Containment is no longer an option. I say we take off and nuke the entire side from orbit.

Cosplay Horatio:


Cosplay Horatio:
Skip to 0:57 or watch the whole video.

Wow... I really wish I hadn't watched that.

Was it because of the Final Fredtasy ending?

Not just that. It just wasn't funny other than the Islam bit and even then that was pretty insensitive. But it was late and I was tired so I apologize for being a bit of a prick with that response.

Speaking of which, is it me, or is Kathleen's blouse getting lower every episode. I don't quite remember seeing lace before.

This one's a different blouse, and requires a camisole (which is that lace part) to avoid being scandalous, you see.
I assure you she's not "workin' it"

Okay,which one of them was playing Peggle?
I heard it.

Kathleen. Graham was playing Bejeweled.

On a more important note, start developing games for the Zune, you lazy pricks. Mine comes in a week or so.

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